WWE NXT TAKEOVER BROOKLYN RESULTS: Bliss Diverted, Bayley Victorious, New Era Oncoming (August, 22nd 2015)

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Last Night NXT Departed its Usual Home Station of Full Sail and made a landing at a Sold Out Brooklyn for an ELECTRIC NXT Takeover Pay Per View, and the Pay Per View delivered, messing greatly with the emotions of those backing Women’s Wrestling from the start as we saw possibly and arguably the best Takeover Women’s Championship Match Yet Between Sasha Banks and Bayley. That Plus Much More!

Before we can get any physical diva appearance, we get a surprise video package which hints at a soon to come debut from the Rocks Cousin, Nia Jax, formerly Lina Fanene, who has been working NXT Live Events and perfecting her craft for a while. The Powerhouse Diva is teased to soon arrive in NXT as the brand looks to expand the division upon numerous call ups shortening the division.

Arriving to Manage her Boys, Along comes Alexa Bliss to accompany Blake and Murphy on their title defense against Aiden English and Simon Gotch of the Vaudevillains. Drawing a load of heel heat Alexa hit the mic straight away upon making her entrance with her boys and mocked the Vaudevillains on arriving by their lonesome, believing the two hadn’t found a woman to take her out of the equation. This doesn’t appear so, as unsigned NXT favorite Blue Pants heads down the ramp and confirms her place at ringside to support the Vaudevillains. A Slap and brawl emanated in the closing moments of the match between Leva (Blue Pants) and Alexa and almost cost the Vaudes until Murphy eventually took the finishing move to end the match in a surprise result, crowning the Vaudevillains the New NXT Tag Team Champions.

Trying to move on from that upset (because Yes I Am a Fan of BAMF So DAMN YOU BLUE PANTS!) We Get to the Match The Women’s Wrestling Fan-base has been waiting for as Bayley, coming up short in last attempts, gets one more shot at the NXT Women’s Championship, and against the Baddest Bo$$ in WWE, Sasha Banks, who arrives in her own blinged out car with her own personal security in a very eccentric WrestleMania Like Entrance to a Great Pop. Upon Her Arrival, Greg Hamilton is in the ring to introduce to an elevated Brooklyn Crowd the Challenger Bayley and the Defending NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and the Crowd are more than ready. Sasha’s Team BAD partners Naomi and Tamina as well as Japanese Wrestler Kana are shown in the crowd in attendance.

Sasha gets in Bayleys face when the bell rings, and a lengthy time of frustration is unleashed as Bayley takes Sasha down and beats her down against the mat. Sasha and Bayley go back and forth with forearms, before Bayley hits a elbow from behind. Bayley nails a low clothesline and goes to cover Sasha within seconds but the defending champ kicks out at one. Sasha reverses Bayleys attempt to send her crashing into the corner and Bayleys head connects with the corner turnbuckle. Sasha continues on but Bayleys determination kicks in, and she reverses, bashing Sasha’s head to the turnbuckle a number of times. Bayley hangs Sasha on the post and nails a springboard elbow drop but that also gets her a one count on Sasha who kicks out again.

Sasha counters a charging Bayley and attempts to roll her up, and the surprise attempt also results in a one count. Sasha kicks Bayley in her midsection, before whipping her to the corner. Bayley blocks Sasha as she tries charging towards her with her elbow, then arm drags Sasha after floating from the second turnbuckle. Sasha rolls out, attempting to use up time to regroup but when the champ turns her back, Bayley rushes from the ring, and she hits a baseball slide dropkick to Sasha in between the ring post. Bayley takes to the apron but Sasha quickly connects with a knee, and she drags a weakened Bayley to the turnbuckles, positioning her between them to set up for double knees. However Bayley rolls out of the position and poises herself on the apron in order to dodge. Sasha lunges forearms, and continues as Bayley climbs up the turnbuckles. Sasha kicks the knee of Bayley, and Bayley loses balance, crashing to the outside floor. Sasha makes a mockery of the ref count as Bayley tries to maintain her composure and summon up strength to make it back to the ring, in which she does at the count of five.

Sasha hits back elbows, mocks Bayley a little then smacks her across the face after hitting the ropes. Sasha returns to covering Bayley, who kicks out at two, resulting in Sasha having the first near fall of the match. Sasha applies a hold as she screams for Bayley to give up, and sends her knee into Bayleys back as she attempts to fend off with an elbow. Sasha throws Bayley to the corner, but soon enough Bayley recovers and begins to swing some forearms at Sasha, and the two go back and forth. Sasha gets the upper hand and tries positioning Bayley between the ropes to signal double knees once more, but Bayley counters, trying to throw her off midair, but ends up hitting the turnbuckles instead. Sasha places Bayley in the same position once again while also hitting forearms to her midsection. Moments Later Sasha places Bayley on the top turnbuckle and executes double knees from the top. Sasha covers, but gets a near fall on Bayley, to her dismay.

Sasha trash talks Bayley as she tries to regain composure in the corner and Bayley kicks back. Bayley trips Sasha into the corner, and trips her as she tries to charge back. Bayley furiously lets loose with forearms to Sasha, then tries whipping her into an axe handle. Sasha clings the ropes to avoid, also avoiding a charging Bayley and snaps her arm against the second rope. Bayley tumbles to the outside floor. Sasha follows out and sits on Bayley as she nastily attempts to pull off the hand brace that supported the once broken arm. Sasha throws Bayley back to the ring at the count of six, then back onto the outside. Sasha then does as she planned, bashing the once injured hand against the top of the steel steps and exploiting the former injury. Sasha kicks at Bayley then sticks her hand between the gap of the steel steps and the apron and painfully kicks the steps against it. Sasha rolls in the ring and showboats as the referee runs to check on Bayley after the move.

The Referee seems to be asking Bayley if she can continue further but before she can signal any indication, Sasha flies over the referee and hits a rolling senton over the top rope onto Bayley. Sasha darts back into the ring as the NXT Universe break out into “This is Awesome” Chants as she tries pinning Bayley again, getting a near fall. Sasha slaps Bayley across the face and goes for the arm drag off the top rope but a counter by Bayley sends her flailing onto the outside floor. Sasha manages to get back in the ring for a count of eight, and trades one forearm after the other with Bayley. Bayley gets the upper hand and eventually whips Sasha into a hard clothesline, the first part of her comeback offense. Despite the possible damage, Bayley uses her hand to execute double axe handles, followed by a running shoulder tackle to Sasha in the corner. Bayley gets a running elbow then pulls Sasha from the corner before suplexing her against the turnbuckles. Sasha grounds Bayley and attempts to halt in order to counter the Belly to Belly and back and forth counters soon result in Sasha hitting a side Russian leg sweep inverted into the Bank Statement.

Bayley gets close to the rope but Sasha’s foot halts any attempt to break the Bank Statement. Bayley uses the non targeted hand to actually get to the rope, but Sasha rolls back within seconds and may look to re-apply it but within seconds Bayley has her own clever counter, using Sasha’s own signature Bank Statement submission against her. Sasha uses the foot against the rope technique to break Bayleys unique reversal, and both are down for a few seconds. Bayley is up first, knocked away by a kick from Sasha as she tries getting on her feet. Bayley attempts to yank Sasha off the ropes but it falls flat and Bayley comes back within moments with the expected Belly to Belly Finish. Bayley covers but Sasha Kicks Out at Two. Bayley sets up Sasha on the Turnbuckles but Sasha pushes her off. Bayley springs back with a running forearm. Bayley goes for a top rope hurricanrana but Sasha throws her off and Bayley lands hard on the mat. Sasha hits a double knee drop from up top and covers, but gets a near fall.

Sasha heads to an opposite corner, setting Bayley up on the top turnbuckle backward. Sasha hits some elbows to the back of Bayley, but Bayley responds with a lot more. Sasha hits a flying forearm and climbs the turnbuckles, and Bayley lets out a flurry of forearms, weakening Sasha. Bayley goes for a lethal top rope hurricanrana on Sasha and connects. Bayleys momentum sores to new heights and she charges to Sasha and connects with the finishing Belly to Belly Suplex once more. Bayley Pins Sasha and Becomes the NEW NXT Women’s Champion!

Bayley revels in the moment of becoming the new champ, consoled by the arriving Becky Lynch and Charlotte as well as even Sasha herself. The Trio celebrate the new champs crowning moment, while also showing off their four horsewoman trademark pose to possibly close out the second era of NXT Women’s Wrestling with the passing of the torch.

(The Vaudevillains w/ Blue Pants vs Blake and Murphy w/ Alexa Bliss)

(Nia Jax is Coming to NXT)

(Sasha Banks vs Bayley Promo)

(Sasha Banks vs Bayley; NXT Womens Championship Match)

Thoughts on this match:
This Match makes me so proud to be a fan of the WWE, NXT and Women’s Wrestling in General. It was Dramatic, Lethal, Passionate, it was Simply Fantastic. Thanks to the much larger fan capacity, it was given the big fight feel on par with that of UFC or WrestleMania and the story of Bayleys passion and willingness to continue on no matter what to revel in her hopeful moment and accomplish her dream was told from start to finish, the determination displayed simply through numerous one counts in the first few moments. They could have had Emma come down and cost Bayley the win but Bayley truly deserved this moment and the ending celebrations seemed to signify a new era in Women’s Wrestling, the chance for the Three Horsewomen of NXT to celebrate alongside their other accomplice who has managed to achieve as big a dream in NXT as there’s in being on the main roster. For Sure if anyone had to ask which match so far gets the Match of the Year in the NXT Women’s Division, I Would Back This 100% and this makes me wish NXT traveled more for their Takeover events and the possibility of one in the UK is an exciting development. The Match performance in this makes me so excited for the possibility of Bayley vs Emma and for Emma to overturn her main roster doubters who believe she shouldn’t be pushed to show her worth, but at the same time a Sasha/Bayley rematch cant be ruled out and im truly going to miss Sasha in NXT due to her performances, the crowd support she gets and just how far shes come. Just Absolutely Fantastic. Congratulations Bayley and Good Luck to the Next Set of NXT Divas Looking to Perform to this level and bring about a new era as they try to dethrone the reigning champion, with the possibilities of Dana, Emma, Nia Jax (in a Havok/Gail type of approach) or even Eva (when at a certain level) being the next.

– Catherine


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