LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Prince Puma Fights Back Against the Vicious Contender and His Comrades (July, 22nd 2015)

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Welcome to this weeks Lucha Underground review as we close the road (nearly) to Ultima Lucha. Speaking of Ultima Lucha reaching closer, we got some last developments in various clashes, Sexy Star and of course the intimidating presence of Catrina and the Dangerous Mil Muertes.

Firstly, Dario Cueto is in the ring to explain the significance of the collected Aztec Medallions. The Holder to have all medallions can have the medallions transformed into a title belt, of which he introduces, and this particular belt can be relinquished in order to earn a championship match at any time. To Compete for these medallions will be Jack Evans, King Cuerno, Aero Star, Big Ryck, Bengala, Sexy Star and the Returning Fenix. Fenix then competes in a multi match to become the final holder of the 7 Medallions, earning his place in the 7 way match at Ultima Lucha.

Moving much further to the main event segment, and Prince Puma, the soon to be defending Lucha Underground Champion, kindly graces the audience with his presence, expected to speak about Mil Muertes. However before the champ can utter a word, Mil and his Mistress of Evil Catrina stride over to the steps to indicate some sort of early challenge. Mil and Catrina set up a behind attack by Catrina’s Disciples, but Puma easily clears them off. Mil hits the ring to try and attack him as he had before last week, only this time Puma gets the upper hand and lays out Muertes before flashing his title while Catrina stares from midway down the steps.

Thoughts on this segment:
As expected Prince Puma got the upper hand this week after Mil and Catrina had momentum for multiple weeks, but i felt how Puma handled Muertes made him look weak, considering he is a powerhouse type wrestler. I Am Honestly so excited for Ultima Lucha and how Catrina gets involved in not only the Lucha Undergroud Championship match, but how she gets involved with Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havocs Match with the Disciples. I Just hope Lucha gets renewed because the matches and content are so appealing every week and they have a brilliant and talented roster.

– Catherine


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