WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Team B-A-D Have The First Words Following The “Revolution” (July, 16th 2015)

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Time to Jump to the Happenings on the WWEs Blue Brand on the first televised WWE show since this Mondays Huge Divas Segment. Even though we didn’t get a match this week, we got some development in the alliance of Naomi, Tamina and the Reigning NXT Women’s Champ Sasha Banks.

Banks, backstage with Snuka and Naomi, is approached by JoJo, doing backstage interview duty. JoJo brings up to the intimidating trio that Monday was the Night that the Divas Division was turned upside down, which Sasha and Co sneer over. Naomi says of course the whole revolution happened, because its evened the odds for those looking to oppose Team Bella. Naomi says she and Tamina have been riding together, and now added to their side is the Baddest Boss, Sasha Banks.

Sasha responds that the BOSS has arrived in WWE, and its their time to takeover and run the pro Bella diva division. Sasha says that if the Bella’s or even Lynch, Charlotte and Paige want to try and handle them, then they will handle their business. Naomi breaks down the whole meaning of their team, they are Team B-A-D, Best at Dominating. They are that because they have the most amazing, athletic diva, the most powerful diva, and the Most Baddest Diva. They aren’t here to make friends or play nice, and now playtime is over. Sasha says they can Bank on that before the heels exit their interview, but not before Tamina looks down on the much smaller JoJo.

In other diva related appearances, while Lana seems to be somewhat missing, or in storyline, tending to the injured Dolph Ziggler possibly, Summer Rae manages Rusev for another shot against Cesaro, the night after pinning him on RAW. Cesaro eventually wins, accomplishing a feat that only Cena had, pinning Rusev on a televised event.

(Sasha Banks, Tamina and Naomi Segment)

(Rusev w/ Summer Rae vs Cesaro)

Thoughts on this segment:
Okay so it appears we may get a segment or nothing at all at Battleground this Sunday, but some late booking for the Women means the Revolution came late, and it closed out the chances seemingly of an early match, a confusing one since there are two teams vying for the spot to face the Bellas and Fox. However this segment was a welcome moment on Smackdown, and Naomi and Sasha oozed charisma and nailed their mic skills, while Tamina stood there as the imposing figure once again, even though it does feel she is a lot happier since the change came about as shown on RAW Fallout this week. I Still dont agree with Sasha coming up and running her reign short, and i dont know which team is getting pushed over the other, but i really enjoyed the segment, which felt like Naomi is finally getting the power to move up in the division after her chances of a push plummeted upon her possible title reign getting changed last minute.

– Catherine


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