WWE NXT RESULTS: Promotion and Chivalry Afoot In Important Battles (July, 29th 2015)

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With another week of wrestling closing, I, Catherine, will present to you the latest happenings in WWEs Developmental system of NXT, and there was some huge matches this week. Dana Brooke finally gets to take a stand against her rival Charlotte and The Vaudevillains get their earned title shot against Blake and Murphy, with the accompaniment of a Sneaky Alexa Bliss. Lets Get Right to it.

First, we see Enzo and Cass (w/ Carmella) facing the also exciting team of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Sadly for the team who actually had the last win over the reigning tag champs, they end up on the losing end this week.

On top of a promo to highlight the coming about of their feud, Dana gets to speak on her issue with Charlotte before their match, backstage with Devin Taylor. Devin throws the question right at her from the start but Dana cuts her off with some fierce words of her own. She claims the Nature Boys Daughter is running scared of her, and she had to resort to a behind attack to get ahead, and one that left her laying. Dana says there are doubters out there thinking she cant go over Charlotte, just like those who said she wouldn’t make it in the fitness world. Dana promises to evict Charlotte from NXT per her promotion, and takeover the NXT Women’s Division. Seeing as her match is too important, she nearly forgets the head tap to Devin, then returns jokingly and does it, with Devin showing signs of a temper nearly. Shes had enough. Debut imminent?

Speaking of Dana’s important match, we head to the ring and Charlotte is out first and in her very first ring gear, as if its a tease that shes using her debut gear possibly for her (second to) last NXT match. Dana heads to the ring next, joined by Emma. Dana gets some immense boos from the get go, and the bell finally rings. Dana gets in Charlotte’s face before heading to the ropes to run into the big boot from Charlotte. Charlotte does some knee drops, rolling down her boot for the third. Emma brings on a distraction, allowing Dana to attack the veteran Charlotte from behind. Charlotte manages to come back with a shoulder tackle to Dana in the corner, but misses a second, allowing Dana to hit back with some vicious slaps to the back of the former women’s champion.

Dana pulls Charlotte away from the corner for a pin attempt, and Charlotte kicks out of her first at two. Dana locks in a leg scissor on Charlotte, but Charlotte eventually reverses, and hits a load of head slams to Dana against the mat. Charlotte attempts to scoop Dana into her arms but it falls flat and Dana falls on top of her for a two count. Dana chokes Charlotte against the ropes before slingshotting her against them. Dana drags Charlotte from the ropes and to the ring center for another pin attempt, and she gets a near fall. Fans begin to chant back and forth for and against Dana as she fails to make a number of pins on Charlotte.

Charlotte reverses the stretch hold from Dana for a near fall. Charlotte hits chops and a flurry of offense then nails a massive spear to Dana. Charlotte goes to the ropes, knocking Emma away before she can do anything, and she hits a natural selection to Dana from behind for the three count.

We return to the backstage area to see Devin brush off any sign of frustration with Dana to interview the recently debuted Eva Marie. Eva speaks on her happiness to have debuted and her hard work is paying off. Eva says this is only the beginning, and shes going to start chasing the NXT Women’s Championship, so Sasha is going to have to watch out.

Lastly, the very charismatic Alexa Bliss accompanied Blake and Murphy for a high octane main event Tag Team Championship match against the newly crowned contenders of Simon Gotch and Aiden English, the Vaudevillains. Alexa would ultimately cause a distraction as she teased last week, saying she would ensure her boys victory, and this allowed the tag champs to retain. Gotch and English attacked Blake and Murphy after the match before circling a terrified Alexa. Despite the defeat, English is Gracious and lowers the ropes to allow Alexa to freely walk away, but she smirks and slaps both him and his tag team partner before walking off with a beat down Murphy and Blake.

(Dana Brooke and Emma Backstage Segment)

(Dana Brooke vs Charlotte Promo)

(Charlotte vs Dana Brooke w/ Emma)

(Eva Marie Backstage Segment)

(Blake and Murphy w/ Alexa Bliss vs The Vaudevillains; NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Charlotte/Dana: Dana was oozing charisma in this match and i find myself getting behind her, but offense wise, she barely got anything in in this match, and i feel she should expand her submission move-set more to match her physique and do more powerhouse moves. Ultimately, i felt Charlotte could have put Dana over, however i figure the timing is awkward due to Charlotte facing Bayley, therefore the win was needed to up her momentum. So that Dana and Emma don’t end up in the back end, i hope something is planned for both regarding the NXT Women’s Championship should Bayley win it, because it will elevate both, especially Emma, who will hopefully go from Dana’s laughing jockey from ringside to vicious heel looking to cement her status.

Eva Backstage Segment: Obviously Evas ascent isn’t going to start straight away because she has yet to excel in the ring to a certain level but i do believe the excessive training can make her a serious threat in the future. I Liked the segment overall, but the point of calling out Sasha when its obvious she may not be champion after a few weeks seems odd and just rushed together to promote Eva more so. Eva could do with a side feud or even an alignment with Dana and Emma even though she needs to showcase herself more in the ring right now than have a managerial role because of the pressure fans give her, especially if they have the belief that Eva getting put in a managerial role when her in ring acceleration is most important is due to not being believed in in her ring skills and Eva needs to overturn those beliefs like i believe she can.

– Catherine


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