LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Dark Powers of Catrina Bring a Chilling Result to the Trios Championship Fight (July, 29th 2015)

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Hello Wrestling Fans. Moving from the Main Shows to Lucha Underground this week, and the quality show brought with it the first half of its Ultima Lucha Special to close the first chapter on the Wrestling Promotions televised season. Twists, turns and chills were brought along with this spectacle, with the expected appearance of one expected Catrina…

…And Black Lotus! The former WWE Diva (who some will remember as Savannah) confined to some sort of cell in the presence of the General Manager, Dario Cueto. Dario sips away at his champagne while Black Lotus’s desperation to escape remains trapped like herself. Dario pulls a twist on the story which has lead to her quest for revenge, revealing Azteca to “truly” be behind her parents murder. Lotus seems to have fallen for his words, giving the nearby wall a beating to tease whats yet to possibly come.

We move very much onward to the 2nd match of the one hour Ultima Lucha extravaganza, in which Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico are defending their Trios Championships against the summoned disciples of death, the soldiers of Mil Muertes and the appearing Catrina. Per Tornado tag rules, the teams get to go at each other from the start, and its Negro who has the injured Ivelisse in his palms moments after the bell. Ivelisse takes a beating and limps on the outside while Angelico also takes an onslaught. If Ivelisses luck could get any worse, she takes a further beat-down from the outside per a super-kick and stab with her own crutches.

Son of Havoc and Angelico come back, both diving onto their enemies from the Disciples on the outside. Angelico returns to the ring while Ivelisse chokes Negro with her crutches as payback from earlier. Ivelisse is barely moving when pulled back into the ring, but manages to shove the opposition off and hit him with a chop. Ivelisse gets unluckily caught in a submission targeting the injured leg until Son of Havoc makes the save. The Disciples take over, throwing Angelico by the stairs and launching Son of Havoc into the ring post. Son of Havoc avoids a further onslaught, launching one of the disciples into the other. Angelico dives off the top at high heights onto the disciples, laying everybody out, while Catrina is left to look at the current devastation.

Catrina, seeing her boys out, switches her focus to Ivelisse who is clenching in pain at ringside. Catrina heads to the ring, using her mystical stone to force the Disciples revival. Ivelisse sees the antic of the sorceress and despite her condition, limps into the ring, hinting at some challenge, which Catrina hears, turning to face the female trios champ. Ivelisse sends the crutch away and limps over to Catrina to try attack, but she clutches her throat. Ivelisse arm drags Catrina to the mat and unloads with forearms. Catrina suddenly reverses and pins Ivelisse against the mat. The Stone returns to Catrina’s hand and she knocks Ivelisse out with it. Ivelisse is completely out when Catrina uses the stone to summon the disciples back to the ring for an easy pin. Angelico and Havoc brawl with the remaining two as Negro crawls back to the ring in time. He pin Ivelisse per her order to become the new Trios Champions, even with Havoc and Angelico’s attempt to try save their woman last minute.

Thoughts On:
Black Lotus/Dario Cueto: Ive been trying to follow this storyline for a while and still trying to understand it, but based on the captivating segments the promotion gives us, im guessing Lotus may break free in the season finale to cause some issue for Azteca in some way and possibly turn heel? I’m expecting Lotus to bring a shock to some capacity on the Ultima Lucha Season Finale nonetheless, because surely Cuetos words have worked on her and her mind cant be switched so quickly right?

Trios Championship Match: Fantastic and Mind Blowing Match even if Ivelisses injury made it hard to compete in some way, but nonetheless bringing us a further tease of Catrina and Ivelisse squaring off in the future, further made obvious with Catrina sealing Ivelisses fate and title reign at the end for the ultimate revenge, presenting the Disciples dominance while fueling the dysfunctional former tag champs motivation for revenge in what should be an exciting second season with hopeful new additions female wise to the roster should Lucha secure their TV deal. Also hats off to Angelico on the high leap spot. Who says Wrestling is Fake right Dana White? That spot is an exact example of putting your body on the line while reflecting your passion for the sport.

– Catherine


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