WWE SUMMERSLAM RESULTS: In The End Only One Will Rise to Glory (August, 23rd 2015)

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Hello Everyone! Catherine is here and ready to watch RAW (for Becky Lynch to get a hopeful title match and win anyway) but before then lets talk what went down on last nights WrestleMania 2.0, even though last years Summerslam topped last night by miles in my opinion and im still trying to get my head around Stephen Amell not pinning Stardust. Okay away from that, we have a Nine Diva Team Elimination Match explained by WWE as a match where if one diva is pinned the whole team are eliminated along with them. Competing are Team Bella, Team BAD and Team PCB.

But before we get to the exciting match we see Lana and Summer a little earlier in the show for the announced Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev Match, supporting their men in opposite corners. The Two got into a ringside scuffle as Lana tried to reach out to Dolph as he tried to grasp the ropes to release from Rusevs devastating accolade. The match ended in a double count-out and the girls would go at it again when Summer hit the ring and attacked Dolph, leading to Lana making the save. Lana and Dolph stand tall and hinting even more at a mixed tag on the cards in the future.

As Kevin Owens and Cesaro take the pre main event spot, The Bella’s arrive following the Rollins/Cena Match, followed by Team BAD then Team PCB. All Divas are sporting new attires minus Sasha. Opening the match against each other are Brie and Becky, representing Team Bella and Team PCB. Brie dominates quickly, forcing Becky to the corner knocking her against the turnbuckles before Becky manages to avoid a clothesline, opening her chance to arm drag Brie across the ring. Becky gets a dropkick, but is eventually tripped to the ropes, and she takes Bries running knee. Tamina taps Brie to tag herself in, and after super-kicking Brie in the face, Sasha charges in and clobbers Charlotte off the apron. Naomi also attacks the remaining Team Bella members, sending them to the floor.

Tamina headbutts Becky, then gives her a kick before tagging Sasha, who floats over the ropes, managing to hit double knees to Becky. Sasha tags in Naomi to hit her double team move on Becky, and Naomi offers her hand to Tamina, who tags as Naomi rams her knee into Becky’s back. Tamina slams Becky to the mat, followed with a knee, and tags Sasha, who also tags Naomi. Sasha gives Becky a slap across the face, before Naomi executes a single split leg drop on Becky, shades of her once partner Cameron, and she raises her foot as the referee attempts a count, ending it at one. Naomi hits a leg drop before going to pin her properly, and Naomi gets a near fall on Becky.

Naomi tags in Sasha, who attacks before Becky counters into a roll up for two. Sasha counters, sending Becky head first to the mat, and she hits a back elbow to Becky’s back. Sasha sends Becky head first into the corner turnbuckle, tagging Tamina. Sasha whips Becky into Taminas clothesline. Tamina attempts to pin Becky and gets a near fall. A Forearm by Tamina completely knocks down Becky, and she follows up with a headbutt which causes Becky to spill to the outside floor. Tamina briefly stares out Nikki before racing outside to grab Becky, ramming her back into the apron. Charlotte goes out of her way to help Becky out, spearing Tamina. Sasha and Naomi dive onto both Becky and Charlotte, cutting Becky’s recovery shorter. The Bella’s seem prepping in the ring for something and they join in the outside chaos, and Nikki and Brie suicide dive onto Sasha and Naomi.

Paige is setting herself on the top rope but Alicia darts over and is bombarded with punches but maintains her position. Paige pushes Alicia off the turnbuckles, cutting off the possible suplex tease hoped, and Paige has climbed the top turnbuckle and executes a rolling senton to all the divas, leaving everyone in a heap on the outside. Becky climbs back in the ring, quickly followed by Tamina as the others take some time to recover. Tamina throws a forearm at Becky then attempts her Samoan Drop but Becky gets free. Becky stumbles to the corner, and Brie tags. Becky moves out of the way of Tamina, and Nikki hits a forearm to Tamina before Brie darts to the ring. Brie climbs to the second turnbuckle and hits the X Factor on Tamina. Brie pins Tamina and Team BAD are officially eliminated per the result.

After celebrating that victory, Brie makes way as Nikki tags in, waiting for Becky to get on her feet to hit the forearm smash. Becky sees it coming and ducks, but gets her kick blocked. Nikki scoops Becky onto her shoulders and hits the Rack Attack. Nikki looks for the win there, covering Becky, but after the count reaches two, Charlotte and Paige dart in to break the pin on Becky. Paige rolls Becky into her corner, heads back to the apron and makes the legal tag, hitting the ring and Lou Thesz Pressing Nikki to the mat. Paige hammers down with forearms to Nikki before Nikki throws her off. Paige clobbers Nikki with a knee in the corner, and hits many others before placing Nikki in her hands and carrying her to the near centre of the ring. Paige hits a Fallaway Slam to Nikki but Nikki rolls out to evade a pin attempt.

Paige attempts a baseball slide dropkick under the ropes, but Nikki blocks it, and she drags Paige off the apron after attacking the back of her leg to hit a Lethal Alabama Slam on the outside. Nikki taunts a fuming Charlotte before awaiting Paige’s return to the ring. Nikki hits kicks the moment Paige rushes back in, and slams her to the mat, which gets her a near fall. Nikki drags Paige to the heel corner, allowing Brie to tag. Nikki and Brie execute a double team move before Brie goes in for the pin, getting a near fall on Paige in her effort. Brie sends her knee into the back of Paige then applies a chin-lock. Paige throws Punches and takes to the ropes but Brie hits a flying axe handle to counter back. Brie gets a near fall once again.

Brie hits a load of Yes Kicks to Paige then takes a moment to stare out Becky and Charlotte. This proves costly as Paige avoids the final Yes Kick and counters into a roll up, which gets her a near fall on Brie. Brie trips Paige and carries her back in the heel corner, and Alicia gets to tag. Brie and Alicia work together to throw Paige hard into the corner turnbuckles, before Alicia drags her away from that corner to hit a Northern Lights Suplex. Alicia gets a near fall on Paige. Alicia applies a stretch hold for a little while, wearing Paige down further as we are reminded of the damage Paige took from the earlier Alabama Slam by Nikki. Paige manages to break free and arm drag Alicia, but within moments, Alicia sends Paige down with a dropkick. Alicia sends Paige head first into the corner turnbuckle and tags in Nikki.

Nikki suplexes Paige, which gets her a near fall. Nikki taunts Charlotte and Becky as Paige tries to crawl over to her partners, and scores a kick before allowing Alicia to tag in again. Nikki and Alicia manage a double team suplex on Paige, and Alicia gets a near fall afterwards. Alicia hits a knee and stalks Paige around the ring before choking her against the ropes. Alicia drags Paige into one corner then hurls her into the nearby one. Suddenly Paige feels momentum and nails forearms to Brie and Nikki, and she flips over Alicia as she tries to block her reaching her partners. Paige knees Alicia to send her down, and Alicia clings to one of Paige’s legs in her attempt to further block her from tagging in either Charlotte or Becky. Paige slaps Alicia then makes the hot tag to Charlotte.

Within moments, Charlotte bursts into the ring, ducking a near clothesline from Alicia and bombarding her with chops. She follows with a standing neckbreaker and knocks Nikki off the apron while Brie leaps out of the way to avoid her offense. Charlotte spears Alicia then attempts to lock in the Figure 8 but an infuriated Nikki darts into the ring and attacks Charlotte. Paige spears Nikki in response, and the two tumble to ringside. In the Meantime Charlotte throws Alicia to the ropes and both connect simultaneously with big boots, laying out both divas. Brie and Becky tag in, and Becky ducks under Bries clothesline attempt, firing back with forearms. Brie slaps Becky across the face and eats a forearm once more in response. Both throw forearms at one another at the same time before Becky snapmares Brie toward her own corner. Becky charges, but ends up running into Bries boot. Brie heads up top, and she goes for a missile dropkick but misses. Becky takes advantage and hits a Pumphandle Slam to gain the pin for Team PCB. Becky, Paige and Charlotte win the match.

(Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina vs Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Paige vs The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox)

(PCB Celebrate Their Big Win at Summerslam; WWE.Com Exclusive)

Thoughts on this match:
Im not sure where all the negative reactions are coming from in what i thought was a pretty good match, even though i do agree Team BAD were not only eliminated early, but the powerhouse of the team taking the pin was the worst move possible. For Me, Team PCB seemed already destined for the win with the highest push out of the teams competing, but Becky getting the pin surprised me, in a happy way, with the victor getting “all the spoils” (to quote Stephanie McMahon earlier in the show). Now, instead of talking about whose best and just having lengthier matches every week, its time to bring a story to the divas division and move onwards towards crowning a contender, if not multiple contenders for Nikki’s Championship. I Do feel Becky will get a deserved title shot tonight, even though i do think they could work towards a tension storyline between Becky and Charlotte with Paige stuck in the middle because the team sadly in my opinion have the least chemistry out of the three. Maybe WWE are taking the move of Charlotte becoming champion at Night of Champions, but i would love for it to be Becky or Sasha, but my fantasy booking would be Becky becoming the contender and being attacked on the night of the PPV orchestrated by Charlotte to turn Charlotte heel and replace Becky in the match while sugarcoating any suggestions she may have done it until after the match but we will have to see what storyline is made tonight. I Do think Charlotte may need to turn and be presented as the heel going to any length possible to prove her superiority. But it is now definitely time for a fresh champion so Nikki can rest up from her rumored injuries. Yes the Bella Brand is forever strong but the Bellas, or Nikki in general, need to take a break from the spotlight because due to WWEs rumored spite of AJ they have been wanting Nikki to work despite the injuries apparently sustained in her reign until she can surpass it. Theres no denying Nikki’s in ring talent (take that YouTubers!) but its time to pass the torch and give us a fresh champion and not the expected.

– Catherine


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