WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Becky Disarms A Lone Bella In Singles Debut (July, 31st 2015)

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Wrapping up the televised wrestling show reports of the week is the exclusive-to-the-UK-rather-than-NXT Main Event show. Its been a while since the divas got a match on Main Event but in light of Becky’s original Smackdown opponent Nikki Bella having to leave for her boyfriends surgery, last minute changes were made and instead Becky Lynch ended up challenging Nikki’s sister (and also a former divas champion) Brie Bella.

This comes after Becky is interviewed on her own backstage by JoJo. Becky excitedly puts over her singles match only to be instead interrupted by Brie. Brie says shes also excited to have Becky as her opponent, so she can show why Team Bella is the brand to beat. Becky says there’s only one Bella she cares about, but she has requested Charlotte and Paige to not accompany her for her match, but Brie is welcome to bring both members of Team Bella if shes scared to face her alone. Becky finishes by saying she will show Brie why she is nicknamed the Lass Kicker.

Participating in the shows actual main event is Brie and Becky. Becky and Brie both perform their entrances, and with no accompaniment as suggested (Nikki is actually away and Alicia is injured). Becky and Brie lock up to begin, before Brie reverses and takes Becky to the ropes. Back and forth reversals come from a second lock up and Becky eventually has Brie in an arm wringer. Becky reverses Bries reversal and continues to work on the same arm as earlier. Brie aims forearms to release Becky’s grip then takes to the ropes, only to run into a back elbow. Becky continues to target Bries arm and ends up taking an elbow from Brie. Brie nails an elbow then goes for her first pin attempt, ending at one when Becky raises herself from the mat.

Becky tries to regain the earlier momentum with some arm drags, and she goes for Bries left arm once more. Brie runs Becky into the corner, and after a telling from the ref, she kicks Becky in the midsection. Brie follows with a few knees, and taunts as she drags Becky away from the turnbuckles after a few knees. Becky reverses Bries next attempted offense to try lock in her finishing Disarmer but Brie desperately grabs the ropes in order to force the break. Brie slips to the outside for a short break.

When we return, Brie seems to have been taking a flurry of offense, dominated by Becky who hits a leg drop to get a near fall on the fellow diva. Becky charges over to Brie and takes an elbow. Brie hits with a high knee then throws her toward the ring post. Brie jumps to the outside, also smashing Becky’s arm against the ring post in turn. Brie taunts from the outside before returning to the ring, choking Becky with her boot near the ropes. Brie continuously stomps at Becky as she hangs against the corner, as chants for Becky break out.

Brie spaces out then charges toward Becky, who knocks her away with her boot. Becky ends up running into a fiery running clothesline from Brie, who retaliates. Brie follows with a pin attempt again, and Becky kicks out at two. Brie applies a stretch next while placing her boots against Becky’s shoulder and face. Brie tries pinning Becky again but she kicks out at a count of one. Brie hits with a knee then sets up Becky in position on the ropes for a successful running knee. Brie pulls Becky away from the ropes for the next pin attempt, which leads to a near fall. Brie targets both of Becky’s arms with another hold. Becky arm drags her way out and hits an uppercut. Becky dodges Bries offense to follow with a clothesline. Becky hits a second clothesline and a dropkick follows for a near fall.

Brie reverses a suplex attempt into a Russian Leg Sweep DDT. This gets Brie a near fall on Becky. Becky avoids the splash in the corner from Brie and executes a load of kicks. Becky sets up Brie on the turnbuckles and begins to climb while hitting some elbows but Brie eventually knocks her away. Brie hits a missile dropkick to get a near fall once more. Becky catches Brie midway through a high knee and reverses into a T Bone Suplex for another near fall. Brie kicks Becky’s knee and tries rolling over Becky, but Becky counters and finally has her Disarmer submission locked in. Brie taps to submit and Becky wins the match.

(Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella)

Thoughts on this match:
It was Very (deservedly) lengthy and a good way to put over both divas. Brie was using some different offense, and there’s surely more yet to be displayed by Brie considering how shes heavily underrated and in shorter matches shes reduced to rest holds, a missile dropkick, facebuster and running knee compared to what we see here. Becky’s win was obvious considering this storyline is more about the NXT Divas, and im gutted a singles match with Nikki never went down, but maybe held next week, but i wouldn’t say Becky’s debut on Main Event felt meaningless as long as they are willing to recap it instead of just showing off Sasha and Charlotte’s glory. Congrats to Becky on a Great Victory.

– Catherine


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