TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Favourite Stable Are Back to Counter the Dollhouse (September, 2nd 2015)

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Hello There Everybody and welcome to a stellar IMPACT Wrestling episode ready for review. We have now hit the month where TNA may be possibly facing cancellation, but lets take that as a rumor for the moment. To Help us forget about the dark cloud that possibly looms, TNA continue onward to progress towards its yet to be mentioned Bound for Glory Pay Per View, and more Dollhouse Shenanigans were afoot on this weeks episode, with a surprise twist.

In the Only Knockouts Moment of the night Velvet Sky heads to the ring as promised to speak her mind on what is expected to be regarding being attacked by the Dollhouse and their newest member Rebel last week. Velvet opens her speech by referencing how she has been less open since her return to IMPACT, and reflects on how the Knockouts Division has changed since she first step foot in the company. Frustrated still at what transpired last week regarding Jade, Marti and Rebel attacking her, Velvet calls out the Mastermind of the now grown Dollhouse stable, Taryn, who responds from the quiet confounds of her usual room where all her Dollhouse Plans go down.

Taryn responds to Velvet that she has been assured by her doctor to stay calm, and has some comments herself in regards to when she first came into the company, being compared to Velvet as the “Hot Girl”. Taryn says she hasn’t yet crossed paths with her in the ring, but she would destroy her on many levels, going through her impressive resume from being a movie star to working on TV to everything else, while Velvet just looks like she walked out of a “Hot Topic” store. Taryn concludes by reminding Velvet that this is still her house and now its time to play with her Dollhouse, thus Marti, Rebel and Jade emerge on the stage, striding down to the ring and ready to unleash an attack again.

Velvet says the three haven’t brought enough people to the fight before trying to take on them herself. She gets beat down easily, but before Rebel and Co can gloat, Madison Rayne and Angelina Love, all with new gear, head to the ring to make the save. Angelina chucks Marti from the ring while Madison brings the fight to Jade. Velvet clears Rebel from the ring then after Madison boots Jade, Velvet connects with a Stunner to Jade, clearing off the Dollhouse Minions Completely. Madison, with mic in hand after the onslaught is over, sarcastically says she was sorry to interrupt, but Playtime Appears to be Over, passing the mic to Angelina who states that the Dollhouse have met a new edgier, badass as well as new and improved Beautiful People.

(Velvet Sky and the Dollhouse Segment; The Beautiful People Return)

(Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Angelina Love Comment on the Beautiful People Reformation)

Thoughts on this Segment:
Its Surely Great to see the Dollhouse pick up some much needed steam with Rebels addition since the feud with Gail Kim saw them rack up too many losses, and its also great to see what some would consider a dream feud go down as the Dollhouse met the Beautiful People face to face. However, there are some elements missing to the newly introduced feud that were missed both on IMPACT and in the segment posted today. Why are Angelina and Madison suddenly hand in hand with Velvet when they were last seen picking on her? Why is Madison with Angelina when In Storyline Madison had referenced how during her last stints with the stable that Angelina heavily disrespected her? And Whats the Reason for Rebels new demeanor? It makes the whole thing feel like it was rushed together, and as much as i like Velvet, i feel she is being Favorited with this storyline, something Brooke could have been in, being the Knockouts Champion. Plus with Angelina pregnant, this rules her soon out of the feud, leaving the BPs a member short in the ring, and due to real life beef between Angelina and Brooke, who knows whether Brooke can tag with the other two. The Story is indeed there, it just doesn’t have its backstory and presents it more as rushed randomness than explanatory.

– Catherine


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