LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Melina Brings Victory, Age of Death Looms & A Vengeful Black Lotus Sparked On Season Finale (August, 5th 2015)

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Hello Folks and welcome to what will be my last report on the Lucha Underground spectacle for a while. Last Nights show saw Lucha Underground close its debut season in amazing fashion, and is a promotion surely to be missed as we still await news on a second season, news we haven’t heard much of since the PPV was taped in march. Serving as the 2nd and final Half of the Ultima Lucha Special, we saw all females on the roster in some sort of role, from cameos, to manipulation, to victory!

We begin with a very welcome appearance from a former WWE diva most certainly missed by the fans, Melina! The Former Divas Champion emerged in the shows opening match between Alberto El Patron and Johnny Mundo. Seizing a title belt from nearby at ringside, Melina ran in to save the real life boyfriend from Alberto’s comeback and whacked Alberto with the belt while taking advantage of a KO’ed referee. Mundo was ultimately victorious due to Melina’s help, leading to a steamy make-out cut short by a post match attack from the heroic El Patron, one that left Mundo more than bruised, and Melina even Spanked!? Surely teasing the continuation of the feud because if they don’t renew Lucha Underground, Melina’s return will be for nothing.

Secondly we see Black Lotus re-emerging, and just showing her face brings the idea that something explosive is about to happen in her storyline because its the season finale. And indeed it did. Dario Cueto confronted the still caged former diva backstage as El Dragon Azteca finally emerged to rescue the accomplice, not knowing of the words fed to her last week. This sets up for Lotus to choke Azteca to his death and thus siding with Cuerto, even when she didn’t want to at first. Knowing Aztecas followers will hear of the such moment and that they will come for Black Lotus, Cueto takes her hand and offers her the protection needed. The Two go on the run with an also caged Matanza, which we see much more of later.

Onwards now, and we jump to the next female appearance which is the only competing female in the “Gift of the Gods” seven way bout, Sexy Star. She goes up against Fenix, Aerostar, Bengala, Big Ryck, Jack Evans and King Cuerno. Star nails kicks to Bengala and gets thrown from the ring later by Big Ryck. Star returns as do the others, executing a leg drop to Ryck. Ryck kicks away Star as she attempts a double team whip, and Star ends up tossed from the ring again by Ryck as she attempts to make up for the earlier competitors missed offense to Ryck that only went the same way. Star rushes back to the ring again later, only this time she is after Bengala. She hits kicks and climbs to the top turnbuckle, but takes a hurtful kick where it shouldn’t land, and ends up nearly pinned until Ryck breaks it up.

Ryck is again the epitome of Stars downfall, prizing her in his hands and throwing her from the ring once more, this time into Jack Evans. After a high spot from Aerostar, Star is back in the cameras view in the ring, but before she can do anything the very creepy Marty Martinez, who hasn’t even earned the chance to be in the match, slips in behind her. The Two go head to head and Star eventually sends Marty fleeing as she tries placing him in her Fujiwara armbar. Star hits one last dropkick which sends Marty crawling over to a very freaked out Melissa Santos. Star then lands a diving cross body on Aerostar, Fenix and Jack Evans. Ryck tries pulling Star into the ring and misses a running clothesline when she climbs out of the corner. Cuerno hits the ring and unloads with offense to Star after she sends Ryck on a whirl with a hurricanrana. Cuerno sends Star back outside.

After Jack Evans got nailed with a counter after a few minute impressive outing, Star rushes into the ring to break up the pin on Evans. Star tries a unique pin on Aerostar, but Ryck breaks it up. Ryck grasps the throat of Star and chokeslams her. Star doesn’t reappear, and the match eventually ends as expected, Fenix winning the title that will earn him a later opportunity at the Lucha Underground Championship.

And Lastly, we see the Dazzling Powerful Mistress of Death Catrina accompany Mil Muertes for his biggest match to date in the promotion, the main event against Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship. After an outstanding battle that had various kick outs out of some huge moves, Mil Muertes does as he desired, pinning Prince Puma to capture the title, now making the Army of Himself, Catrina and The Disciples of Death the most dominant force in the Promotion with various titles and power in hand.

We Close the pulse pounding season with numerous teases of what should follow. Firstly we See Lotus and Cueto leave the arena in a car, leaving Cuetos own business behind. We also see Sexy Star captured by an insanely evil Marty Martinez, who hints at the debut of his sister (to which even i don’t know who it is). Angelico is shown leaving the arena on a motorbike while Havoc walks over to Ivelisse prepping to leave. Ivelisse offers Havoc a place on her motorbike and the former champs looking to regain their titles ride out into the night, while im hoping season two brings Angelico and Ivelisse together even though it may be more in the favor of Ivelisse and Havoc.

And before i close i want to take a moment to thank the crew and the in ring performers for an astounding performance on the promotions first season. I Haven’t really found a promotion that excels in excitement for a while over TNA and WWE (though WWE has lacked it nowadays) but Lucha delivers everything i have interest in, combining wrestling with elements similar to that of an action movie, and the backstage segments just add so much unexpectedness and captivation. I Am So Glad to have come across the promotion right from the first episode (even though i didn’t report on it until many episodes in) and due to the in ring performance and everything else Lucha has brought to the table, feeding opportunities to those who couldn’t find their way in other specific promotions in the most interesting ways possible. Whoever came up with the concept of Lucha Underground Thank You because You are a Literal Genius!

(Johnny Mundo vs Alberto El Patron; Melina Debuts)

(Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes w/ Catrina; Lucha Underground Championship Match)

(Lucha Underground Finale Closing Segment)

Thoughts On:
Melina’s Debut: I Could have three paragraphs or more screaming in excitement at Melina’s return to wrestling but all i will say is i have missed her so much and she was a focal point in the women’s division back in WWE for some time until her eventual release. Melina, to me, seems to have not lost any passion as her return could indicate, and her return to a wrestling related role feels a long time coming for her, and whats better than aligning with someone she has real life love for? Lucha have taken a gamble on sticking Melina and Morrison together, capitalizing on their chemistry, something WWE could have done for a long time, and nailed it. Im excited to see what El Patron does to stop Melina costing him matches which could lead to even more additions to the women’s roster on top of the hint of a new wrestler in the Sexy Star/Martinez storyline. But its obvious the chapter hasn’t been closed on ADR/Mundo just based on the post match attack rather than El Patron staying down and laying there during Melina and Mundos make out. Also another heel in the division is a legit win/win when Star and Ivelisse are babyfaces, and the womens division may need fresh faced heel blood and Melina is one to bring that.

Black Lotus Storyline: Lotus’s arrival and the developments that have ensued since has been a majorly intriguing part of Lucha Underground as a whole to me, and seeing as this was the finale i expected her to end it in some explosive fashion, and indeed she did, and in a move even i didnt expect, turning heel to what it looks like and aligning with Cueto. Cueto and Lotus’s escape has me thinking someone else will be in power until they return and maybe even join the #AgeofDeath. Im finding it hard myself to think about how they will return but i expect some followers of Azteca to debut in season 2 (if we get one) to start an uprising against Cueto, even when he isn’t there in a more occupy movement type of approach, just to draw attention and maybe even have Cueto and Lotus return with some additions of their own because as Cueto said finely, a war is coming.

Sexy Star/Martinez: I Haven’t been a fan of Martinez in Lucha, nor have i been as caught up in their storyline as i have with the main event picture, but Martinez’s acting is superb in his role and he legit terrified me when they showed him holding poor Star captive. The whole segment, as short as it was, has unveiled the opening for another female addition to the Lucha roster, but the question is who? Cheerleader Melissa (Raisha Saeed) did work a dark match for their tapings once and Torrie Wilson had been rumored to be in talks with the promotion for some time, though i cant remember whether there was any response to it. I Feel the fans at Lucha are behind Star enough, and this will get her over even more which is a plus.

Mil Muertes/Catrina: From the beginning to its finish, Catrina and Mil Muertes are the reason i watched Lucha. That, on top of the in ring performances that make all wrestlers look like equals rather than punishables by backstage politics, is what sets apart Lucha to me from the other promotions. Karlee herself said sometime after leaving WWE she would make her own path and the role she has obtained and performed at an enormously great amount has backed up exactly that. The ending was magnificent and exactly what i hoped for, and now teasing the eventual takeover in power by the #AgeOfDeath. I Truly believe Catrina will be the authority figure in Cuetos absence to cause chaos and the Disciples will overthrow all challengers in their path until Ivelisse and her dysfunctional partners return, and with a stronger bond, making their performance stronger in their matches, even though their dysfunctional moments haven’t set them apart in terms of their Ultima Lucha match. I Seriously hope Lucha gets a second season because there’s no way these teasers cannot fall short, especially with a roster so excelled.

– Catherine


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