WWE RAW RESULTS: Fishy Plots, Armbars & Superb Matches (July, 27th 2015)

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The #DivasRevolution continued for another week on the WWE Brand and to bring you the latest in insane divas action is Myself, Catherine. As pre promoted in the RAW Opener kindly by the Ingenious Heel that is Stephanie McMahon, RAW would dish out not one but two lots of divas action, as Paige went one on one with Sasha Banks, and Charlotte and Becky would get to team up against Alicia Fox and Reigning Divas Champ Nikki Bella.

So going in Chronological order we see Paige facing Sasha Banks for the first time since 2014, and as expected both heel and babyface have the appropriate ringside accompaniment, Sasha with Naomi and Tamina and Paige with Becky Lynch and Charlotte. This comes after Sasha confronted Paige and her newest friends on the roster backstage, claiming Paige was taking the credit for the production of the Divas Revolution that Stephanie McMahon (actually the fans) brought about. Speaking of Sasha, the heel diva now has an official mini-tron per her main roster promotion.

Paige and Sasha struggle with strength in a lock up to begin, before Sasha eventually forces her once NXT rival to the corner. Paige retaliates by forcing Sasha into a second lock up, and the two eventually tumble outside. Paige continues grappling, holding Sasha against the floor until she notices Naomi and Tamina come by, which alerts Becky and Charlotte as they come to stand by their anti diva pal. Neither exchange blows but stand ready in case as Sasha and Paige carefully climb back to the ring. Paige dodges Sasha’s oncoming attack, using the ropes to throw her back. Paige nails a knee to Sasha before going into the first pin attempt of the match, which leads to her getting a near fall on Banks. Paige gets another as she takes Sasha back down.

Following a third near fall, Paige whips Sasha to the nearby corner turnbuckle. Paige throws many back elbows at Sasha before dodging her clothesline attempt. Sasha gets a roll up counter, getting her her first near fall on Paige. Sasha strikes with a running elbow, before going to work on Paige’s arm. Sasha brings back her running top rope arm drag, followed by Paige’s arm drag attempt into a simultaneous attempted dropkick from both. Paige and Sasha stare down, then Sasha offers a handshake, which cant go down well when offered by a heel. Paige doesn’t accept, blocking the sneaky kick from Sasha, sending her body crashing to the mat. Paige’s former character comes into play shortly as she suggestively crawls over Banks before headbutting her. Paige follows with a pin attempt once more, which goes down the same way as before when Banks kicks out at 2.

Paige tosses Sasha and gets another near fall. Paige works on Sasha’s left arm as Alicia, Brie and Divas Champ Nikki Bella look on and view their ongoing opposition from backstage. Sasha tries rolling over Paige for a failed pin attempt as Paige fires back, keeping the hold in place. Sasha tries to break free again with an arm drag but she doesn’t release Paige’s firm grip. Sasha finally breaks free from Paige with a knee and back elbow. Sasha’s attempts to clothesline Paige fall, and instead Paige kicks her to the outside floor. Paige doesn’t want to wait for Sasha to return, and instead she climbs the turnbuckles, diving onto her as well as Naomi and Tamina. Paige rolls Sasha into the ring while the remaining heels are out as we come to a short commercial break.

When we come back, we come to a revelation that a ringside spat has ejected Becky, Charlotte, Tamina and Naomi from ringside. Sasha is in the ring working on Paige, turning the tables from earlier. Sasha tries to pin Paige but like she had earlier, Paige kicks out. Sasha plants Paige’s head against the corner top turnbuckle before choking her with her boot while clinging on the ropes. Team Bella continue to view backstage as Sasha sets up Paige between the ropes. Sasha nails the double knees and pulls Paige slightly away from the corner for yet another two count. Sasha chokes Paige with her knee against the ropes before mocking her primal scream.

Sasha strides back over to Paige in the ring, but before she can do much more, Paige pulls Sasha into a roll up pin, but Sasha kicks out once more. Sasha comes back with a hard running clothesline to take Paige down. Despite the effort, Paige kicks out of the pin attempt that follows from the current NXT Women’s Champ. Sasha tugs at Paige’s arm in another submission, but Paige does not submit, and she manages to bump Sasha against the corner turnbuckles. Two attempts fail to break Sasha’s grip until Sasha releases herself, throwing Paige to the corner herself. Paige battles back with an elbow and boot, before sending a running Sasha to the corner. Paige hangs on the ropes as she hits Sasha with many knee strikes. Paige’s momentum further continues as she ropes Sasha into a few short arm clotheslines. Paige hits multiple running dropkicks, before Sasha prevents the former divas champion locking in the PTO. Paige hits back with a knee to Sasha’s face. Paige covers Sasha, resulting in a near fall once again.

Paige throws Sasha to the corner. Sasha floats and tries positioning her legs on Paige. Sasha sends Paige crashing into the bottom turnbuckle before executing running double knees. Another near fall follows for Sasha on Paige. Sasha is infuriated and sets up the wounded former divas champ between the ropes once again for the double knees, but it fails. Paige takes the foot of Sasha and uses it to send her to the mat. Paige locks in a chin-lock but Sasha seeks safety and reaches the ropes in order to force the break. Sasha kicks Paige away from the ropes then counters a slam into the backstabber and the cross-face eventually forces Paige into tapping. Sasha gets another win over Paige.

Moving forward and onwards, before we can get to the second divas match of the night, we cannot forget the other divas feud on show as Rusev welcomes himself and Summer Rae to the ring for a promo. Rusev has brought him some gifts for Summer, in the form of a sweet puppy he has named “Dog Ziggler” and just because of what hes been referencing Lana as in promos, a raw fish! He uses this to mock Lana before she storms to the ring with a mic in hand. Lana shuts up Rusev, before slamming him for humiliating her week in week out, and failing in doing so. Lana states the WWE Universe can see through Rusev, bringing up how he dresses Summer like her and how he kisses Summer while looking directly at her, calling it pitiful like the losses he has sustained since WrestleMania passed. Lana sees Summer as a wannabe version of herself that Rusev has hooked up with, and Summer bites back, saying that after all the years he has cuddled up with the “Cold Fish” he now knows what its like to cuddle up with someone looking like her, teasing with her legs which amuses Lana. Summer mocks further until Lana kicks her then locks in an armbar while Rusev can do barely anything against his former female companion. Lana insults Summer further, smothering her face against Rusevs fish gift. Lana doesn’t leave without delivering a huge slap to Rusev, leaving him as humiliated as Summer, who goes into a meltdown.

While Lana is surely smiling to herself backstage over the executed payback, we get to see Becky and Charlotte head to the ring, joined by Paige, to face Alicia Fox and the Divas Champion Nikki Bella. Starting off the match is Becky, going up against Nikki. Nikki locks up with her newest competition, trying to work on her arm early, and she arm drags Becky before kicking the same targeted arm. Back and forth reversals eventually lead to Becky sending Nikki to the mat. Nikki misses a clothesline, and Becky continues her on roll as she arm drags the Divas Champ. Becky eventually tags Charlotte, and the two face divas nail a double team dropkick to Nikki. Both kip up, before Charlotte taunts Nikki, ducking an oncoming clothesline and taking her down. Charlotte with a unique pin attempt, but Nikki manages to kick out at the count of one.

Charlotte begins to hit chops to Nikki, but the champ fires back with a kick to take Charlotte onto the mat. Nikki gets an arm wringer and also trundles over to the heels corner, creating enough distance for Fox to tag. Alicia hits a double axe handle to Charlotte’s arm from the second turnbuckle. Alicia viciously yanks at the same arm, while also preventing Charlotte seeking solace in the ropes. Charlotte sends Alicia flying then takes to the ropes before nailing a knee drop. Alicia sends Charlotte over the turnbuckles as we come to notice a refreshed Naomi, Tamina and Sasha looking at the match from the back. Charlotte stomps over to Nikki who evades the possible interference plan, but initially it was to set up the cheap-shot from Fox, who hits a high boot to Charlotte. Alicia hits a perfect Northern Lights Suplex, and Charlotte kicks out of the following pin attempt at two.

Alicia tags in Nikki, and they execute a double team maneuver once again to Charlotte. Charlotte kicks out of the champs pin attempt, before being caught in a stretch submission. Charlotte gets an arm drag reversal, but it doesn’t loosen any steam in Nikki, who manages to knock Becky a little on the apron before clotheslining Charlotte. Nikki taunts, before pulling Charlotte away from Becky. Nikki slingshot suplexes Charlotte to get a near fall once again.

Nikki tags in Alicia, and both suplex Charlotte. Alicia executes an elbow drop as Team Bella continue to dominate Charlotte, and Fox gets a near fall. Alicia continues to inflict pain to Charlotte with a surfboard submission applied. Charlotte reverses, tumbling onto Alicia, who is pressed against the mat for a hopeful pin attempt. Alicia kicks out at two. Charlotte escapes from her own pin attempt to instead make a desperate tag to Becky, who finally gets to display her offense in the ring after minutes of back and forth moves to Charlotte. Becky nails a clothesline to Alicia, before knocking Nikki off the apron. Becky dropkicks and suplexes Alicia, and she tries pinning Alicia after a T Bone Suplex, but Nikki charges in to break it very early. Nikki throws Becky into the ring post, but Charlotte runs in to save her partner with a massive spear to Nikki. Charlotte and Nikki roll out of the ring to leave it to the two partners, and Alicia tries rolling up Becky. Becky counters and positions Alicia excellently and locks in the painful fujiwara armbar. Alicia taps and Becky and Charlotte score the victory.

(Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Paige, Naomi, Tamina Snuka and Sasha Banks Backstage Segment)

(Sasha Banks w/ Naomi and Tamina Snuka vs Paige w/ Becky Lynch and Charlotte)

(Lana, Summer Rae and Rusev Segment)

(Becky Lynch and Charlotte w/ Paige vs Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox w/ Brie Bella)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Paige: Other than two noticeable botches, both Paige and Sasha put on a great and lengthy match with an expected ending, and the overall way the match went was no shocker considering the two have had quality matches in NXT. This storyline seems to have role reverses in momentum every week, so with the pins to Nikki, and to the others, what needs to be addressed is the motive of the teams besides to showcase every week, are they going after the title?

Lana/Summer/Rusev: Though this segment was a step down from the segments Lana and Summer have put on as of late, both had great mic work, and are getting to work their storyline despite the limited-ness presented with Ziggler temporarily away, which for Lana, could be a blessing in disguise to tease her ring move-set, as she looked to here with the armbar to Summer. This storyline has not failed to excite me every week just because of how it has overall gone, and because im just so happy for how the two are being used, but i just hope Lana and Summer can get a PPV match, not just brawl week in week out all the way to Summerslam, just being managers for the two like they have week in (almost) week out. Lana is clearly heading towards her in ring debut, and it needs to be capitalized on effectively.

Alicia/Nikki/Becky/Charlotte: Another great match, even if somewhat shorter. The Overall highlight for me in this match was Becky’s in ring work, and the win she got, on top of how over she is to the crowd. Becky is booked to face Nikki in singles action on Smackdown, which (with Alicia now injured) has me wondering whether Becky will actually go over the champ or whether they will actually show equality and let Emma finally take a step up on the main roster as the newest member of Team Bella, explaining her transition being because Paige didn’t invite her onto her side, and she took offense. Even if Becky wins, it seems obvious Charlotte will be inserted into whatever is planned for Summerslam, but if Nikki isn’t working injured anymore, there’s no excuse to not put a multi divas title match on at the extended 4 hour PPV unless they want to confirm what everyone suspects, that AJs reign is being surpassed out of spite. Also i really hope they can take up the idea of Emma on Team Bella, because if Charlotte can work main roster and NXT at the same time, so can Emma, and she needs to present herself another opportunity on the main roster like shes clearly been pleading, not being forced to sit in the back to give fans the idea that the promotion and how the NXT Divas have been put over has been forced. I Like the storyline, but how the call ups have been presented when there are divas on the main roster whose ring work is close to or equal to that of them, is feeling slightly like a slap in the face. Emma, Cameron, Nattie and Layla (and now Rosa) need something to do in the meantime rather than use NXT as a second option because creative cant think up something for them because the focus has to be on someone else.

– Catherine


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