WWE NXT RESULTS: The Former Champ Stops Anothers Rise to Glory with a Major Rematch Predicament (September, 16th 2015)

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to a Major Episode of NXT, Why? Well you will never guess the groundbreaking announcement regarding the forever memorable NXT Divas Division (unless you’ve read spoilers). Bayley makes her return to NXT for the first time since her Brooklyn Title Victory and Much More..

The First Diva Appearance is rather through a vignette, promoting Asuka. Asuka, formerly Kana, was recently signed to NXT and is scheduled to make her first appearance for NXT next week to sign her contract to certify her place in the company, as clarified.

Secondly we see Devin’s Favourite Person in the World (sarcastically speaking) Dana being joined by Emma for a backstage interview with the yet-to-debut-in-the-ring diva. Devin states the two requested time to speak and Emma hurries Devin into hushing before voicing about the recent happenings in the division, Bayley being back, newcomers etc. Emma says in all these events they are missing out, so Dana and Emma have decided to shake things up and show them whose in charge. Dana adds that playtime is over before playfully tapping the head of Devin again, which Emma cracks a joke about. As Emma leaves, Dana does it again and Devin is looking more and more frustrated with the mockery every week.

In Addition, Alexa also gets the chance to drop in on Devin a little later alongside her boys Murphy and Blake to announce to the gleeful Vaudevillains that Blake and Murphy will be getting a rematch for the tag titles next week. Alexa says that her sending Blue Pants back to the “clearance rack” certifies further the chance of Blake and Murphy getting back the titles, which Murphy states is truly gratifying, to mock Simon’s earlier words. Blake seems to be figuring out words to say before blurting out Idiots to the two before walking off.

And Now to the Huge Moment of the show in which is actually the last match/segment of the night as Bayley makes her return to Full Sail, even running about in the crowd stands to celebrate with a flurry of happy fans, including her huge fan Izzy who gets to come to the ring with her to celebrate her idols big victory. Bayley helps Izzy back out of the ring before going to work her match with Sara Dobson (originally Crazy Mary Dobson of the Indies).

Sara attacks her within moments, hitting a big kick followed with a headbutt to the champ. Sara beats her down further near the ropes before Bayley attempts axe handles. Her next offense falls flat as Sara trips her onto the second rope. Sara hits a very good looking double knee drop following a cartwheel and this gets her a one count on Bayley, who kicks out. Sara kicks Bayley further before locking her in a chinlock. Sara continues the viciousness by sending Bayley crashing into the corner, kneeing her in the same corner and fending off Bayleys forearms.

Sara rolls Bayley out of the corner and locks her in a submission. Bayley uses her strength to move Sara off the mat and rushes her into the corner, with Sara hitting the corner turnbuckles back first. Two more attempts eventually lead to Sara releasing her grip on Bayley who breaks free. Bayley throws Sara to the ropes and connects with some double axe handles. Bayley hits a running shoulder tackle and running back elbow. Bayley follows with a suplex then hits the Belly to Belly Suplex for the finish to win the match.

Bayley tries to get a word in with her fans on her tremendous title win but moments in she is interrupted by the former champion Sasha Banks, who had arrived earlier on in a SUV but for intentions unknown until now. Sasha ensures Bayley she hasn’t arrived to berate her, but to congratulate her, not denying their much talked about match was a show stealer. Sasha says all she has heard about how it was categorically match of the year and even one of the greatest matches the company has had, and that’s great for everyone but her, because shes in NXT to be the best, because even though Bayley earned her respect by being great, it was just for that night that she was better than her. Sasha says due to Bayley beating her and being better than her for those 3 seconds she has a bigger point to prove to the now champion, and Bayley hits back, saying Sasha isn’t the only woman who has a point to prove. Bayley says she has a legacy to begin and has no problem if Sasha is asking for a rematch.

Sasha says she doesn’t want the match to be tonight, or even a week later like Bayley suggests, because like she said she has a point to prove to the others in the back that she is the best. Bayley asks if Sasha wants to send a message that she is the best women’s wrestler, if she wants a 2 out of 3 falls match, and Sasha cuts her off. Sasha says it isn’t about beating her once or twice, but again and again until everyone out there realizes what Bayley is trying not to portray, a fairytale having a bad ending. Amongst the exchange, out comes a very smiley William Regal and the NXT General Manager cannot hold that smile as he announces that the two will not only duke it out at the Next Takeover Show on October 7th, but the match will also headline the pay per view, as a 30 Minute Iron Man Match. The Crowd goes into complete uproar in a great way as Sasha is left to stare out her opponent with a smile across her face before leaving the ring upon the major announcement.

(Asuka Vignette)

(Alexa Bliss, Blake and Murphy and the Vaudevillains Backstage Segment)

(Emma, Dana Brooke and Devin Taylor Backstage Segment)

(Bayley vs Sara Dobson feat Sasha Banks)

Thoughts On:
Dana/Emma/Devin: It seems upon Asukas arrival in WWE that storylines have been quickly reversed since the new tapings. Emma and Dana are back together without even a spoken reconciliation with no tease of Emma being angry at her and it also seems forgotten about Emma’s Brooklyn victory and that they want to erase it due to a “botch” she played no part in. I’m also waiting to see when Emma will cut serious, non jokey heel promos and wasn’t a fan of Dana’s promo this week either but i still want to know when NXT actually intend on putting Devin back in an NXT ring.

Bayley/Sara/Sasha: I Particularly enjoyed the match between Sara and Bayley based on the fact Sara retained her indy gimmick and also looked particularly strong, in fact strong for much of the match like a future legit contender. However the win was expected, and i am absolutely blown away for what would follow after. Sasha, no doubt one of the best talkers in WWE right now, could have of course got her rematch clause but upon the falsified rumors that Dana was next in line, which may have been true based on last weeks quickly nixed developments, or false indeed due to Dana and Eva being nitpicked as the haters targets out of all in the division, were quickly shuffled to give Sasha an even bigger sendoff in a match expected to top the big match from before. I Honestly thought no match would top the twos match at NXT Takeover Brooklyn, but based on the stipulation i deem it very much a reality and i am so excited. With matches now getting stipulations and the legitimacy of the performances of the divas at Takeover events continuing, how much longer before Vince and Co can open their eyes to shuffle away from the Non Women’s Wrestling Believer in Dunn and allow the Main Roster Divas to shine to such a level that the likes of Lita, Victoria and Trish could do in cage matches and so years ago etc? The Divas on the Main Roster may be picking up steam right now but they need these type of performances, development and importance on a regular basis so fans can be constantly overturned on the portrayal of women on the main roster.

– Catherine

2 Responses to “WWE NXT RESULTS: The Former Champ Stops Anothers Rise to Glory with a Major Rematch Predicament (September, 16th 2015)”
  1. The women deserve to main event, not only in NXT but on Raw and Smackdown as well. Otherwise, there’s no revolution at all

    • I Agree on that. It depends on Vinces willingness but sadly he still has some if not all influence over booking but even if HHH took over maybe the main event booking would only go to those who are either NXT Alumni or on TD but Who Knows??

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