WWE RAW RESULTS: Beat The Clock Challenge Culmination May Present Future Surprises for the “Strong” Faction (August, 31st 2015)

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Hello Everyone and welcome to a both interesting and intriguing episode of RAW in terms of storyline build for the female athletes (aka the Divas) of WWE. Though the WWE introduced to us recently the first ever Divas Beat the Clock Challenge with the Idea of crowning a new number one contender, it may have arguably been just to present the usual short timed matches, but with the plus of some storyline build. Speaking of build, after weeks of back and forth cat-fights, the storied feud between Lana and Summer Rae took a more personal turn this week. Lets Get Right to it!

But first Lana and Summer Rae are on display to kick off diva appearances of the night, managing their respective wrestlers in an insane Summerslam Rematch. The Result is clearly a DQ ending when Summer attacks Ziggler as he looks close to victory. This leads to another scrap between Lana and Summer.

The Intrigue of who will be Team PCBs opposition for the Beat the Clock Challenge kicks off in the first match with the revelation after a Promo from Nikki Bella to hype the days coming until she surpasses the reign of AJ Lee, that Alicia Fox will challenge the first hopeful contender, Becky Lynch. The Rule of the Challenge simply puts that the winner with the shortest match time will face Nikki Bella for her title at Night of Champions.

Becky clutches the waist of Alicia to begin, before trying to roll her up quickly. Alicia manages to kick out at a count of one. Becky trips Alicia, attempting a second desperate pin, only to get the same result. Becky dodges an attempt from Fox to trip her onto the mat, but Alicia counters with a snapmare quickly into a pin, but Becky raises herself from the mat before attempting another pin on Alicia. Becky gets a near fall on Alicia. Alicia ties Becky in a waistlock but Becky counters into an armbar, grounding her to the mat. Alicia tries using the ropes to avoid the next load of offense from Becky.

Alicia quickly heads back to the ring, and she boots Becky. Alicia goes for another pin, and she gets another near fall on Becky. Alicia tosses Becky from one side of the ring and to the other, stepping also on her fingers. Alicia continues the relentless assault as she chokes Becky against the ropes. Becky tries a surprise roll up, to no avail, as Alicia again avoids getting pinned, kicking out at the count of two. Alicia nails a dropkick to Becky to retaliate. Following a near fall, Alicia locks Becky in a side headlock. Becky struggles for a bit, but eventually counters with an arm drag.

Becky fires some elbows and a clothesline to start her comeback. Becky hits one last dropkick before going to pin Alicia, leading to another near fall. Becky kicks Alicia against the corner before nailing a T Bone Suplex. Becky heads to the middle of the ring to try pin Alicia, only getting a near fall once again. Alicia reverses Becky’s next offense into a roll up for another near fall, but within moments Becky surprisingly locks in her finishing disarmer on Alicia. Alicia Taps to award Becky the win, sealing Becky’s winning time at 3 Minutes and 21 Seconds, which Paige and Charlotte have to best.

Renee is backstage to interview Dolph, who sounds off on the earlier match before heading into his room. Without Renee noticing, Summer sneakily sneaks into Dolph’s room, and only later can we find out what happens next…

The Second Match of the Beat the Clock Challenge soon gets underway with Charlotte, joined by Becky and Paige as the latter had with Becky earlier, faces Brie Bella. Alicia and Nikki are at ringside. Charlotte tries to grab Brie early, but she instantly charges to the ropes to avoid her. Brie hits a forearm then tries ducking away from Charlotte’s offense again. Charlotte tries to take the legs of Brie and throw her off, but she gets kicked away. Brie tries avoiding for the third time, and continues to use the ropes to avoid an attack from Charlotte. Brie eventually runs to the outside. Charlotte has had enough and chases Brie around ringside, and Brie knocks her down. Brie crawls back to the ring as the referee begins counting out Charlotte.

Charlotte climbs the apron, forearming Brie after blocking her offense. Charlotte avoids the clothesline attempt by Brie, then takes her down to the mat. Charlotte tries locking in her figure four early, but Brie clutches the ropes. Brie kicks the knee of Charlotte, then Charlotte fires back with a standing neckbreaker. Charlotte hits the returning Natural Selection to a weakened Brie within moments, and pins her. Charlotte secures a time of 1.40 to overcome Becky’s, leaving her in the running for the contendership.

Renee is back to interview Ryback, who makes a few hilarious impressions of Miz and Big Show, before we hear Summer cackling in the background. The Valet of Rusev is shown bolting from Dolphs room laughing and Dolph has nothing on but a towel. Nobody knows whats going on.

In the Finale of the Beat the Clock Challenge Paige will face last weeks absent diva, Sasha Banks, who is joined by the fellow Team BAD Members Naomi and Tamina. Paige, having the hardest time to beat, takes Sasha down instantly, attempting the first pin but Sasha is quick to kick out. Sasha trips a charging Paige into the corner, then drops her back first onto the mat, followed by a pin attempt. Sasha gets a near fall on Paige.

Sasha whips Paige and Paige floats over Sasha’s shoulders. Paige reverses a pin attempt by Sasha into her own, but Sasha swiftly kicks out at one. Paige avoids a clothesline and rolls up Sasha once again, getting her a near fall on Sasha. Sasha knocks away Paige and attempts a pin, leading to another near fall. Sasha attempts to send Paige head first into the corner but Paige reverses, sending Sasha to the nearby corner instead. Paige nails a high knee then throws Sasha from the corner. A Hard knee from Paige only manages to get her another near fall. Paige panics as the clock reaches 34 seconds, taking some forearms by Sasha. Paige manages to haul Sasha onto her shoulders, countering a potential reversal from Sasha into the Rampaige. But she doesn’t manage to pin Sasha as instead Sasha rolls out to the outside with assistance from Tamina and Naomi. Paige tries throwing Sasha back into the ring but the clock reaches one second as she tries setting up the PTO. The Clock expires, guaranteeing Charlotte her title shot as the Bella’s arrive to stare-down the oncoming challenger to the title. Paige, however, is visibly crushed.

Lastly Renee is backstage with Lana after she walked away from a confrontation with Dolph after hearing about Summers antics. After Renee tells Lana about Summers address regarding what went down between the two, including claims that Dolph “invited her into the shower” Lana does not comment, and walks away from the interview, visibly upset.

(Rusev w/ Summer Rae vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Lana; Summerslam Rematch)

(Becky Lynch w/ Paige and Charlotte vs Alicia Fox w/ Brie Bella and Nikki Bella)

(Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox vs Charlotte w/ Paige and Becky Lynch)

(Renee Young Interviews Dolph Ziggler w/ Lana & Renee Interviews Summer Rae and Lana)

(Sasha Banks w/ Tamina and Naomi vs Paige w/ Becky Lynch and Charlotte)

Thoughts On:
Beat the Clock Challenge: At First i thought Paige and Charlotte would tie to go onto Night of Champions to challenge Nikki, but as the night went on and on, and the moment i realized Sasha was facing Paige i had a feeling Team BADs involvement would overall cost Paige, and as much as id prefer someone else getting the contendership spot over Charlotte, im ultimately fine with it as long as Paige either turns heel on Charlotte at or after Night of Champions, if that is the road they are taking. At the Moment, it feels like Nikki will retain via an intentional or accidental intervention from Paige, continuing the reign that is obviously being broken, but i just hope the hug between Charlotte and Paige wasn’t a legit tease of continuing to keep PCB together because they are lacking chemistry and it will quash all hopes of an actual storyline at this point. Also, if Nikki does retain, what does it mean for the hopeful Paige/Charlotte feud and will they be willing to add Sasha to the mix, when it feels they are already losing ideas for her and her faction overall, just placing them somewhere as an actual placement with little meaning.

Lana/Summer: After another cat-fight between Lana and Summer, i legit thought that was all we were going to see of the two from RAW but luckily they’ve started to turn the storyline in a more personal direction with Summer objecting to “flirtatious” behavior from Dolph in what is ultimately a heel move because if Dolph had asked to meet her surely he would have been shown on camera heading into the room with her. I Do Like the new direction of the storyline in what feels like it is more about the animosity between Lana and Summer, hopefully teasing a singles match rather than a mixed tag, so i cant wait to see what Lana does next.

– Catherine

2 Responses to “WWE RAW RESULTS: Beat The Clock Challenge Culmination May Present Future Surprises for the “Strong” Faction (August, 31st 2015)”
  1. I’m guessing the ‘beat the clock’ challenge was WWE’s response to Raw last week but it was one of the most pathetic things they have ever done. It was an obvious and total burial of Paige, there is no other word for it.

    They give Charlotte and Becky squash matches against jobbers leaving Paige with 1:40 to beat Sasha which is so flipping dumb and insulting. What was the point? Yes, Charlotte was obviously going to win for no reason other than, you know, Flair…. but to crap all over Paige (again) at the same time was unnecessary and complete nonsense.

    There was no attempt at making it close or competitive or even fair. They couldn’t even put Paige and Sasha on first so we at least got a proper match because Paige can’t win and Sasha can’t lose. I mean, why bother at all? It was a complete waste of everyone’s time and is utter rubbish..
    Paige clearly wasn’t happy and I don’t blame her, i’d be furious at best if I was her.

    The whole thing was a random, last minute affair and then hyped up as ‘the first ever diva’s beat the clock challenge’ but in the end we got 6 mins of wrestling…. WTH?! That does no-one any good at all. TOTAL, UTTER, JOKE.

    It just makes this revolution out to be even more dumb than it already is. Looks increasingly like the Whole point of it was to help Nikki break AJ’s record and then give the title to Charlotte, who has had no development, no build as a singles wrestler, nothing. Yet because of her daddy she gets preferential treatment.

    Now WWE will no doubt find a way to shoehorn Sasha into the NOC match and, again, it’s a joke as it should be Paige. She had 7 months of crap, of jobbing to the Bellas, of being teased as champion and now she has nothing to show for it. No payoff, no title win at last. Nothing. She’s never been a part of the revolution and now we have final, absolute proof. She was only there to make up the numbers because only NXT divas matter now.

    • I Can See Your Point. I Do Like all the Divas but it can be certified this Revolution as they like to call it was wholly to stall Nikki’s reign to the breakage day point and to put over Charlotte, while a potential contender in Sasha Banks has quickly lost momentum because the failing creative team are waiting for something to do while this Charlotte/Nikki feud prolongs, which is why bringing up so many women was hurtful to at least one team in the first place.
      However, i do feel as do many fans that this is ultimately to turn Paige per her reaction and the teases from last weeks Smackdown, even though i do hope this benefits Paige since her last heel run was completely different to the character we expected. Whether Paige costs Charlotte remains to be seen but regardless its going to present a rematch in the running for Charlotte which puts Team BAD (the team with the best chemistry) on the back-burner, again a creative fail.
      I Agree the match lengths could have been longer but they had to book other things on the show, which is why anyone wanting RAW shoved down to 2hrs would only hurt the divas more. But it was obvious from the start and based on whose taken the falls lately (a rumored botch pin from Naomi on Charlotte doesn’t count) who was being pushed from the start and as good as Nikki is in ring wise, the reign has been prolonged with a feeling of spite from WWE over AJ taking her leave, making the company look petty because they are having Nikki surpass to remove AJ from the history books just because of her decision to move on in life. The Sad thing is Nikki has been rumored to be injured for months now with a separated shoulder and needs time off ASAP before she legit breaks something else in the ring because shes been working hard for months, even if the feuds have been same old same old, but Vince’s hesitance to keep AJ in the record books by keeping the title on someone AJ apparently had heat with shows, and because WWE see the Bella’s as marketable due to being the “stars” of Total Divas. They will probably have Nikki surpass and get her reaction on the show without any reference to the real reason for the record breaking because Total Divas doesn’t present real backstage heat anyways, just storylines to present pettiness with divas who aren’t even originally exerting that kind of behavior, taking Summer and her role on TD for example.
      Theres no doubt by or after NOC Charlotte will be champion anyways and even if we get good matches, we need storylines and different challengers than just Charlotte defending against Paige and Nikki multiple times while Becky (and Sasha possibly) get lost in the shuffle like Naomi has (once again). I Was Worried when Sasha came up that is was too soon, even if it presented Bayley a should be incredible title reign, and the recent forced push of PCB (or Charlotte more or less) seems to have proven the point sadly that she should have stayed in NXT a little longer because some time ago they were all preaching on twitter about how the “game will change” when they come up and look whats happened. PCB has been forced from the start. Paige and Charlotte have had legit heat on each other on twitter beforehand and Becky has been changed to a less serious persona compared to what was seen on NXT. The Whole Friendship thing between the three needs to end and as soon as possible to present a personal feud between Paige and Charlotte over Paige’s remarks months ago over how Charlotte wasn’t ready, but i have a feeling even if they do attempt that direction they will protect Charlotte again. Since the whole tag direction started Paige hasn’t been over with the crowd like she once was, and people have been chanting for Sasha when Charlotte is in the ring, and remarks on NXTs Facebook page prove further the fans want Sasha and can see through the forced BS the WWE is presenting us. Sadly WWE think lengthier matches is enough to maintain focus on the divas but a story is needed to help fans get behind whoevers in the ring, especially if they don’t watch NXT. How will people watching RAW for the first time understand the focuses and goals of PCB first time if all they are doing is advancing in victories every week?
      But Yes this “Revolution” does seem to completely be about the NXT Divas (or again Charlotte) and it has debatedly been a slap in the face to other main roster divas wanting and waiting for opportunities. Emma sent down to NXT because they cant even grant her a feud with Paige because the “merch sellers” have to be at the top of the pinnacle, Cameron (who has come a long way in the ring) tweeted about taking time off to perfect her character and is now begging on twitter to return which is obviously due to creative resistance, Naomi should have originally overcame the odds and had the title at EC but Vince apparently reversed the decision, Tamina hasn’t even had a title reign yet and divas like her and Natalya, you would think they would be at least into a 3rd reign or close enough by now based on their longevity. Summer and Emma could have aligned with Paige a few months back as they teased on twitter but again like Emma and Nattie recently, teasing leads to nothing because WWE simply are picky on who to push, no matter how valuable they are to their fan-base. We Could get #GiveALLMainRosterDivasAChance trending but i doubt anyone will join because any recent trends haven’t had an impact like the fallen GDAC movement but as much as the NOC match will be good, i do agree this is the “change” we didn’t want, WWE bringing up various divas to think the “game has been changed” when it has been only about Two Divas all along, Nikki (who needs to take time off) and Charlotte.

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