TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Ninja Hidden In the Shadows Strikes Back In The Ring (August, 5th 2015)

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For the last televised wrestling report of the week, we jump to a promotion that will most surely be in a anti-climatic war with Global Force Wrestling Soon, TNA. This week saw The Dollhouse finally get their chance at battering down their longtime rival Gail Kim, who makes her return to the ring for the first time with her new dark but also badass persona, and despite whats yet to come, i am ecstatic to see Gail back!

Following an insanely well done promo to have us reflect on the Chaos Gail has caused for the Dollhouse since her return, the Dollhouse head to the ring hand in hand, and like recent weeks, without the Knockouts title, all due to Gail helping Brooke win all those weeks ago. We hear the recent gongs that have come with Gail’s sneaky entrance before Gail gets a decent pop as she storms down to the ring fearlessly. Gail is eye to eye with Taryn right from the start, and the evil Knockout is shouting all the demands to Jade and Marti. It is eventually decided that Marti will be the first to go toe to toe with Gail.

Gail shows her new found agility to begin, dodging some clothesline attempts from Marti. Gail forearms and kicks away at Marti before Marti gets a reversal, managing to whip Gail into a nearby corner. Marti charges, and sees Gail float to the apron with ease. Gail goes over the ropes and rolls back into the ring, also rolling Marti into a pin attempt, getting her the first near fall of the match on Marti. Gail blocks a boot by Marti and throws her off before hearing Jade coming toward her and throwing her into Marti. Jade crashes to the outside floor with Marti before Gail makes herself aware of their leader attempting something from behind. Taryn clings to the outside apron from the moment Gail turns. Gail begins to make her way to Taryn when Marti attacks from behind.

Marti hits loads of stomps to Gail and throws some attitude right at her before planting her head against the mat. Marti hits a flip cutter then tags in the presumably injured Taryn, who runs into a pin attempt but darts upon the realization she didn’t pin Gail. This leads to Jade tagging in, and she gets caught in a side headlock almost immediately. Gail and Jade avoid one anothers roundhouse kicks before Gail arm drags and dropkicks Jade. Gail covers, and she gets a near fall on Jade.

Jade whips Gail to the ropes, and Gail tries to clobber Taryn as she tries to cheap-shot. Jade hits a German Suplex for a near fall. Jade boots Gail from behind before executing a rolling senton to Gail against the corner. Jade drags Gail out of the corner and to the near middle of the ring so Taryn can tag and she looks to attempt a pin once again on Gail. Taryn only manages to get a near fall and gives Gail a few kicks before tagging in Marti. Marti clings Gail as Taryn attempts to take out Gail with an elbow smash but it easily misses and Marti takes the hit. Not showing any reaction to her partner taking the blow, she flees the ring as Gail throws Marti in between the corner turnbuckles. Gail lays out Jade with a Tornado DDT and panic sets in for Taryn. Again Gail sets eyes on Taryn, and Taryn is done with this match for good, leaving the arena and also leaving Marti and Jade.

Gail kicks and elbows away at Marti and Jade, and Gail takes advantage of Marti’s whip, balancing on the turnbuckles and landing a diving cross-body on her. Gail gets another near fall. Gail counters Jades bearhug attempt into a roll up, but Marti breaks it with a behind attack. Marti and Jade attempt a double team suplex but Gail lands on her feet, and dropkicks them both. Jade rolls out and to Marti’s dismay, she is left alone to take the eat defeat finish from Gail. Gail pins Marti to win the Handicap Match.

The Dollhouse aren’t the only one facing Chaos. Bully Ray was attacked backstage, and due to no one being able to carry out official match-making duties, a worried Dixie Carter accepts an offer from Jeff Jarrett to control next weeks episodes (and further on) in taking operations, also welcoming his Global Force Wrestling crew to the TNA stage. Of course with much of their talent coming being heels, including the head henchwoman and former knockout returning next week surely the idea Jeff has come up with is one sure to spout a few controversies…

(Gail Kim and Dollhouse Pre Match Promo)

(Taryn Terrell, Jade and Marti Bell vs Gail Kim; 3 on 1 Handicap Match)

(Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter Backstage Segment)

Thoughts on this match:
Overall i liked the match, but mostly due to the interactions between Jade and Gail, and how well they seemed to connect in the ring. I Like Gail, but i can understand some presumptions behind Gail having Cena Type booking in terms of crushing the Dollhouse, adding to their heightening losing streak. Overall, this does kill the momentum the Dollhouse has up to the weeks coming, and there wouldn’t initially be anyone else to feed to Gail due to Angelina (heel at the time) being pregnant, Velvet being a pushed face making a loss to Gail randomly out of the blue, and Kong, well is just not the type of Knockout to be associated with the jobber term. Gail would of course win due to it being her first match back, and adding to the revenge she has executed over the weeks. Looking back a few months ago, i wouldn’t have said that the Dollhouse deserve better, but they don’t seem to have that insanity they had back then. It doesn’t help that Taryn is injured, thus the Dollhouse may have to take more losses until Taryn gets a one on one match, but i do feel this is in TNAs ideal because of the Dollhouse having most of the wins in the past few months, therefore they aren’t flustered by the pinfalls they’ve taken, even though it is mounting up. However despite the booking, i do understand Taryn running away to play up the fact she is afraid of Gail because the story is she didn’t expect to see her again after injuring her, and she remains her one threat after the Awesome Kong ordeal.

– Catherine


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