LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Catrina Has a Premonition for the Unsuspecting Trios Champs (June, 24th 2015)

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Hello People! So This is All New from Me Here, but for a while Ive been massively captivated by the Amazing Promotion that is Lucha Underground. Ive been wondering for a while whether to write up on the subject, even if there amazing (but small) roster of women only includes one constantly wrestling, but after this weeks mind blowing episode (because its always quality right?) Ive decided its finally time to summarize on the show that is currently battling in the Wednesday Night War, airing on the El Rey Network.

Taking place firstly women wise is in the squared circle and a feature in this promotion is the use of inter-gender matches, proving so here as the recently married Luchadore Sexy Star faced off against Superfly. Star is already in the ring, awaiting her cruel opponent in Super Fly after posing for the horde of fans. With his arrival, along comes the physicality, as Super Fly slaps Star across the face to kick off.

Star isn’t too happy, and chops at Super Fly in response. Star dodges offense from Super Fly, who showcases his extensive athleticism before booting Star against the mat. Star takes an elbow drop and Super Fly gets a near fall. Super Fly tosses Star across the ring, and hits with a kick. Star gets whipped into an elbow smash from Super Fly, who continues to have much momentum. Super Fly gets one last kick before resorting to a chin-lock on Star. Despite using her athleticism, Star falls victim to another kick from the heel, but she soon starts making a comeback. She traps Super Fly in an armbar position before hitting kicks of her own. Star gets a near fall for her effort.

Just as quick as she springs into action, Star is taken down by a boot from Super Fly. Star is tossed around the ring, and also choked against the corner turnbuckle. Super Fly gets a near fall, one he very much doesn’t agree with. He slaps Star across the face, and only hits with more offense as she hangs loosely by the ropes. Star finally looks to fire back, blocking the next lot of offense before kicking Super Fly in his midsection. Star scales the turnbuckles and executes an arm drag, before sending down Super Fly with a dropkick. Star rolls up Super Fly, who kicks out at two, only resulting in another near fall.

Star clenches Super Fly, who breaks out of her grip, slapping her once again. He boots Star at the side of her face, then attacks her leg before trying for a cocky pin, but Star kicks out again. Super Fly gets another flurry of offense, but it just doesn’t do much to force Star into surrender, as she kicks out of the pin attempt that again follows. Star sees Super Fly heading toward her, throwing him right over the top rope. Things begin to amp up as Star crawls up to the top turnbuckle, diving into Super Fly’s hands. Star re cooperates, bringing more fight to the outside as she tries aiming elbows at Super Fly. Star uses the ring apron to arm drag Super Fly to the other side. She avoids the spear attempt, and she takes herself back to the turnbuckles, nailing a diving cross-body.

Star moves from the corner as Super Fly charges in her direction. Star floats over him, using the turnbuckles again as she performs an arm drag. Star kicks at Super Fly before attempting to lure him from the ropes. She kicks away at Super Fly, and a leg drop gets Star a hopeful pin, or not as Super Fly continues kicking out. Star chops Super Fly and suplexes him, but Super Fly is out at one in the pin attempt that follows. An Astonished Star gets to her feet and takes a kick again from Super Fly. Super Fly scoops Star after dragging her cruelly by her hair, and two power-bombs secure him the victory Star should have gained. Super Fly wins the match.

Later On, We see Ivelisse, former WWE NXT Diva Sofia Cortez for those who would like to know, getting a physical workout with her estranged partners, her fellow Trios Tag Team Champions Angelico and Son of Havoc in a pre released special clip. Ivelisse gets frustrated and takes her anger out on Havoc, prompting the arrival of my favourite character (and fabulous actress) the dark Catrina. The Sultry empress and hand to Mil Muertes strides over to Ivelisse with a premonition of death (or more defeat) coming to the Trios Tag Team Champs. After Captivating all 3, she holds the odd stone in her hand, and following a crack of thunder, her disciples that had unleashed hell in the ring before emerge, taking out all 3 of them before Catrina struts off with the revived (and imposing) Mil Muertes, who is more than ready for later action.

Moving from Catrina’s meddling to the huge main event, the wicked sorceress emerges as part of Mil Muertes still as intimidating entrance. Muertes faces Drago, a match she very much forced the GM Dario Cuerto into. Muertes gets the win in the huge main event, and the powerful couple of Muertes and Catrina are confronted by Prince Puma, eyeing them from atop the stairs ahead of Ultima Lucha.

(Sexy Star vs Super Fly)

(Catrina Confronts the Trios Champions)

(Drago vs Mil Muertes w/ Catrina)

Thoughts On:
Sexy/Super Fly: Ive seen some good matches from Star, with her getting the ring time out of the women in the company, but i couldn’t help but feel that this match wasn’t great, but more down to the opponent, Super Fly, whose ring work just isn’t great. I Felt he couldn’t sell and botched in a lot of moments, and the match lacked the personal aggression that should have come out of Super Fly turning and aiding Pentagon over Sexy Star. I Don’t keep up with spoilers like i do with other shows (to some degree) but im hoping Star wins a match soon.

Catrina/Ivelisse: Interactions between these former divas is rare in this promotion so it was a fresh sight to behold, while also playing up the estranged relationship between the crowned Trios Champions, but this is more about praising Karlee (Catrina) than anything. Its no joke that she has been a perfect actress since before Lucha Underground, looking back to her charismatic character (Maxine) in WWE, and she nails everything she does in all her promos, whether it would be charisma, mic work, presence or whatever else. The Differences with the segments in this promotion, and Catrina’s Character (on top of the wrestling) is one of many reasons why i watch the show, because to say that they have a lackluster amount of women there, they are all used to some extent, and they excellently pull off the roles well.

– Catherine


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