LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Catrina Takes It A Step Too Far With Ivelisse (July, 8th 2015)

ivelisse velez 48

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Hello Everybody and welcome to another episode of Lucha Underground ready to be Reviewed. The Episode, which is another step closer to the Promotions Grand Ultima Lucha Event, features the usual women, with the addition of some unexpected managerial physicality as Catrina’s Flirtatious Warnings finally gets on someones nerves.

This comes after Catrina approaches Son of Havoc backstage, and on the very night where he goes at it alone against Catrina’s Royal Liege, Mil Muertes. Catrina flirts with Havoc, while also warning him of the impending death, but Ivelisse comes across Catrina and threatens her. Catrina escapes as a light shortage happens, and Angelico walks in to discover Ivelisse tumbled over her estranged tag team partner, to some hilarity.

As booked, Havoc goes up against the immense Mil Muertes, with Angelico and Ivelisse in his corner, while Mil has Catrina hanging in his corner. During Havoc’s moment of momentum, Catrina strolls over to Angelico, seemingly captivating him but Ivelisse has seen enough for one night and eventually gets a hold of her. Catrina uses the stone in her hand to bring out her Disciples to attack Angelico while strangling Ivelisse, who collapses to the ground, also taking a forearm. Mil eventually DDTs Havoc for the win, followed by Catrina sealing Havoc’s impending fate with a signature “Lick of Death”.

And Lastly we see Sexy Star join a flurry of Male Athletes, being Alberto El Patron, Aero Star and Drago, to take on the Heel team of Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, Hernandez and Supafly. Some Minutes in, Star separates a ringside brawl by diving from the top rope. It isn’t until a few minutes after that Star gets to tag in to face Mundo. She chops away at Mundo but misses a dropkick when Mundo barely moves. Star reverses a whip on Mundo, but Evans brings in a distraction, clutching Star to allow Mundo to attack. However his clothesline connects instead with Evans when Star dodges. Star sends Mundo whirling with a Hurricanrana before avoiding Supaflys offense. She secures a knee drop and beats down on him before Hernandez attempts to get involved.

Hernandez takes Star out, and the others rush in to nail some offense. Star returns with a crossbody later than Mundo reverses into a pin attempt. Mundo pins Star to get the win for himself and his teammates, while Stars losing streak only increases.

Thoughts On:
Catrina/Ivelisse: With the Small amount of women on the roster, a feud between Ivelisse and Catrina is easily fit-able on the cards, and the recent clash between the managers is providing great entertainment, with additional hopes of Catrina someday getting in the ring again, even though she is great enough in her managerial role alongside Mil Muertes. While Black Lotus is seemingly out of the picture, its possibly the one feud to get the go ahead and to happen, and with the Trios Tag Team Titles soon on the line (despite Ivelisse not even being 90% out of 100) the next few weeks interaction wise should be hopefully interesting.

8 Person Tag: Entertaining back and forth match with great in ring workers but im questioning as to why Sexy Star had to be pinned again when shes racking up enough losses as it is. Its not like shes booked to turn heel so im just not sure what the booking is behind the female taking the fall.

– Catherine


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