WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Authority Ruling Works to Team B-A-D’s Advantage (August, 6th 2015)

sasha 533

tamina 481

summer rae 1136

Usually Smackdown is more of a settle down show compared to a show with unique storyline advancement these days, but that was less of a case on this weeks show. Not only did we see two of the best athletes in the divas division go head to head, but some mid-match chaos soon lead to authority involvement, and a very unexpected ending. And that’s not all, but lets talk the match first…

Originally scheduled is Charlotte vs Naomi, with Becky in Charlotte’s corner and Sasha and Tamina in Naomi’s. Naomi and Charlotte start off with a lock up, and a few reversals soon lead to Charlotte pressing Naomi onto the mat to get her first near fall of the match. Naomi has Charlotte caught in a waistlock, and Naomi hits the ropes while also sending Charlotte over, leading to a pin which Charlotte quickly kicks out of at one. Charlotte gets her own unique cover for a near fall. Naomi taunts after shaking her rear in Charlotte’s face, and Charlotte comes back with aggressive chops. Naomi slaps Charlotte across the face and the fellow diva snaps, and looks to prize Naomi into her figure four early. Naomi screeches and cannot escape as Charlotte reverts to the Figure 8, and Sasha runs in to end the match early, beating down on Charlotte as the bell is rung.

The Referee then hears through his earpiece from the Authority, that per Sasha’s intervention, this match will now be force-ably restarted as a tag team match, pitting Becky and Charlotte against Sasha and Naomi. Charlotte beats down on Sasha when we come back, and allows Becky a tag. The two execute a double arm drag and elbow drop to Sasha, before Becky targets Sasha’s arm. Sasha sends Becky to her corner, and Naomi tags. Becky reverses an arm wringer by Naomi, also dodging a clothesline, and tries to pull Naomi from the ropes. Becky rolls Naomi over to get a near fall. Naomi kicks out of the second attempt from Becky.

A Third pin attempt also falls flat for Becky and she fires back with a dropkick. Becky nails a load of leg drops, also allowing the tag by Charlotte. Charlotte hits a knee drop upon returning to the ring, taunting Sasha as she tries to pin Naomi, getting a near fall. Charlotte sends Naomi about the ring while a head scissor is applied. Naomi is done handling Charlotte and makes the tag to Sasha who is rolled into a pin early by Charlotte, which she kicks out of. Charlotte floats over to the ropes to avoid crashing into the turnbuckles, and she shoulder tackles Sasha from outside while stopping Naomi’s attempt to throw her from the apron. However Tamina climbs the apron to kick her off while the referee deals with a yelling Becky Lynch.

Sasha rolls Charlotte back to the ring after seeing the damage left by Taminas offense. Sasha covers Charlotte inside the ring for a near fall. Sasha and Naomi hit a double elbow following Sasha’s tag. Naomi gets a near fall. An Outraged Naomi fires a flurry of forearms at Charlotte, followed by a snapmare and kick to the back. Naomi hits the ropes then slaps Charlotte’s face before the next pin attempt leads to the same result as prior. Naomi tries to choke out Charlotte with a headlock, Charlotte breaks off but then gets hit with an inziguiri. Another near fall follows for Naomi on Charlotte.

Naomi tags in Sasha, who hits with a high kick. She tosses Charlotte backward to the mat by her hair, but Charlotte continues to kick out of the pin attempts that keep following. Sasha charges over to Charlotte, but gets sent over to the apron. Sasha stays balanced then grabs a load of Charlotte’s hair before sending her down to the mat. Sasha dashes back inside the ring to pin Charlotte, who kicks out again. Sasha is fuming, and attempts to forearm Charlotte’s awaiting partner in Becky, but Becky dodges easy. Following the backstabber, Sasha applies a stretch to Charlotte, but she overthrows her with a counter. She sends Sasha flying over to the heels corner while successfully reaching out to Becky, who tags, as does Naomi.

Becky hits a clothesline and another, followed by a dropkick, displaying her fired up offense. She kicks Naomi against the corner then nails a T Bone Suplex. Becky attempts to pin Naomi but Sasha charges in to break it up. Charlotte kicks Sasha then throws her from the ring, but doesn’t get to celebrate as Tamina takes Charlotte’s foot and pulls her out of the ring. Naomi hits a lungblower, and a near fall leaves Naomi wanting to bring Becky down more as she nails a scoop slam. Naomi executes a leg drop for a near fall once again. Becky is caught next in a chin-lock by Naomi, and later on a stretch hold.

Becky punches Naomi a few times but her attempt to reach out to Charlotte fails as she ends up tripped to the mat. Naomi taunts Charlotte with Becky’s arm then drags her over to the heel corner, hitting a knee drop. Becky kicks out of Naomi’s next pin attempt. Naomi nails a running bulldog into the corner then Sasha tags. Sasha hits double knees to Becky for a near fall. Becky manages to reverse Sasha’s next hold, and dodge a clothesline to finally make her way to Charlotte, whom she tags.

Charlotte dodges Sasha’s offense, connecting with a few chops followed by the standing neckbreaker. Charlotte hits a wicked spear and goes right into a pin on Banks, but Naomi throws herself into the fray, breaking up her pin at two. Naomi rolls up Charlotte for a near fall then hits a high knee. Charlotte pulls Naomi into a schoolgirl package pin, but Naomi reverses and surprisingly pins Charlotte for the win.

But the Diva appearances don’t end there, as Lana arrives during a huge main event as Roman Reigns takes on Rusev. Summer tried climbing to the apron to tease something, but changed her mind last moment only to watch Lana storm to ringside. Lana spears Summer to the floor then smacks her before smiling over to Rusev and walking away, eventually costing him the match.

(Rusev, Summer Rae and Roman Reigns Segment)

(Charlotte vs Naomi)

(Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs Naomi and Sasha Banks w/ Tamina)

(Rusev w/ Summer Rae vs Roman Reigns feat Lana)

(Tamina, Sasha Banks and Naomi on Smackdown Fallout)

(Lana on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Charlotte/Becky/Naomi/Sasha: Once again another good match and great chemistry between Becky and Sasha, while Tamina is once again used as part of ringside interferences. I Did indeed notice the ending result causing a bit of negativity regarding Becky’s tag miscue, thus the match result may have not been as it was meant to be, and for some reason, has been highlighted on WWEs Twitter, but labeling it as Naomi not tagging when Becky ultimately was (sadly) to blame here, but i feel WWE just don’t want to admit faults with the NXT Divas, especially with the utmost praise they are getting over others. I Have a feeling this may translate into a Total Divas Storyline highlighting some future issues between Naomi and Charlotte, but i fear WWE are just going to blame and bury Naomi despite the fact they now have merch over the team with the biggest momentum.

Lana/Summer: I Loved the small brawl the two had at ringside, though Summer still has yet to make a comeback which should be expected for RAW but didn’t even happen on this weeks. I Want to hope that was a legit reaction for Lana from the crowd, but Smackdown is most known for its inserted fake crowd reactions, but i hope they aren’t dropping the ball (so to speak) on this feud and not toning it down in case it gathers more interest again over the current divas feud.

– Catherine


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