LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Catrina & Mil Muertes Seal The Door Shut on Konnan’s Bravery (July, 15th 2015)

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Hello and Welcome to a Better Late Than Never report of this weeks other wrestling extravaganza, Lucha Underground. As the Road to Ultima Lucha closes in, Sexy Star looked to end her losing streak while Catrina’s recent antics may have shut the door further on Prince Puma extending his title reign as he challenges her Intimidating Master, Mil Muertes at Ultima Lucha, title on the line.

Star challenges her long time rival Supafly to another match, arriving to the ring after her opponent per introduction from Melissa Santos. The Two foes stare out each other as the crowd are heavily split for the athletes. Star knocks the hand of Supafly away from her as he mocks her, and she chops at him before being leveled by a hard dropkick. He clenches her hair, readying for the next move but she fights back with a kick. Star turns a Hurricanrana into an armbar and has Supafly yelping as he is caught in it early. Supafly taps and Star wins the match.

Star, now holding the earned Aztec medallion in her hands, celebrates her quick win, only for Marty Martinez to hit the ring and mock the female competitor. Martinez snatches the medallion from her hands, demanding to fight for it as it initially “belongs to his tribe”. Hes not waiting either, as he demands to face off against her tonight. Star is disgusted at first, but hears out the crowd reaction, which urges her to take on the challenge.

Star unloads with chops and kicks to kick off, then Marty sends her to the mat. She leaps up within moments, and she starts kicking and forearming back. Marty throws her off again, but misses a splash in the corner. Star climbs to the top rope, and performs an arm drag. She arm drags him to another corner, floating over him and landing on the apron, blocking the attempted offense by Marty with a shoulder tackle between the ropes. Marty catches her midway through a flying cross-body, and slams her to the mat. Marty goes to cover Star, and gets a near fall. Marty goes into another cover, but frustratingly gets another near fall.

Star kicks and chops at Marty, before performing a running crossbody in the ring center. Star runs into a elbow from Marty that takes her down to the mat. Marty locks in the figure four leg-lock, but Star rolls over, and counters into her own. Star breaks the hold then kicks the side of Marty. Marty lifts Star but she counters with a hurricanrana into the fujiwara armbar seen earlier. Marty taps, meaning another win for Star.

Moving onward and the ending of the show sees a scheduled face off between Mil Muertes and the Lucha Underground Champion, Prince Puma. To Ensure no trouble, Dario Cuerto takes control of the event, to ensure no physicality, distracted by Catrina and her mysterious stone which she raises in the air before making her way down the steps and towards the ring. Dario watches Catrina, while Puma and Mil break out into punches and so forth. The Disciples of Death, summoned out by Catrina, carrying a coffin to ringside, attack Puma alongside Mil in a 4 on 1 attack before Pumas Guide, Konnan, tries to clear them from the ring. Eventually he is attacked by Mil and Catrina and Catrina commands the Disciples to drag Konnan into the Coffin. Catrina seals the door shut while Mil lays out the grief-stricken champ to close the show.

(Sexy Star vs Marty Martinez)

(Mil Muertes, Catrina and Prince Puma Segment)

Thoughts On:
Sexy Star/Supafly & Star/Martinez: First of all im super glad that Star is finally winning some matches after the round of losses she has had, and even though i wasn’t a fan of Stars match with Supafly, mainly due to Supaflys ring work, the match that followed between herself and Marty did a much greater job, and had a story behind it to top it off. I Also like how she extended her in ring skill with the armbar addition and was super over while working over her opponents impressively.

Catrina/Puma/Muertes: Another impressive segment involving Mil Muertes and Catrina (the main reason i watch the show) and a great way of putting over boths domination in the light of the stare-down we just had before. I Haven’t read spoilers for next weeks show (only the Ultima Lucha ones) but i expect Ivelisse and Co to get involved with the Disciples of Death eventually, and hopefully more Catrina/Ivelisse interactions to allow Ivelisse to hit back at Catrina for before. Muertes is always looking a solid threat, more so with Catrina at his side, and it almost makes the Ultima Lucha title match result obvious because hes been built up so well, and the Catrina/Muertes pairing was Gold right from the start and a great idea from whoever thought it up because it has taken off so well, and they aren’t letting off anytime soon.

– Catherine


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