TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY KNOCKOUTS KNOCKDOWN 3 Results: Battle for Knockouts Crown Continues Into Another Year (July, 1st 2015)

brooke 666

Hello Everybody and FINALLY Welcome to this Years Knockouts Knockdown One Night Only Extravaganza Report. Its No Secret that recently TNA One Night Only Pay Per Views have been harder to find, harder than finding a needle in a haystack but the All Womens PPV has resurfaced so lets see which hopeful future Knockouts and current Knockout Veterans stole the show in order to qualify for the ending traditional Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet.

Of Course this All Female Pay Per View hasnt gone without its fair share of comical hosts, and taking the slot this year are the once tag team champions, The BroMans Jesse and Robbie E, joined by their Blurting Ontourage DJ Z. They Introduce the Hopefuls competing against the Signed Knockouts. Competing against the Knockouts are Alicia (Alexxis Neveah), Thea Trinidad (Rosita), Laura Dennis (Cherry Bomb), Solo Darling, Mia Yim (Now Jade of the Dollhouse), Su Yung of Shine Stable Valkyrie and Mary Kate, formerly TNA Knockout Rosie Lottalove. Following some conversations, both positive and negative with the arrivals, the Current Knockouts are introduced, Alicia facing Madison, Thea facing Angelina, Laura facing Gail Kim, Solo facing Havok (who is believed to now be Alumni), Su Yung facing then babyface Taryn Terrell, Mia facing Brooke and Mary Kate facing the Toughest Challenge in Awesome Kong.

madison rayne kos ppv 3

1. Madison Rayne vs Alexxis Neveah

Opening as the first match is Alicia aka Alexxis Neveah facing Current TNA Knockout and 5x Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. Madison, in all her heel glory, makes it clear the crown will return to her hands this year, showboating with it before heading into the ring to mock Alicia while reminding her who the Queen B of the Division is, that being her. Madison notes that Alicia shouldnt eyeball at the sight of the Knockouts crown, because its returning to her, and Alicia gets snappy, giving Madison the impression that the fighting must now go down.

Madison starts with a waistlock before quickly sending Alicia to the mat. Madison mocks her a little more before they return to locking up, with Madison arm dragging Alicia. Madison snapmares Alicia after another waistlock, and knees her in the back. Alicia attempts a leg scissor into a roll up which gets her the first near fall of the match against Madison. Alicia attempts a backslide on Madison to get the second. Alicia arm drags Madison as the momentum continues and a screaming Madison demands for a time out.

Madison moves herself from the corner and offers a respectful handshake to Alicia, but of course it goes down the heel way as Madison lures her in for it then boots her. Madison sends Alicia face first into the top corner turnbuckle, then whips her into an opposite corner, missing a splash when Alicia moves to safety. Alicia Lou Thesz Press’s Madison and aims a load of elbows at her, before Madison darts outside to avoid a possible DDT. Madison paces around the outside, needing a breather, and she teases getting back into the ring before returning to ringside. Alicia has had enough, sliding outside and following Madison around. Alicia charges, but Madison reverses and sends Alicia into the steel steps head first. Madison sends Alicia back in the ring to cover, and she gets a near fall.

Madison knees Alicia multiple times, then elbows her against the ropes. Madison whips Alicia, who comes back by kneeing Madison in the face. Alicia manages to dodge her clothesline but gets hit by Madison’s knee. Madison hits a Northern Lights Suplex to get her another near fall. Madison continues the assault by hitting multiple head scissor stomps, and she elbows Alicia before whipping her. Alicia dodges Madison’s offense and both collide with a double running cross-body in the middle of the ring. Alicia forearms Madison a few times while still down on the mat, and the two trade forearms as they get on their feet.

Alicia gets the upper hand as she keeps on coming with forearms. Alicia clotheslines Madison, followed by another forearm, before she whips Madison to a nearby corner, clotheslining her against it. Madison counters a running bulldog by throwing Alicia over to the ropes. Alicia walks into Madison’s kick, followed by a huge big boot which sends Alicia crashing to the mat. Madison covers, but Alicia keeps fighting, kicking out again at two, resulting in a near fall. Madison gets angry at Hebner over the result, and becomes the target of Alicia’s DDT, which gets Alicia a near fall. Alicia follows a wounded Madison onto the apron, spearing her. A Fired up Alicia heads back to the ring, caught in a surprise roll up by Madison. Madison pins Alicia to win, advancing to the Queen of the Knockouts ending gauntlet.

(Alicia/Alexxis Neveah vs Madison Rayne)

angelina love 504

2. Angelina Love vs Thea Trinidad (Rosita)

The Second Match of the Show sees a Former Knockout return to the company for a one night showing as Thea Trinidad, formerly known as Rosita, faces a Knockout who was there during her own time, Angelina Love. Angelina is joined by former manager Jesse Godderz for this particular match and upon heading to the ring, chants are already ringing out for Thea.

Angelina viciously shoves Thea to the mat following the opening lock up. She does the same for a second time and Thea gets back up, tempting Angelina into battle and kicking her midsection before capturing the Knockout in a side headlock. Angelina prevents Thea choking her out and reverses into her own side headlock. Thea elbows Angelina a few times before Angelina takes to the ropes, elbowing Thea back to the mat on her way back. Thea fires back with multiple arm drags, followed by a low dropkick and side DDT. Thea gets a near fall on Angelina. Thea strikes with forearms again before Jesse attempts to distract by the ropes. Thea takes notice, allowing Angelina to charge in and hit from behind. Angelina chokes Thea against the ropes before sending her back to the mat for her pin attempt, a near fall like Thea’s.

Thea tries to wind down Angelina with forearms again but Angelina comes back with her own. Angelina executes a backbreaker and slam to get her another near fall. Angelina applies a unique choke using Theas hair, breaking at the refs count of four. Angelina attempts lifting Thea from the mat for a suplex, but Thea stands her ground before rolling Angelina into a schoolgirl package for a near fall. Angelina hits back with a huge clothesline within moments. Angelina returns to pinning Thea, getting another near fall. Angelina throws Thea face first into the corner turnbuckle, followed by a snapmare. Angelina follows with a flip cutter and showboats to a Pro Thea Audience before applying a leg scissor. Thea pushes Angelina onto her back for a near fall as part of a reversal.

Thea breaks loose, but doesn’t escape the punch from Angelina that follows. Angelina whips Thea to the corner, but Thea sees Angelina’s next offense coming, moving out of the corner as she charges toward it. Thea gathers momentum, taking Angelina down with a number of clotheslines. Thea follows with a back elbow and jawbreaker and kick to the 6x Knockouts Champion, enough to get her a near fall again. Angelina knees Thea in her midsection, and attempts to clothesline her, but Thea pulls a Melina and uses her flexibility to avoid her attack, before hitting a kick and mistimed running bulldog. Thea kicks Angelina a few times rather than try pin, and sends her to the corner, before perfecting the earlier running bulldog with a second execution. Thea pulls Angelina somewhat toward the corner, hitting a top rope moonsault. Thea looks for the win there but instead Jesse is causing trouble, getting the attention of the ref on the apron. However Crazy Steve of the Menagerie emerges in light of the feud they were having at the time, pulling the heel athlete from the apron. Angelina gets angry over the outside issue, allowing Thea to hit from behind, sending Angelina into Jesse. Angelina only just reaches the ring, but doesn’t make it back for the count of ten, thus Thea is the first “Rookie” advancing to the Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet.

(Angelina Love w/ Jesse Godderz vs Thea Trinidad/Rosita feat Crazy Steve)

gail kim 1044

3. Gail Kim vs Laura Dennis (Cherry Bomb)

The Third Match of this Knockouts Pay Per View sees one of the most critically acclaimed female wrestlers in Canada, Cherry Bomb, being referred to for this show as Laura Dennis, take on a fellow Canadian in former Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. Gail takes to the mic before the match, putting over the competitor beforehand, referencing the match they had had before during Gail’s open challenge back in 2013, admitting to having an attitude problem back in them days having been a heel, but she will give her respect as a fellow Canadian and fellow women’s wrestler. Gail reminds Laura lastly that she is not one to back down from a challenge. Gail offers a handshake to the fellow Canadian on the bell but gets met by a clothesline from Laura, who goes fully heel from then on.

Laura throws some vicious forearms at a shocked Gail against the mat, and follows by throwing Gail to the corner. Laura kicks her a few times before sending her to the opposite corner. Gail floats in the corner, avoiding the oncoming offense by Laura, and scores some forearms. Gail clotheslines Laura and darts into the pin attempt, getting the first near fall of the match. Gail follows with more forearms, before her whip gets reversed. Laura misses a splash in the corner when Gail moves to the apron. Laura’s attempt to send her head first into the turnbuckle falls flat, and a counter from Gail sends her into it instead. Gail then takes advantage by locking in the figure four leg-lock from outside the ring. Laura sells the hurt leg at ringside before Gail sends her to the floor with a flying cross-body.

Gail returns to the ring, attempting to scale the turnbuckles when Laura begins to crawl up the ramp, begging for no altercation. Gail has seen enough and heads up the ramp, hitting some forearms to Laura as she leads her down to ringside. Gail launches her back into the ring, but as she makes her way back inside, Laura attacks Gail. Laura goes to cover Gail and gets a near fall. Laura continues her offense with back elbows and a low dropkick near the ropes to Gail. Laura chokes her against the ropes then paces to the outside, drop-kicking her on the apron. Laura gets another near fall for her efforts.

Gail counters Laura’s next offense into a single leg crab. After Releasing she attempts to target the same leg again but Laura kicks her away. Laura attempts to get some retribution for earlier, teasing using the figure four used by Gail on the ring post but Gail kicks her into the steel barricade. Gail then sends Laura back first into the apron, leaving both ladies down on the outside floor. Laura is first back in the ring, her attempt to prevent Gail climbing back in falling flat when she knocks her to the mat. Gail punches Laura against the corner multiple times before clotheslining her in the opposite corner. Gail rolls up Laura for another near fall.

Gail hits a diving cross-body off the turnbuckle to Laura for a near fall. Gail attempts to finish with Eat Defeat but Laura counters. Laura attempts to take advantage by attempting to pin Gail, also placing both of her feet on the ropes but Gail kicks out of the illegal pin regardless. Gail reverses Laura’s backbreaker attempt and kicks her before executing eat defeat. Gail defeats Laura to join fellow Knockout Madison and the Victorious Thea Trinidad in the later Gauntlet.

(Laura Dennis vs Gail Kim)

kos knockdown 3 solo vs havok

4. Havok vs Solo Darling

Solo Darling probably has the most frightening of challenges next against (possibly now Alumni) Havok. The Bubbly hopeful contender is out first, before coming face to face with the intimidating former Knockouts Champion.

When the bell rings Solo realizes how big an opponent Havok is as to dodge her clotheslines to avoid any collision with the monstrous Knockout. Solo continues to duck the offense by Havok, attempting to climb underneath her before Havok clutches her foot. Solo throws a couple of punches and escapes her grip, taking to the ropes afterward, only to be sent down by a clothesline. Solo soon gets to her feet, ducking offense once again before realizing she cant arm drag Havok, who easily stands her ground. Solo boots her in the midsection and follows with a flurry of axe handles. Solos momentum is soon brought down via another big clothesline from Havok. Havok kicks Solo about, and Solo tries to cling to Havok to regain balance, while also throwing elbows. Havok comes back twice as hard and is soon beating down on Solo while she is placed against the mat. Havok tosses the weakened Solo around the ring with ease.

Solo sells a vicious chop from Havok to her chest against the corner. Havok continues the cruel assault to Solo as she throws her into an opposite corner. After throwing her into the corner with such force, Havok applies a stretch hold to Solo near to the ring center. Solo seems to fade, evident as she takes the backbreaker which follows. Havok throws her back to the mat, before launching her into the bottom turnbuckle in a nearby corner, choking her against it with her foot. Solo is completely wiped out following two huge kicks in the corner by Havok. All of a sudden, as Havok turns the attention back to Solo, she springs back into action with a load of punches to Havok against the corner.

Solo follows up with a dropkick and begins positioning herself on the turnbuckles, starting to hit punches to Havok, continuing as she sees herself being lifted from the corner via Havoks sheer strength. Solo cleverly reverses into a hurricanrana that sends Havok to the mat. Solo dropkicks Havok and attempts to pin, but Havok is out at the count of one. Solo ducks under the clothesline attempt from Havok, kicking Havok away as she charges towards her as she positions in the corner. Solo dives off the turnbuckles but into Havoks clutches. Havok nails a finishing clothesline to Solo to win the match, and the most imposing Knockout is now a contender for the Gauntlet, joining the former rival Gail Kim.

Havoks celebration is most certainly short lived as the constant crunches from Kong’s Entrance Theme start to play. Havok, not amused by the teases, demands to meet Kong in the ring tonight.

(Havok vs Solo Darling)

taryn 472

5. Taryn Terrell vs Su Yung

Next in the Upcoming Clashes is a familiar face Su Yung of Shine Wrestling’s Valkyrie Stable taking on the then babyface Knockouts Champion turned Heel Mastermind of the Dollhouse Taryn Terrell. Su is elated to see Taryn standing before her upon her arrival, and shows her excitement for having to face her, addressing Taryn as one of her favorite Knockouts. Su promises to show her worth to Taryn and puts down the mic to signal the beginning of the in ring action.

A Lock up soon leads to Taryn getting Su caught in a side headlock as part of a reversal. Su throws Taryn to the ropes to counter, but Taryn fires back with an elbow to send down Su. Taryn hits the ropes then reverses an attempted arm drag from Su into her own. Another arm drag then leads to Su crawling over to the ropes. Regardless of the hurting, she manages to make her way to Taryn for a handshake, seeming pleased by the overall turn out of the match, before locking up with Taryn once more.

Su places Taryn in a waistlock, and again Taryn counters it. Taryn places Su in a side headlock, and Su throws her to the ropes. Taryn dodges a clothesline from Su and manages to execute some arm drags to Su, dominating once more. Su Rolls out to take a breather, selling the damage caused from the match, and eventually makes her way back into the ring. Su Shakes Hands with Taryn once again then they go back to locking up, with Su gaining the advantage early with another side headlock. Taryn sends her into the corner then dropkicks her. Taryn sends Su out of the corner and once again has her in the side headlock, then grapples with Su near the ropes. Su then unleashes the darker side of her with a hard forearm out of nowhere.

Su throws Taryn viciously to the corner, and knees her before applying a waistlock. Su positions Taryn against the turnbuckles after placing her atop the top one. Su hoists Taryn’s upper body upwards, allowing her to hit high knees to the back of a defenseless Taryn. Su runs the ropes then nails a dropkick to Taryn as she remains positioned in the corner. Su then carries on the vicious streak as she dropkicks Taryn to ringside.

Su throws Taryn back to the ring before climbing the corner turnbuckles. She showboats, but this proves costly as it allows Taryn to bounce back with some forearms to Su as she hangs on the turnbuckle. Taryn throws Su off and to the mat, resting up in the corner before managing to avoid Su’s clothesline. Taryn hits a clothesline and elbow smash, followed by another clothesline, and she executes a clothesline from the second rope. Taryn positions on the turnbuckle again, hitting a missile dropkick after awaiting for Su to get on her feet. Taryn goes to pin Su but gets a near fall.

Taryn suplexes Su and signals to the crowd before making her way back to the corner turnbuckles. Taryn nails a diving cross-body to Su off the top turnbuckle for another near fall. Su blocks the ace crusher attempt from Taryn, hoisting the once Knockouts Champ onto her back, possibly signalling for the Samoan Drop but Taryn breaks off. Taryn connects for the second time around with the ace crusher to properly finish Su, pinning her to win the match.

(Su Yung vs Taryn Terrell)

mia yim 74

6. Brooke vs Mia Yim (Jade)

As we wind down to the finishing Gauntlet, still to compete amongst some others, we see Brooke competing against Mia Yim (then to be signed to the company to appear as Jade of the Dollhouse). As acknowledged by JB, Mia is indeed now under the guise of Jade in TNA, making this more or less a Knockout vs Knockout Match as Mia heads to the ring. This is Also Mia’s 3rd Knockouts PPV for her to attend. Brooke, now the Knockouts Champion in accordance with TV schedule, makes her way to the ring next and this match can finally get underway.

Mia extends her hand to Brooke to offer a handshake, but much like Laura Dennis, has tricks up her sleeve so to speak, luring Brooke in then attacking her. Mia forearms Brooke into the corner and whips her before Brooke comes back with a head scissor take-down. Brooke ducks under the legs of Mia then clotheslines her. Brooke attempts a running cross-body but Mia grabs her midway. Mia nails a Fallaway Slam to Brooke and this gets her a near fall in the first pin attempt of the match.

Mia hits some forearms to Brooke while grounding her against the mat. Mia then insults Brooke in heel fashion by shaking her rear in her face before kneeing her in the back. Mia applies a chinlock to Brooke, then tries to pin her, but Brooke kicks out at one. Mia faceplants Brooke in the corner to continue her assault, choking her against the top turnbuckle with her foot. Mia attempts a high knee in the corner but Brooke moves in the nick of time to avoid taking the hit. Brooke connects with a clothesline to Mia and taunts, taking a attack from behind from Mia as she least suspects. Mia applies her own variation of the surfboard submission which Brooke counters to get a near fall.

Mia hits back instantly with a kick to the head. Mia Suplexes Brooke to get a near fall. Mia attempts the rolling senton to Brooke in the corner, but Brooke recovers quick enough and moves out of the target zone to avoid another round of Mia’s offense. Brooke connects with a load of forearms to Mia and a clothesline to top. Brooke hits another clothesline as well as a flying forearm and DDT. Brooke climbs to the top turnbuckle and nails a hurricanrana mid flight to Mia. Brooke stink-faces Mia in the corner and showboats to the crowd, but Mia sneaks in from behind and gets her attention. Brooke blocks a sneaky kick from Mia and nails her finishing Butter-face Maker for the three count. Brooke is the next qualifier in the Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet.

(Mia Yim/Jade vs Brooke)

kharma 84

7. Awesome Kong vs Mary Kate (Rosie Lottalove)

In the Final Singles bout, it is Mary Kate, Named Andrea Now on the Indies and formerly TNA Knockout Rosie Lottalove facing another Imposing Knockout in Awesome Kong. Both make their entrances, with the addition of a pre taped promo from Mary Kate, before this match can begin.

Mary and Kong lock up, and engage in a short stare-down. Kong immediately fires back elbows to Mary, before Mary charges over, attempting to possibly lift Kong as she clutches her in a waistlock. Kong uses her strength to try and prize Marys hands apart, but Mary hits a back elbow. It doesn’t seem to do much, and the two engage in another stare-down before locking hands. Kong attacks the targeted arm before Mary stomps on one of her feet. The Two go back and forth on chops then Mary prizes the hair of Kong in her hands, and the taunting that follows becomes costly when it allows Kong to break free from her by hitting with her arm. Kong nails forearms to Mary before Mary forcefully pulls her into a nearby corner.

Mary aims forearms to Kong before she clutches her by her throat in retaliation. Kong hits a barrage of elbows and the impact forces Mary into another corner. Kong attacks the chest of Mary before Mary pokes at the eye of Kong in an indeed heel maneuver. A Dropkick by Mary sends Kong to the mat, and she takes kicks in the corner from Mary. Mary positions by the apron, yanking at the hair of Kong, pulling it against the ring rope. Mary returns back to the ring as demanded, and she slams her rear into the front of Kong in the corner. Mary kicks at Kong before dragging her from the corner, attempting a pin but getting only a one count.

Kong comes back from out of nowhere with a load of fists. Kong splashes Mary in the middle of the ring before ridding of her large fist gloves. Kong avoids a clothesline, countering into a chokeslam, and she pins Mary in the last qualifying match, moving onto the gauntlet. Before she can think ahead to that Gauntlet Match, Havok stomps down to ringside to engage in a fight with Kong, separated by referees and more.

(Mary Kate vs Awesome Kong)

angelina love 505

8. Knux, Crazy Steve and Rebel vs Jessie Godderz, Robbie E and Angelina Love

But before we can jump to the final match, the Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet, via a challenge made earlier in the show, The BroMans join Angelina Love in Mixed Tag Team Action against The Menageries Knux, Crazy Steve and Rebel as part of a rivalry that was ongoing at the time. The Match is contested under elimination rules.

Robbie opens the match against Knux to some antagonistic crowd chants towards Robbie. Jesse also works the match, dominated by Steve, eventually leading Jesse into retreat, tagging Angelina in. Also stepping into the ring following a tag is Rebel, who takes a kick from the villainous Angelina after missing an attempted clothesline. Angelina forwards Rebel to the ropes after some forearms, whipping her into an arm drag. Angelina dashes into a pin attempt on the Menagerie Valet and she gets a near fall. Angelina fires a kick at Rebel then chokes her against the mat, demanded to release by the referee before attempting a pin again. Rebel kicks out at two, resulting in another near fall on Rebel by Angelina.

Angelina knees Rebel then takes to the ropes, hitting another knee. Angelina screams over to Rebels Menagerie Pals before taunting. Angelina whips Rebel from one corner to another, then charges towards Rebel, running into her boot. Rebel knocks her off then comes running in with a clothesline and back elbow to Angelina. After a kick she scoop slams Angelina, then positions on the turnbuckles, connecting with the split leg drop to Angelina. Rebel pins Angelina to eliminate her, celebrating with the crowd who seem elated, until Jesse runs in suddenly to roll up Rebel and eliminate her from the equation. Despite that, the Menagerie go on to win the match.

(The BroMans and Angelina Love w/ DJ Z vs Knux, Crazy Steve and Rebel)

kharma 85

9. Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet

Per the Rules, the Victors of each match minus the previous mixed tag would move on to compete in the ending Knockouts Gauntlet to crown this Years Queen of the Knockouts. Participating would be Madison Rayne, Thea Trinidad, Gail Kim, Havok, Awesome Kong, Taryn Terrell and Brooke. The Match would see Havok clashing with Awesome Kong in the final minutes, with Kong emerging victorious over her long time rival to take this years Queen of the Knockouts Crown.

(Knockouts Knockdown Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet Match)

– Catherine


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