WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Team Bella Certify Pre Pay Per View Dominance (August, 20th 2015)

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Under 24 Hours Clear of an Amazing NXT Takeover Event, welcome to this weeks late Smackdown report, featuring the now former NXT Womens Champion Sasha Banks. On this Weeks Blue Brand Show, The Divas “Revolution” continued to show its Flair with some angry sparks, and Lana gets in some last words before her mans big match at Summerslam.

Beginning first with the final developments in the Lana/Ziggler story before the PPV tonight on the WWE Network, the two cut a promo in the ring only to be nastily interrupted by the reveal of the flag adorning half of Rusevs body before he and Summer storm to the stage. Rusev takes a moment to yell at the fans chanting USA, which can be actually seen despite most fan reactions being inserted. Rusev then switches his attention to Dolph, saying the pain of watching Lana struggle for him isn’t as painful as crushing his throat again at Summerslam. Rusev mutters more about the pain he plans to make Dolph feel at the show, and goes on to say that Summer will also get a last accolade on Lana as Dolph watches following defeat. Rusev then says once that is complete, he will know real pain but Dolph shuts him down, saying his comeback hasn’t even begun, but it will at Summerslam when he sends Rusevs teeth down his throat. Dolph says when all is done, he will steal the show, and his real girlfriend.

Moving Onwards we get to see the first in ring promo from the Ladies featured in the Divas “Revolution” as Team Bella take to the ring. Alicia puts over how Nikki will soon overcome AJs record and become WWEs Longest Reigning Divas Champion, while Brie puts over how great a sister she is. Nikki praises Sasha Banks for bringing her competition on RAW, and she will be a great divas champion sometime in the future, but that chance wont come today, labeling the recent addition to the rosters win as a “fluke” and how that doesn’t make her a “Revolutionary” as so thought. Nikki states her showcasing herself with a 270 day reign makes her the most powerful woman in sports entertainment. Alicia toots Team Bella’s horn further by having them take credit for representing the revolution, and they will close it by defeating the other two teams in PCB and BAD.

Nikki looks to talk some more when Naomi makes her arrival alongside her partners in Tamina and Sasha Banks. Naomi labels the speech by Team Bella a Phony, and they shouldn’t waste time making a victory speech for Summerslam, because a victory aint happening for them. Sasha is offered the mic and she tells Nikki exactly what she did on RAW, she made her tap out, and at Summerslam, not only will Team Bella Crash and Burn, but they will find out how dangerous Team B-A-D really are. Brie takes the mic from Nikki and exclaims that herself and the rest of her team aren’t intimidated, and even though she likes referring to herself as the Boss, she can think of a better word beginning with B which can easily be figured out. Sasha reacts hilariously before reminding Brie that she will end up losing like Nikki already has, and accuses Brie of riding off the coattails of her injured husband. She adds that the only time she will be saying Yes is when the referee asks her to submit. Brie has heard enough and tells her to shut it and the two engage in a fierce stare-down.

Tamina pulls Sasha away before a battle can get underway and down to the ring come Charlotte and Becky Lynch, and Lynch has the mic in hand. Becky tells her fellow lasses that they can Bank on it, they can shove it all they want, but they are in regardless for a Good Lass Kicking. Becky drops the mic and hits the ring to kick off a Triple Threat Treat between Brie, Sasha and Herself.

Brie kicks Sasha to begin then Becky dashes in, attempting to roll up Brie but it doesn’t even reach the count of one. Becky avoids a clothesline and arm drags Brie, then does the same to Sasha. Becky ends up face to face with both, and Brie battles her, nailing an elbow and kick. It appears she also threw Becky from the ring when we return, as she hits a number of Yes Kicks to Sasha. One Last Yes Kick leads to Brie getting a near fall on Sasha.

Brie counters a possible facebuster attempt on Becky and the two go back and forth with forearms. Becky overwhelms with uppercuts before Brie manages to send her tumbling to the second rope. Brie fends off Sasha with a dropkick, and executes the running knee to Becky, as well as Sasha. Brie goes to pin Becky but Sasha breaks it up at the two count. Sasha whips Brie to the corner, but Brie responds back with an elbow as a response, creating a little distance, but Sasha manages to haul Brie into position and Brie ends up almost on the end of the double knees until Becky runs in. Becky crashes into Brie, and Sasha also places Becky in between the ropes and below Brie, hitting the double knees to both of them. Becky rolls out, supported by Charlotte, as Brie kicks out of a pin attempt from Sasha.

Sasha gets some kicks in before mocking the Yes Chants. Sasha chokes Brie against the corner for a short amount of time before yanking her out of the corner for another pin attempt, which leads to another near fall. Sasha whips Brie, but Brie hits back with a knee after running the ropes. A Double Clothesline sends both down. Becky climbs back in, hitting clotheslines to Sasha and Brie once they get on their feet, and she dropkicks Brie near to the apron before nailing a T Bone Suplex to Sasha. Becky whips Brie into Sasha, kicking both simultaneously against the corner. Becky hits a T Bone Suplex to Brie this time around, and it results in a near fall once more. Brie uses Becky to knock Sasha to the ground then rolls up Becky and pins her to win the match.

(Rusev, Summer Rae, Lana and Dolph Ziggler Segment)

(The Bella Twins, Alicia Fox, Team BAD, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Segment)

(Sasha Banks w/ Tamina Snuka and Naomi vs Becky Lynch w/ Charlotte vs Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox)

Thoughts on this match:
Even though it seems we are returning to the not so lengthy Smackdown type matches, the Triple Threat was pretty good, especially showcasing Sasha. The Overall Surprise for me was Becky getting pinned, almost like she is being presented as the weakest or least important member of Team PCB currently, even though Team Bella needed a way to establish dominance before Summerslam. The Promo also had me thinking of Sasha possibly winning the title on Mondays RAW, but if WWE are planning for Charlotte to get it, its bound to happen, and not to mention she is getting the most protection out of anyone in the revolution. This match had me wondering if a Sasha/Brie feud is imminent (because Nikki needs to take time off eventually due to working hurt because WWE wont have her drop until they surpass AJs reign out of spite) but if that was to happen and for the divas title, id be all for it, but again, we cant forget Charlotte and the fact she may dethrone Nikki at Night of Champions. Overall the Promo was a nice touch pre match, and some good mic work from Becky that put her over as a serious competitor, even though she ended up falling at the end, but im not overall happy at what the result could be at Summerslam. I Feel Charlotte pinning Nikki is the predictable way to finish the PPV, so a Team BAD victory would be nice.

– Catherine


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