WWE RAW RESULTS: The Submission Sorority Are Further On Their Way To Total Dominance (August, 3rd 2015)

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The New Week of Wrestling has begun so time to wind down the latest happenings in Womens Wrestling this week, beginning with another diva-a-plenty episode of Monday Night RAW. As the Road to Summerslam began to narrow we saw a hopeful contender and plenty matches to review. Firstly we saw Charlotte and Becky Lynch take on the Bella Twins, followed by Naomi making a challenge to Paige which would lead to a match later in the night.

But first, we must acknowledge how RAW opened, with an emotional ten bell salute to the recently passed WWE Legend and Hall of Famer, Rowdy Roddy Piper. The Entire Roster stood on the stage to pay their respects in the traditional manner, with even a Dana Brooke sighting, as they concluded their first of two tributes to the Hall of Famer.

Following the Bella Twins entrance (with an additional promo) Charlotte and Becky head to the ring for the first divas match of the night, accompanied by Paige. They are now being dubbed the Submission Sorority. Becky starts off against Brie, her opponent from last weeks Main Event as kindly recapped on commentary. Reflective of Main Event, Becky goes to work on Bries arm, before Brie counters and throws Becky against the mat. Becky cartwheels and trips Brie to the mat, Becky hits multiple leg drops before Charlotte also runs in to hit a knee drop to Brie following a successful tag. Charlotte immediately goes to pin Brie, taking little notice of Nikki on the way, and she gets a near fall on Brie.

Brie throws elbows at Charlotte, who only reverses into a waistlock as we see Sasha, Tamina and Naomi looking on from backstage. Brie reverses into her own waistlock while also running Charlotte to the ropes, but Charlotte uses the ropes to cleverly throw her away. Nikki hits with a knee from behind, having tagged in, and she covers Charlotte, resulting in a near fall. Nikki attempts now to isolate Charlotte from Becky, but Charlotte gets a reversal, dodging a clothesline by Nikki also before rolling her over. Charlotte gets a near fall before going to work on Nikki.

Charlotte tries to wear down Nikki before attempting the figure four leg-lock, only to be kicked near to the turnbuckles. Nikki takes an elbow from Charlotte, who begins to climb the turnbuckles. However Brie gets a short distraction, allowing for Nikki to run in and throw Charlotte from the turnbuckles and to the mat. Nikki gets a near fall once more on Charlotte. Nikki tags Brie, and the two execute a double team move on Charlotte. Brie goes right into the pin, but like Nikki, can only get a near fall on Charlotte so far.

Brie lodges her knee into Charlotte’s back one after another then applies a chin-lock. Charlotte gets a counter and eventually reaches Lynch, and she tags in. Becky begins to throw clotheslines at Brie, followed with a dropkick but the offense only sadly gets her a near fall. Becky rolls Brie over and locks in the Disarmer, but Brie is close enough to the ropes to reach and break off her hold. Brie slips to the outside and Becky goes after her. Becky hits Nikki with an elbow before turning and being knocked down by a huge clothesline from Brie. Brie poses with Fox and Nikki as we reach the commercial break.

We return to find that Nikki has tagged in, and has a chin-lock applied to Becky. Becky throws a number of punches and manages to space out but Nikki comes back with a counter which smashes Becky’s face against her knee. Nikki gets a near fall on Becky. Brie tags in, leading to another Bella Twin double team move. Brie gets a near fall on Becky. Brie throws Becky head first into the corner turnbuckle as Tamina, Naomi and Sasha look on again backstage with intrigue. Brie hits a load of vicious knees to Becky against the corner. She follows with a running bulldog some distance from the centre of the ring, which gets her a near fall once more.

Brie chokes Becky with her knee against the ring ropes before doing her usual Brie Mode taunt while also locking eyes with Charlotte, who seems desperate to tag. Brie nails the running knee for another near fall. Brie resorts to another hold, but Becky breaks off after a number of uppercuts. Brie runs the ropes and the two take each other down with a double clothesline. Brie and Becky then tag in the respective partners.

Charlotte hits the ring with huge momentum, dodging the clothesline attempt from Nikki easily, and hitting a load of chops. Charlotte knocks Brie off the apron, before catching Nikki’s arm and hitting a standing neckbreaker. Charlotte follows with a spear and goes to pin the divas champ but Brie hits the ring and breaks up the pin attempt on Nikki. Brie tries to go after Becky, but she overthrows her with a T Bone Suplex. Becky rolls out to leave the action to Nikki and Charlotte. Nikki avoids a big boot from Charlotte and and nails a well timed spine-buster, but doesn’t manage to pin the former NXT Women’s Champ. Charlotte blocks Nikki’s attempt to send her face first into her knee, and eventually has the scrambling divas champ caught in the Figure 8. Nikki submits and Becky and Charlotte win the match.

Following the victory for the Submission Sorority, JoJo approaches Sasha, Tamina and Naomi backstage to get their thoughts on the match just viewed. Sasha denies that Charlotte and her crew have taken over the division, reminding JoJo of the recent victories she has obtained, in reference to last weeks RAW. Naomi tells JoJo she needs to stop asking dumb questions, and tells the others Team BAD need to make another statement tonight, which is why she is asking for a match tonight with Paige. Naomi says in addition to that one thing has been working her nerves as of late, in reference to Ronda and how she is labelled the baddest woman in the world, which Team BAD actually are to her. Naomi finishes by saying tonight she is sending the Submission Sorority (with a laugh) back to freak island. Sasha asks if JoJo has more to say, which she doesn’t before she and Naomi exit. Tamina, however, glares at JoJo, possibly reminiscing again on JoJo pinning Tamina all those years ago.

Later on we see Summer Rae accompany Rusev for unbelievably an easy victory over the Worlds Strongest Man Mark Henry, a moniker that might as well not be used for someone in his current position. Summer just posed with Rusev after he brought on a post match attack, with Lana nowhere to be seen.

Moving forward to the second and last divas showcase of the night, we see Paige head to the ring alongside her partners who competed earlier in the night, Becky Lynch and Charlotte, to face Naomi, who is expectedly joined by Tamina and Sasha Banks. The Bell rings and Paige chases after Naomi, attempting to grapple, but Naomi escapes to the ropes within seconds. After prancing about the ring, Naomi finally locks up with Paige, and Paige sends her to the mat. Paige attempts a pin early, and gets a near fall on Naomi.

Naomi temporarily chokes Paige in the corner before catching her in an arm wringer in the ring centre. Paige reverses a scoop slam into a roll up and gets another near fall. Paige kicks Naomi in the face and attempts to pin again, but Naomi kicks out at the count of one. Paige sends Naomi head first into a nearby corner turnbuckle, followed by numerous elbows. Paige works on Naomi in another corner, hitting with kicks while Alicia, Nikki and Brie are shown watching backstage. Paige stomps down on Naomi before whipping her back into the same corner. Naomi floats, shaking her rear in the face of Paige as she grasps a hold of her, shade of the funkadactyls run, and she kicks Paige away. Naomi gloats in the corner, only to turn and become the target of a high knee from Paige in retaliation. Paige hits even more knees to Naomi while using the rope for balance.

Paige follows by working on Naomi’s arm, but becomes distracted by Sasha Banks, who jumps to the apron. Naomi hits the backstabber, and kicks Paige as she settles under the ropes, selling the damage from her previous move. Naomi hits with a running bulldog to Paige against the corner turnbuckle to get a near fall. Naomi resorts to a side headlock after a massive kick to the back of Paige. Naomi continues to attack Paige’s back before hitting a double knee drop for another near fall. Naomi continues her offense from the apron, then stomps Paige a few times before heading outside, stretching Paige against the ring post. Naomi drives Paige into the apron, hits a kick again then throws Paige back to the ring.

Naomi goes into the pin upon returning to the ring, only to get a near fall again. Naomi presses her knee against Paige, and Paige attempts to break free of her hold. Paige utilizes the ropes then aims a kick at Naomi. Naomi ducks a clothesline but gets caught in Paige’s arms as she dives toward her. Paige hits a fallaway slam then takes a while to regroup, as does Naomi. Paige ropes Naomi into some short arm clotheslines then dropkicks her. Paige tries to lock in the Scorpion Crosslock but falls short when Naomi grabs the ropes to escape her grip. Naomi trips Paige onto the ropes, then goes for her lethal running bulldog, but Paige counters, and Naomi’s face smacks against the turnbuckle. Naomi misses a diving cross-body, but escapes another attempted Scorpion Crosslock execution. Naomi ends up running into Paige’s super-kick, cutting chances of a comeback, and Paige eventually has Naomi submitting to her finishing submission on a third attempt. Paige wins the match.

(The Entire WWE Roster Honor WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper)

(Brie Bella and Nikki Bella w/ Alicia Fox vs Becky Lynch and Charlotte w/ Paige)

(Rusev w/ Summer Rae vs Mark Henry)

(Paige w/ Becky Lynch and Charlotte vs Naomi w/ Sasha Banks and Tamina)

(Charlotte and Becky Lynch on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Bella’s/Becky/Charlotte: My Favorite two of the matches based on length and in ring performance, especially from Charlotte and Nikki, but as this storyline has been, the outcome was again obvious, which sadly is becoming a negative. Sure Charlotte’s pin may have her in contention for the title Nikki holds, but over her counterparts, Charlotte is being booked hugely stronger over them, and i just hope the two teams aren’t falling victim to one sided booking like it may appear in regards to all the main roster divas taking the pin unless they are a particular person in Vince’s favor books. The Outings given by the divas in the past few weeks have been great no doubt, but WWE now need to give a reason for us to get behind each team, not just the Submission Sorority as it may appear.

Naomi/Paige: A Very Good Match between the two and a bounce back from the criticism they usually get for “botching” and spot calling. Paige and Naomi handled the match so well but as said earlier the result was again obvious but maybe because this is the week for the Submission Sorority to have the momentum. I Don’t entirely agree on Naomi losing, but they had to have Paige (who i strongly like by the way before anyone accuses fans of turning) look strong before her upcoming interview with Austin i guess. The Question now is Team BADs placement in the storyline. Sasha is the only one (as expected) getting the successful outings, Tamina has yet to wrestle (maybe saved for JoJo based on the numerous segments) and Naomi seems to be falling victim to NXT Divas or Pro-Vince divas strong booking. I’m all for Nikki’s title reign ending despite her excellent in ring skills at this point, but it feels obvious that it will either be a multi tag match at Summerslam at this rate to allow WWE to surpass AJs reign as rumored (which they need to deny by actually putting on a title match) or Charlotte is going to win the title. Yes Charlotte is a great performer, and yes it sets up some wonderful matches between herself, Sasha and Paige, but where do the other divas go such as Naomi, Becky and Emma? Will Charlotte, Paige and Sasha be the Next Nikki/AJ/Paige in terms of numerous out of the blue matches? And will Charlotte go on to have a VERY Long Reign? Unless they swerve to have Paige dethrone Charlotte, it does feel that way. I Do want WWE to prove me wrong and possibly put the title on Becky, but i think we are in for a Charlotte vs Heel Paige program soon.

– Catherine


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