WWE NXT RESULTS: Eva and Emma Make Waves in the Division To Close Off A Huge Brooklyn Week (August, 26th 2015)

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Hello Everybody and welcome to the report on this weeks Post Takeover fallout episode of NXT. Apologies for the lateness of the report as i had a nap longer than expected but what do you do when there’s nothing on TV and no NXT in the UK? Anyway, as part of this weeks episode we got a peak at last weeks pre taped Takeover Matches, two showcasing the divas as Eva Marie and Carmella went head to head and Dana Brooke, Emma, Charlotte and Becky Lynch clashed in a competitive four way match which would indeed close the show.

But before we can get to the female in ring competition, Devin Taylor stands by with original NXT Alumni Becky Lynch and Charlotte backstage to collect their thoughts on the Fatal Four Way that they compete in tonight. Charlotte gives her thoughts on Dana’s “beef” with her and talks about how Dana discovered Emma, referring to Emma as Dana’s Lap dog. Becky cracks a little joke before Charlotte continues. Charlotte says Emma and Dana want to prove they are the best tonight, but that’s also her agenda, also agreeable with Becky, who declares may the best Team PCB Member win.

We come to the ring to see the match between Eva and Carmella to kick off the diva matches of the night. Eva makes her special entrance first in the adorned robe that blends in perfectly with her new gear. Speaking of new gear, down comes Carmella in a new piece as well, with the usual promo (also solo for this match) in front of an expected pro Carmella crowd in Brooklyn. Eva and Carmella lock up to begin, before Carmella gets Eva in an arm wringer. Eva counters after cartwheeling her way out, then there are some back to back waist-locks before Carmella trips Eva to the mat. Carmella tries rolling over Eva into a pin attempt, but she kicks out slightly after the count of one.

Eva misses a clothesline and gets annoyed with Carmella’s taunting. Eva tries to clothesline her again, but Carmella cleverly dodges and applies a side headlock. Eva counters again and into her own before elbowing Carmella to the mat. Eva runs the ropes and ends up on the end of Carmella’s arm drag. Carmella ducks under another clothesline attempt, countering into an atomic drop. Carmella hits a fluid dropkick and does her signature babyface taunt before waiting for Eva to get on her feet. Eva does and charges towards her, ending up caught in Carmella’s waistlock. Eva uses the corner to knock her off, and also hits an elbow to ground her there. Eva hits a running back elbow to Carmella against the corner, and hits another to Carmella in the centre of the ring. Carmella then manages to kick out of the pin attempt that follows a senton by Eva.

Eva applies a hold to Carmella to begin regaining momentum, also mocking the Signature S-A-W-F-T Chant that would normally follow Carmella, Enzo and Cass whenever they hit the ring. Eva follows with rib shots before Carmella finally breaks out, arm dragging Eva. Carmella forearms Eva before her attempt to whip her into the corner is reversed. Carmella hits the corner but manages to elbow Eva before she can do much else. Carmella climbs the turnbuckles, and sends Eva for a whirl with a head scissor take-down followed by a Lou Thesz Press. Carmella Lou Thesz Press’s Eva for a second time, then shoulder tackles her against the nearby corner. Carmella drives Eva’s head into her foot, positioning it against the turnbuckle. Carmella tosses her back and attempts to pin her, but gets a near fall.

Carmella wonders what is needed next, but before she can do anything else Eva hits a counter targeting her jaw, then has her in pole position for her finisher. Eva connects with the familiar Sliced Bread Finisher to Carmella and manages to pin her for another victory. Eva wins the match.

Next in Diva Appearances, Devin heads to the locker room to also gather the thoughts of Emma and Dana Brooke as they also compete in the four way match. Devin walks in to repeat to Emma and Dana what Charlotte said previously about proving whose best in tonight’s match, which Dana agrees with. Dana says tonight they are competing against two of the best in reference to her and Emma. Emma agrees and tells Devin that Charlotte will find out tonight that there’s a difference between looking and being dominant, while she intends to make Becky look like the biggest joke in WWE. Emma struts away, to a hilarious facial reaction from Dana, who doesn’t forget her signature head pat to Devin.

We Also see Devin take the brunt of Team BAMF’s Anger before the Main Event can get underway, as Blake and Murphy rage over The Vaudevillains standing tall at Takeover, but not as much as Alexa rages about Blue Pants involvement. After Questioning Blue Pants position in the company, she promises to take care of her next week in a match.

With the future booked, we move to the current with the last match of the night being of course the Divas Fatal Four Way. The Divas make their respective entrances, Emma first followed by Dana, then Becky, then Charlotte. All Divas eye each other, readying for a fight when the bell rings, with Dana and Emma eventually back to back. The Two make short communication before taking assaults from Becky and Charlotte. Charlotte throws Dana from the ring, while a forearm by Becky leads to Emma tumbling out too. With that done, Becky and Charlotte square off, starting with a lock up. Becky has Charlotte in a side headlock, and keeps it applied while moving to the ropes to knock Emma back to the ground.

Becky releases, allowing herself and Charlotte to hit Dana with a double dropkick. Becky and Charlotte kip up and engage the crowd by taunting before turning the focus to their in ring clash. Becky counters some reversals and manages to arm drag Charlotte, and works on her arm for a few moments. Charlotte counters a hammerlock into a snapmare, and hurtles Becky around the ring using her legs. Charlotte kips up, surprising Becky a little before Emma and Dana return to the ring, attacking both divas.

Emma kicks away at Charlotte then joins Dana in attacking Becky. Emma taunts Charlotte before she and Dana throw her over the ropes and onto the outside floor. Dana and Emma follow each other out, hitting a load of kicks to Charlotte, as well as elbows. Following a double arm wringer, Emma and Dana chuck Charlotte to the barricade. Emma and Dana mock Charlotte’s woo taunt as we see Charlotte flat out on the ground needed to regaining composure as we come to the quick commercial break.

We return to see Charlotte just recovering outside while Dana and Emma bring a double assault to Becky inside the ring. Emma’s smile curves into one more sinister as Dana continuously plants Becky’s face against the ring mat. Dana and Emma seek a double attack on Becky, but Emma sees Charlotte coming and kicks her from the apron. Dana and Emma take turns in bashing Becky against the mat, Emma and Dana score a double suplex on Becky, then Charlotte starts to climb to the apron. Dana dashes over, attempting to kick her, but Charlotte blocks, and tries pulling Dana out but Emma makes the save. Emma demands Dana outside to continue attacking Charlotte, while Emma circles Becky before hitting a German Suplex. She goes to cover but her pin is broken up…..by Dana!

Emma and Dana have a back to back verbal spat, but Becky takes advantage and tries to roll up Emma. Becky gets a near fall on Emma, then gets shoved to the mat by an angry Dana. Dana then starts convincing Emma that was her attempt to save her, and she tries to make amends. They agree to a handshake before Emma blocks a surprise kick by Dana, which Dana counters with an inziguiri. Dana takes her time to taunt and barely notices Charlotte climb in the ring. Charlotte dodges a running forearm by Dana and fires loads of chops at her.

Charlotte continues her momentum building offense with a standing neckbreaker, and nails a double DDT to both her and Emma at the same time. Charlotte attempts to pin Emma and gets a near fall. Frustrated, she turns attention to Dana and tries to pin her, but gets a near fall on her also. Charlotte goes back and forth on her pins, but doesn’t manage to pin either. Charlotte grabs both Emma and Dana by her hair while Becky positions on the top turnbuckle. Becky awaits then hits the air to execute the dropkick but Emma and Dana counter, and the dropkick hits Charlotte instead, to Becky’s dismay. Becky avoids Dana’s clothesline and hits her own, also taking Emma down. Becky then dropkicks Dana. Becky follows with a T Bone Suplex to Emma.

Becky clenches Dana, and she whips her into Charlotte. Becky kicks Dana against the corner, with Charlotte also taking impact. Becky hits a T Bone Suplex to Dana, but Emma breaks the pin attempt which follows. Emma throws Becky over to the corner then hits the corner running crossbody to both Charlotte and Becky. Becky seems to have taken her move harder, as the move surprisingly leads to her getting pinned. Emma wins the match but she and Dana take an attack by Becky and a Disgruntled Charlotte after the match.

(Charlotte and Becky Lynch Backstage Segment)

(Carmella vs Eva Marie)

(Emma and Dana Brooke Backstage Segment)

(Alexa Bliss, Blake and Murphy Backstage Segment)

(Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke vs Charlotte vs Emma)

Thoughts On:
Eva/Carmella: Even though this felt like the lesser of the two matches for me, it was a good match overall, even if some of us listening had to drown in the smarky “You Cant Wrestle” chants. I Don’t know how many more times i have to bring up how NXT Fans are meant to encourage people towards improving their in ring skill and getting behind them when they aren’t at their best, but even if Eva’s win was un-needed in some cases, she is gaining heel heat for doing her job and is being built as a competitive challenger for the future, even if she does have miles to go before she can do a bigger takeover match.

Becky/Dana/Charlotte/Emma: Even though i felt Dana could have done a bigger spot on the outside to Charlotte when Emma told her to finish her, this match did give the feel of a main event match, and Dana is really coming into her own as a heel, with the surprise twist of the turn on Emma. I Don’t know where the original source came from, but the ending was supposedly a botch and Charlotte was (again unnecessarily) booked to win when she didn’t need it, nor did Emma or Dana need another pin from her, so im glad one of my two candidates to win did win, and hopefully NXT wont punish Emma (again) just for a mishap she didn’t cause and allow her to “run with the ball” so to speak and get her long awaited solo heel rivalry with Bayley while Dana may either be added to it also still as a heel or possibly kick off her feud with Devin and even get Nia Jax in her corner. Its Time for Emma to get her feud with Bayley and establish herself as the serious competitor some have forgot because she is capable of putting on a great match at Takeover as one of the most underrated divas right now. I Couldn’t tell if the post match spot was off script or to put over PCB for their current storyline (though this match wont even get referenced on the main roster) but it made Charlotte look more like a heel than anything else who couldn’t take losing a match. I’m Glad Emma got a long awaited win and as i said before, its time for her to be established as a serious competitor.

– Catherine


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