TNA IMPACT RESULTS: TNA Tell the Global Force To Stick It On A Night of Brand Victories (September, 16th 2015)

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Greetings Wrestling Fans and welcome to this weeks IMPACT Report, reporting on a Four Way Knockouts Title Match that has arguably caused a frenzy for some on Social Media as Brooke, just one week after battling Gail Kim with her Championship on the line would be thrown into the pit again, defending not only against her previous challenger but the ongoing foes of Awesome Kong and Global Force Wrestling’s Hench Lady, LeiD Tapa.

Unfortunately TNAs Resident Ninja didn’t get a shown entrance this week, neither did her rival in Kong or even LeiD Tapa as all three competitors are perched in the ring as the proud fighting Knockouts Champion Brooke is shown heading to the ring to battle against the three. Following the Prideful Champs entrance, the bell rings and Gail and Brooke work against the much bigger opponents Tapa and Kong. Kong and Tapa choke out Brooke and Gail simultaneously and send the two falling to the mat before an aggressive stare-down leads to the two trading elbows. Kong chops at Tapa, who fires back with plenty forearms, taking over in the corner before Gail attempts attacking her. Brooke joins in on the assault to Tapa, both targeting Tapas legs. Kong lunges at Tapa with a clothesline following Gail’s offense, and Brooke and Gail work greatly in sending Tapa to ringside.

We Return to see Gail firing a flurry of kicks at Kong in the corner. Kong attempts to send Gail to the outside, but she hangs on. Gail sees Tapa coming and tries connecting with a 619 by the ring post but Tapa catches her in her arms. Tapa drops Gail jaw first into the barricade at ringside. Tapa tries to enter the ring as Kong stares her down and Brooke takes advantage, shoving Kong into Tapa and knocking Tapa from the apron to the ground below. Brooke charges at Kong but ends up being knocked down in her effort. Kong leaves Brooke behind and awaits Tapa, who tries to get on her feet at ringside and dives onto her. Gail joins in the ringside action and she dives onto Kong, and a healed Brooke scales the turnbuckles in the ring to get her say, and she leaps onto Gail, taking her out. Tapa throws forearms at Kong upon her recovery up the ramp while Brooke rolls Gail back into the ring. Brooke rolls up Gail for a near fall.

Brooke lunges forearm after forearm at Gail in the corner before whipping her over to the opposite. Brooke charges within moments but Gail floats over her, but Brooke remains steady rather than connect with the turnbuckles, and she counters the potential head-scissor from Gail. Brooke connects with a head-scissor take-down, following with a side Russian Leg Sweep to get the second near fall of the match. Brooke continues her attempt to wear down Gail, getting her to her feet before sending her to the corner. Before Brooke can hit offense in the corner she runs into Gail’s big boot. Gail takes Brooke down with a clothesline, hits a forearm then whips her into the corner. Gail splashes Brooke against the corner, then attempts an outside figure four but Brooke sends her back. Tapa, who was recovering nearby, grabs the leg of Brooke but Kong comes in. Kong attempts to attack Tapa but she steps away and Kong ends up elbowing Brooke to the ground. Gail and Tapa head to the ring.

Tapa quickly boots Kong from the apron before taking a few kicks from Gail. Gail clotheslines Tapa against the corner then attempts to splash her in the corner but just as its about to connect, Tapa clutches her. Tapa scoops her out of the corner and drops her in the middle of the six sided ring. Tapa continuously taunts as Gail uses Tapas body to try get on her feet. Tapa looks for her finishing move but Gail slips off her back and hits a kick from behind. Gail continues to kick at Tapa, and follows with a dropkick. Gail starts to climb to the top rope but is stopped as Tapa hits a forearm to stall her. Tapa connects with a huge suplex off the second rope to Gail, and Kong, also positioned on the nearby turnbuckle, splashes Tapa rather than earlier target Brooke. Speaking of Brooke, the Knockouts Champ climbs the same turnbuckles, viewing the in ring carnage before nailing an elbow drop off the top turnbuckle to Kong.

All Ladies attempt to make it to their feet and Brooke begins the recovery assault by hitting forearms at Kong. Kong raises Brooke over her shoulders, but Gail rolls up Kong and Brooke at the same time for a near fall. Gail and Brooke turn and take a double clothesline from Tapa. Tapa then taunts Kong and pulls her by her hair, raising her onto her shoulders to attempt her finisher but Gail strikes with kicks to Tapa while also managing to move her to the ropes. Tapa stumbles and Kong slips off her back, falling to ringside. Brooke hits a running dropkick that also sends Tapa away. Brooke takes a kick off Gail and Gail sets up for Eat Defeat. Brooke counters, connecting with a kick to Gail’s midsection before attempting to roll her up. Gail counters into her own pin attempt and pins the champ. Gail Wins and Is the New Knockouts Champion.

Also in Other Appearances, the Evil Corporates of Global Force Wrestling Jeff and Karen join TNA Owner Dixie Carter in finalizing the TNA vs GFW battle with a contract signing for the later Lethal Lockdown challenge where the Team victorious will hold all the shares and power for TNA. The Match was ultimately won by Team TNA, represented by Drew Galloway, Lashley, Bram and the Wolves.

(LeiD Tapa vs Brooke vs Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong; Fatal Four Way Knockouts Championship Match)

(Team TNA vs Team GFW feat Karen Jarrett and Dixie Carter)

Thoughts on this Match:
First lets speak on the positives of this overall match. Every Single Female Wrestler Delivered. Kong surprised me with the outside cross-body to Tapa, Tapa looked her best since re-emerging in the TNA Spotlight, Brooke and Gail work amazingly well as a team and against each other and this match had so many smart and well executed spots. The Negative for me was the ending result, because even though Gail is my all time favorite Knockout, i don’t think the win was needed, and more a desperate move on TNAs part due to the belief their contract with Destination America was closing therefore they wanted to end their tenure with the Inaugural Champ walking out with the belt just because of that and due to the in ring performances Gail gives, even though there’s no doubting Brooke has delivered well in the past few weeks and shown so much expansion in her move-set. I Do feel Brooke could have had a match with Kong at BFG to showcase her underdog status further and to emerge victorious in her possibly biggest match to date but due to the outcome Brooke is no longer champion nor slotted in for TNAs Biggest Pay Per View, which she can understandably be frustrated about. Whether there’s any backstage issues going on or not i do not know nor wish to know, but there’s no doubt Taryn’s rumored-and-never-happened departure or current injury, whichever reason it is, led to Brooke filling in in her place, allowing Taryn to pass the torch to her real life friend, and since, Brooke has showcased herself as a fighting champion even though she lost any reasoning to fight other than to prove she is beyond an underdog, having a potential storyline and heated feud with Taryn taken away by TNAs reasoning to shortly throw in the Beautiful People for a dream feud with the Dollhouse that came to an abrupt closure for one of the members due to pregnancy, so yes, there’s no doubt Brooke has had another reign mishandled. From here im not sure where Brooke goes, but it seems definite at this point, backed up by her twitter, that she wont be at Bound for Glory, but she could have another heel run against Gail since TNA seemed to have failed to acknowledge how over Brooke was as a babyface anyway. Heck, Brooke could have turned heel the week before BFG to get her rematch with Gail but due to the Dollhouses status as top heels in the division, i see it more likely for Brooke to be squashed and misused than anything else at this moment in time. Regardless, putting all that to the side, i am excited to see Gail and Kong go at it at Bound for Glory and Congrats to Gail on her Victory.

– Catherine


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