WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Despite Another Hard Loss, Team PCB Manage to Crash a “Non Invitational” Bella….Bration? (September, 17th 2015)

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For the Last Televised Report before Tonights Night of Champions Pay Per View (Its Sunday Here in England Now) we take a look at the issues transpiring on the pitstop before the big post Summerslam Pay Per View, Smackdown. Ahead of her huge career making moment of surpassing AJ Lee’s Title Reign, Nikki Bella, still your Divas Champion hosts a “party” plus Divas Tag Team Action.

We Recognize Becky, Charlotte and Paige in the back strutting their way to the ring as its announced Becky and Paige will take on Naomi and Sasha Banks in Divas Tag Team Action. Both Teams make their entrance as we are reminded of Sasha gaining another victory over a visibly frustrated Paige this past Monday on RAW. Regardless, Becky will be opening the match against Naomi rather than Sasha and Paige getting their hands on each other once again.

Becky is fired up from the beginning, nailing several forearms to Naomi, also arm dragging her to the mat before sizing her up with extra forearms while grounding Naomi against the mat. Becky attempts to yank Naomi away from the ring ropes, dropping her back first to the mat. Becky follows up with a dropkick to Naomi, who is soon to be quick in retreat as she tags in Sasha. Becky avoids a clothesline from Sasha and arm drags her a couple of times before applying an armbar. Becky pulls Sasha away from the ropes and into a pin attempt, which Sasha escapes from at the count of one. Becky attempts to pin again by rolling over Sasha, but only to get the same result. Becky scores multiple arm wringers before Sasha reverses her whip into the corner. Becky uses the ropes to attempt to float, only to take a knee to the midsection courtesy of Sasha. Sasha sends Becky to the mat and stomps at her a few times.

We Return to see Becky trapped in the heel corner, placed against the turnbuckles and taking kicks from Naomi, who tags Sasha back in the match. Sasha continues Naomis earlier assault by continuously kicking at Beckys midsection. Naomi tags back in, hitting a shoulder tackle to the still defenseless Becky in the corner, and she hits some more before hitting a forearm. Sasha tags in once more, and Naomi helps Sasha gain the advantage over Becky with a double team maneuver. Sasha gets a near fall on Becky.

Sasha snapmares Becky and applies a stretch hold, also scoring a knee to Beckys back to counter her chance of breaking out. Sasha chokes Becky against the ropes with her knee and Naomi tags for another Team BAD double team maneuver. Naomi gets a near fall on Becky. Naomi applies a hold to Becky but she counters with a jawbreaker. Becky attempts to dive over the shoulder of Naomi to try and reach over to Paige but Naomi stops her. Becky tries to roll Naomi over but Naomi stomps at her midsection. Naomi, with Beckys hair in one hand, tags Sasha. Naomi and Sasha kick at Becky simultaneously before Sasha attempts to pin her. Sasha gets another near fall on Becky, who still has yet to tag Paige into the match.

Becky escapes Sashas abdominal stretch and takes a kick from Sasha in retaliation. Sasha whips Becky to the ropes but Becky strikes back with a kick of her own, before attempting to send Naomi off the apron. Sasha whips Becky over to the heel corner, and charges toward her, but Becky moves and Sasha hits the corner turnbuckle head first. Becky kicks both Naomi and Sasha away as they attempt to drag her out of the reach of Paige, and she finally makes the needed tag to Paige.

Paige avoids a clothesline from Naomi and superkicks Sasha. Paige throws Naomi to the corner and hits with a high knee, Paige follows with many more, then tosses her from the corner and nails a superkick. Paige knees Naomi in the face, and looks to set up the Rampaige until Sasha climbs the apron for a distraction. Becky throws Sasha from the apron but it does little to aid Paige, as instead she is rolled up by Naomi, who pins her for the 3 count. Sasha and Naomi win the match.

Despite the earlier downfall, Paige and Becky emerge later on in the show alongside the diva hoping to be victorious Diva Charlotte, who walk in on Nikki’s emptied out “Bellabration”. Charlotte remarks on how empty the party is, saying Nikki will only feel lonelier once Night of Champions is done when she loses her title. Paige joins in the mockery before leaving to allow Nikki to flip out over her VIP Guests not attending. Adam Rose drops in to notify Nikki on how her “party” sucks before Nikki flips her un-eaten cake in the faces of a shocked Alicia and Brie.

Summer also drops in on Smackdown to see Dolph Ziggler over the present given to her by Ziggler on RAW. Ziggler hints that the gift given to her may be more than just a “expensive peace offering”.

(Naomi and Sasha Banks w/ Tamina Snuka vs Paige and Becky Lynch w/ Charlotte)

(Team Bella, Team PCB and Adam Rose Backstage Segment)

(Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Naomi/Sasha/Becky/Paige: Overall a Particularly Good Tag Team Match to continue the Team BAD/Team PCB feud and story, though i do question what the Team BAD victories mean. Is it just another one-upmanship “story” or is it going to lead to Paige and/or Becky turning heel due to always losing whether its a fast or slow build? Regardless im not sure if Paige and/or Becky will be getting an NOC Match w/ One or 2 Members of Team BAD but if they do and lose, or just show signs of frustration anyway at NOC due to losing all the time, will anything happen on the night or night after? Personally as much as i agree that many divas deserve the title before Charlotte, i would like a fresh title holder as soon as possible to present new feuds and even sit through Heel Paige vs Charlotte, whether it results in more than one match.

Bellabration: The Segments were enjoyable, Paiges facials were hilarious, but i have to pick apart the “creativity” of this segment, which felt like a mock up of AJs Celebration when her title reign reached its peak, toppling Maryse’s previous reign. The Idea of No Guests and the Destroyed Celebration Cake sort of gave it away, only with the difference of the rival reviling the champion crashing it in addition. Also, it seemed bad timing and weird for Paige and Becky to suddenly act all goofy after losing earlier in the night.

– Catherine


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