WWE NXT RESULTS: One Last Slap-athon and Fist Fight Before Takeover (August, 19th 2015)

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Hello Everyone and welcome to the last NXT report before this Saturdays NXT Takeover Pay Per View. I’m still getting used to NXT Takeover airing on a Saturday over a Wednesday but anyway im gonna get this done and over with while slightly under the weather. On the card isn’t a divas match, but instead we get another unique divas contract signing (now becoming a norm for the women like them main eventing NXT) and another Alexa Bliss appearance, and shes sure to treat her Boys challengers as scoundrels..

Opening the show, we see William Regal stride down to the ring with a contract and table in place. He asks Bayley and the reigning champ Sasha Banks to come down to the ring to seal the deal and sign to confirm their battle at NXT Takeover for Banks NXT Women’s Championship. While the crowd chants mostly for Sasha, Regal takes the mic and insists the challenger aka Bayley signs the contract first but first she lets some words out as she thanks the WWE Universe and Regal because without them she wouldn’t be there. Bayley goes over how this is the biggest match of her life so far, but not before reflecting on how she came short in the previous opportunities she got to win the NXT Women’s Championship. Bayley is certain her opportunity will not slip this time, and she thinks even Sasha feels that.

Bayley signs the contract as told to, then Regal turns his attention to Sasha, asking her to sign the contract to finalize, but she wants to say some things to her challenger first. Sasha agrees that the match for Bayley is a huge moment for her, acknowledging the support for Bayley, but then she takes a shot at Bayleys fans in the audience, saying their cheering is the reason NXT Takeover isn’t at Full Sail. Sasha takes further shots at Bayley before getting rattled by the fans.

Sasha makes out that Bayley is scared, saying she would be if she was in her position. Sasha says Bayley is directly looking at the baddest diva in WWE and says she knows shes good, but shes not her. Sasha takes more pro Bayley chants then turns to face them, flashing the title. After gaining some heat, she promises Bayley she will cement herself as the Greatest NXT Women’s Champion, and states Bayley will find out by then why she is known as the Boss before placing her own stamp on the contract to make the twos match official.

Sasha is about to walk away when Bayley takes a mic and stops her. Bayley asks Sasha if shes leaving and says she knows too well how contract signings work having reminisced on some past ones, and knows too well what happened at her and Becky’s contract signing. Bayley accuses Sasha of walking away like the challenge is nothing and is ready to fight now. Sasha is astonished and takes back the mic before claiming Charlotte and Becky were threats unlike her. Sasha continues the verbal onslaught calling Bayley a loser, stating this is why she isn’t on RAW like her. Sasha asks if Bayley thinks shes truly a role model, pointing out a fan in the crowd dressed like Bayley. Sasha says she is the true role model and shes going to teach the “little girls” that fairytales don’t have a happy ending. Sasha is assured it isn’t worth fighting Bayley tonight, and she leaves the ring.

Sasha heads up the ramp to show off her title more, and Bayley is enraged. Had enough of Sasha’s antics, she attacks her on the ramp heading up to the stage, and a screaming Bayley is forcefully separated from the Champ and sent to the back by referees, followed by Regal.

But the Divas aren’t done there. After another win from Blake and Murphy, the Vaudevillains cut their celebrations short, to the dismay of Alexa Bliss, who has enjoyed slapping the happiness out of them in past weeks. The Vaudevillains are about to announce who they will be bringing along for Takeover to ensure Bliss doesn’t get involved in their match with the Tag Champs Blake and Murphy when Alexa strides up the ramp and slaps both of them on both their attempts to bring out their entourage, with Blake and Murphy breaking out into laughter.

(Sasha Banks and Bayley Contract Signing)

(Alexa Bliss, Blake & Murphy and the Vaudevillains Segment)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Bayley Contract Signing: I Overall enjoyed the segment which indeed included great mic work again from Sasha, and the expressions from Regal when Bayley urged herself into a fight with Sasha came across that even Regal sees Sasha as a threat not to mess with. Sasha was great in drawing heel heat, and worked it like a natural. However i cant help but feel more could have come out of Sasha’s reign with the result being obvious due to Sasha’s promotion on the main roster, but it also depends on whether WWE want to swerve.

Alexa/Vaudevillains: Overall i think the Vaudevillains made this segment highly entertaining, making them serious competitors with a comedic edge. The segment ended awkwardly in my opinion just with its ending, but i guess its somewhat understandable considering they want to leave the reveal to Takeover, which im now suspecting is Blue Pants, as much as i want it to be Jessie McKay/Billie Kay.

– Catherine


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