WWE NXT RESULTS: A Hopeful Champion Looks To Dazzle in Brooklyn (August, 12th 2015)

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In the Light of having to write up Spoilers for upcoming NXT episodes last night, I, Catherine, is back to report on the latest showdowns on this weeks episode as we are left with one week of in ring action on NXT before the huge NXT Takeover PPV. This weeks episode provided a huge opportunity for other stars in the division, as both Bayley and Becky Lynch clashed, and the winner would then go on to challenge the BOSS herself Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship at Brooklyn.

But before we can get to that, we see the Vaudevillains talk through their game plan for Takeover in terms of how they will rid of Alexa Bliss to make a fair match for themselves. Alexa mocks them and slaps both before wishing them luck in trying so.

Its not until the main event that we see Bayley and Becky clash in the presented opportunity to main event to earn the Number One Contendership. Speaking of Contendership, the Rightful Champion Sasha Banks perches on Commentary for the first time on NXT to oversee the match as both Bayley and Becky perform their entrances and hit the ring. Upon their arrivals, Becky and Bayley engage in the traditional lock up to kick off the match. Becky counters Bayley and starts targeting her arm before being sent onto the mat. Bayley goes for a pin early and gets a near fall on Becky.

Becky continues the arm reversals until Bayley rolls out and catches her in a side headlock. Bayley snapmares Becky then hits a rolling elbow from behind. Bayley misses an elbow drop but makes up for it by sweeping Becky from under her feet, causing her to fall to the mat. Bayley goes for another cover but Becky raises herself off the mat after a count of one. Becky gets multiple arm drags before returning to target Bayleys arm. Bayley tries to break her off but Becky sends her into the corner. Becky knees Bayley in her midsection but misses a clothesline. Bayley leaps to the second rope and arm drags Becky.

Bayley attacks Becky in an opposite corner before nailing a running bulldog. The Offense is enough to get a near fall for Bayley once again on Becky. Bayley reverses Becky’s waistlock into her own and rolls her over for another near fall, but lets the pin go herself, before elbowing Becky. Becky kicks out at two in the following pin attempt. Becky attempts her comeback as she suplexes Bayley, and this gets her a near fall on Bayley.

Becky scores multiple forearms to Bayley in the corner, then stretches Bayleys arm against the ropes before the referee count forces the break. Becky continues the offense with an elbow and high knee, but Bayley begins a counter-strike with a few knees. Becky counters and targets the arm, applying a hold. Becky then knocks her off and goes to cover, but Bayley kicks out again. Bayley hits some punches but Becky comes back with a back elbow. Becky stretches the arm of Bayley again while Sasha looks on, also grounding Bayley against the mat. Becky snaps the arm of Bayley against the ropes before stretching the same arm on the ropes to follow. Bayley throws a few forearms before being eventually sent to the mat. Becky gets a near fall once again. Becky captures Bayley in a side headlock as we come to a commercial break.

We Return to see Becky expectedly still in control. Bayley then strikes back with a load of axe handles, She follows up with a shoulder tackle and goes for a flying elbow into the corner but Becky swiftly avoids it then kicks her against the turnbuckle. Becky yanks Becky out of the corner then attempts the pump-handle suplex but Bayley escapes the grip of Becky, and she takes the feet of Becky and rolls over into a pin attempt for another near fall. Bayley tries once again, just to get the same result. Bayley tries to pin Becky again with a backslide, but Becky stays fighting. Becky raises herself and Bayley off the mat before hitting the T Bone Suplex. Becky scuttles over to Bayley in her attempt to pin her, but gets a near fall as Bayley had earlier.

Becky lets the result sink in before going for leg drops on Bayley. Bayley eventually moves out of the way of one and counters with a clothesline after taking to the ropes. Bayley hits a shoulder tackle and back elbow to Becky against the corner, then throws her away. Bayley climbs the turnbuckles and hits the flying elbow to Becky for a near fall. Bayley attempts to throw Becky onto the outside, but Becky keeps balanced on the apron. Bayley knocks her down a little with an elbow, before Becky hits back with her boot to create some distance between Bayley and herself. Becky uses the time wisely to climb the turnbuckles, but Bayley darts over to her as she seemingly makes her way. After some back and forth punches, Bayley clasps Becky and drags her off the turnbuckle. Bayley scoop slams Becky for a near fall.

Bayley goes for the same move again, but Becky counters into the finishing disarmer. Luckily for Bayley, she reaches the ropes and breaks Becky’s submission. Bayley suplexes Becky for a quick comeback, then attempts the Belly to Belly finishing suplex. Becky counters, seeking to use the Disarmer again, but doesn’t lock it in as Bayley scrambles about the ring. Bayley eventually rolls Becky over for the three count and wins the right to face Sasha at NXT Takeover Brooklyn. Bayley heads to the turnbuckles and stares down the champ, who taunts her with the title on the commentary table.

(The Vaudevillains and Alexa Bliss Backstage Segment)

(Bayley vs Becky Lynch; Number One Contendership Match w/ Sasha Banks on Commentary)

Thoughts on this match:
Another Great Performance in the space of 2 weeks for the NXT Divas, especially Bayley who had worked this match with Becky as well as the match with Charlotte in one night. Overall i feel the finish was expected and obvious in regards to Bayley winning and even winning at Takeover, but the numerous pin attempts and the finishing roll up tells the story of Bayleys desperation, that one last chance to set herself at the top of NXTs Divas Division, and it solidly played up here. I’m glad this wasn’t the last episode for Takeover to allow Sasha and Bayley some interaction and development, but as much as i will miss Sasha in NXT because of the call up im still debatablely annoyed with, the loss at Takeover wouldn’t do any damage considering her status on the main roster, but now NXT has to do its part in creating credible challengers for Bayley should her victory at Takeover come about, and based on spoilers, unless they are using the upcoming weeks/next tapings to build multiple challengers, it doesn’t seem Emma will be there.

– Catherine


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