LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Catrina & Mil Muertes Dish Out Threats (July, 1st 2015)

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Hello and welcome to a rather miniscule but decent and impactful episode of Lucha Underground. By Miniscule, i mean the women’s appearances on the show, left to that of the perfect actress Karlee Leilani, under the name of Catrina, the Enchanting Servant to Mil Muertes.

The first came through a backstage encounter with Lucha Undergrounds current crowned Champ, Prince Puma. Appearing out of nowhere as always, Catrina gave Puma a warning, insisting that in tonight’s event, Puma will need all the help he can get, because at Ultima Lucha, Mil Muertes vows on destroying whoever comes between him and his title. She fades away, following with the appearance of the beastly Mil Muertes himself, glaring in the face of the champ before he too disappears. Konnan however has some advice for the champ that the two are playing nothing more than mind games, reminding him not to let the mind games sink into his head.

The Intimidation tactics continue furthermore, when Catrina appears before Pumas opponent for the night, the Sneaky Chavo Guerrero. She flirts with Chavo while giving off her haunting speech, that even if he wins against Puma tonight, his celebrations will be short lived. She runs her hand down Chavos neck before warning him that Mil Muertes will destroy he who holds the title. Chavo stares in the face of the arriving Mil Muertes with little fear to add, saying he may as well see them at Ultima Lucha, before leaving the scene.

(Catrina, Mil Muertes & Chavo Guerrero Backstage Segment)

(Catrina, Mil Muertes, Konnan and Prince Puma Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On These Segments:
I Don’t keep up on Spoilers regarding all the storylines in Lucha but am aware of the airing of Ultima Lucha and the results (and a certain debut) but i am enjoying the constant time Catrina and Mil Muertes are getting to build to the event. Catrina’s acting skills were perfect as expected, playing the mind games only her character can. Hoping to see what she also does regarding the Disciples of Death in the weeks to come.

– Catherine


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