WWE Night of Champions RESULTS: Along Comes A New Era in Championship History (September, 20th 2015)

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Greetings Everyone and Welcome to this Years Night of Champions Report. The Follow Up to a More Lackluster Summerslam this year saw Nikki Bella do exactly what the Pay Per View demands, defend the Title held by the Holder. Indeed the Self Dubbed Fearless Divas Champion did, against Charlotte, after finding after a controversial finish this past Monday that a Twin Magic finish would derail her chances of hitting the 302 day mark.

But before we can get to the expected-to-be-brutal affair, we see Summer try and be brutal herself while hanging at ringside for Dolph and Rusevs clash. Angered that Ziggler could be getting the victory over her supportive wrestler, Summer hit the apron and got in the referees face. Summer removed her heels, a sign that would usually indicate a fight in Lana’s presence, and aimed to chuck it at the referee as a form of DQ, but instead it hit Rusev who shockingly took the Zig Zag from Dolph just moments later, allowing Dolph to pick up the victory. While Summer was left to just look on in complete shock, Dolph walked off victorious, kissing the belittled divas hand on his way out.

The Divas Match graces us long before the third hour, with a pre match promo, and a very good one for that matter, presenting us the backstory for the match to come for a second year. After looking back at just how the champ retained this past Monday, we head to the ring to see Charlotte make her entrance joined by her fellow NXT Alumni Paige and Becky Lynch, and entering in accordance, challenger before champion. After Paige and Becky raise Charlotte’s hands to signal the possible ending, Nikki heads to the ring, joined by her team mates Brie and Alicia who will be unable to help her in her quest to retain.

The Bell rings but Nikki doesn’t wish to clash with Charlotte from the start, running from the ring within moments, flexing around Brie and Alicia. Nikki teases returning to the ring but bolts again before Charlotte can even get in a hit. Nikki has a short workout on the outside before eventually returning to the ring and finally locking up with her challenger, Charlotte. Charlotte takes Nikki into the corner, only to soon take an elbow. Nikki sends Charlotte over the ropes but Charlotte gets her footing on the apron. She dodges a clothesline by Nikki and pushes her away before Nikki comes back, shoulder tackling her to the floor, only for Charlotte to land on her feet. Unfortunately the landing isn’t all good as Charlotte begins to feel some sort of pain within her knee.

Charlotte manages to head back to the ring regardless, dodging another clothesline attempt from Nikki and nailing a clothesline of her own. Charlotte pauses for a moment before trying to drag Nikki to the ring center, but Nikki clings to the ring apron. Nikki retaliates by attacking Charlotte’s knee and suplexing her into the ring ropes. Nikki kicks at the hurt knee of Charlotte as she stumbles about. Nikki forearms Charlotte on the apron and uses the hurt leg to hurl her onto the ground at ringside. The ref begins to count but Charlotte already starts climbing the apron, already in the grip of Nikki who pulls her to the ring while placing the exploited leg of Charlotte on the rope. Nikki executes double knees to the same leg and continues to work on it with a single knee drop into a stretch. Naomi, Sasha and Tamina are shown viewing Charlotte’s match from the back.

Nikki doesn’t give up targeting the hurt knee of Charlotte, smashing it against the ring mat. She does the same again, with Charlotte countering the third attempt with a forearm. Nikki hits a running dropkick to retaliate and attempts her first pin of the match, which results in a near fall on the hurt challenger. Nikki attacks the knee again and gets a second near fall. Nikki attempts to apply the single leg stretch again while chants ring out for Charlotte. Charlotte hits forearms to Nikki as she applies her knee to Charlotte’s hurt leg. Charlotte only temporarily moves Nikki off, as Nikki hits back with a suplex, with Charlotte landing by the ropes again, impacting the hurt knee. Nikki mocks Charlotte before stretching the leg of Charlotte against the ring ropes, releasing at a count of four. Nikki stomps at the left leg of Charlotte for more damage, but Charlotte eventually counters, rolling the Champ up, who kicks out at two.

Nikki hits some forearms to Charlotte and reverts back to the leg stretch. Charlotte kicks at Nikki but it doesn’t do much and Nikki applies the stretch again. Charlotte tries to gather up momentum and lift her way out but Nikki elbows Charlotte at the back of her leg, sending her down. Nikki punches the back of Charlotte’s leg after leaping off the second rope. Nikki gets a near fall once more. Charlotte starts hitting forearms, but Nikki fires back again with a clothesline. Nikki smacks the left leg of Charlotte into the ring post before applying a figure four against the ring post to Charlotte. Nikki sends the left leg of Charlotte into the ring post once more before heading back to the ring while Becky and Paige can do little. Upon returning to the ring, Nikki goes to pin Charlotte, but gets another near fall.

Brie and Nikki extend the second rope while Charlotte tries to reach it while stuck in another stretch submission of Nikkis. Nikki yells at her Team Bella Members as she doesn’t want the ref to notice and backs them off, then Becky and Paige tackle Alicia and Brie on the outside. Charlotte uses the outside fight to her advantage to attempt to roll up the champ but gets a near fall. Nikki applies a sleeper hold while lodged on the back of Charlotte as Chants for PCB break out. Charlotte uses the turnbuckles to try loosen Nikki before eventually dropping her to the mat. Charlotte begins to gain momentum, firing a high knee and number of chops to Nikki. Charlotte hits a standing neckbreaker and dodges a clothesline attempt and nails a big boot to the champ. Charlotte covers Nikki, but even in her momentous attempt, gets a near fall once more.

Charlotte tries to counter the attempted offense of Nikki into a backslide but Nikki attacks the back of her bad leg mid way. Nikki gets another near fall. Nikki suplexes Charlotte over to the ropes again, following with a running forearm into the corner. Nikki hits knees to the bad leg, then slams her to the mat which may have originally been a spine-buster attempt for one more near fall. Nikki heads up top, but as she hits the air, Charlotte connects with a spear. Charlotte applies the Figure 8 for the closing moments and wins the Divas Title, celebrating with the appearing Ric Flair, Becky Lynch and a Possibly Unhappy Paige. Ric then joins in praising Charlotte backstage with Becky and Paige.

(Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev w/ Summer Rae)

(Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs Charlotte w/ Becky Lynch and Paige; Divas Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
It was a Good Match between Nikki and Charlotte and got the deserved lengthy period Divas Matches should get, even though it was presented more a underdog story for Charlotte in terms of being wholly dominated then coming back sometime later and gaining the victory as retribution for the past Monday, though that does fuel the story for her divas title win. Even though a new champion was needed, i still feel the NXT Call Ups, on top of WWEs spite to AJ, hindered Naomi’s chances of getting a title run and may not until Sasha wins the title, with Sasha obviously next in line unless WWE plans change. Based on what i saw last night at Night of Champions, i think Paige is definitely turning heel just by the less expressed emotion in Charlotte’s Victory celebration and based on the support shown more by Becky to Charlotte on Social Media than her though it might not even be a factor at all. She could also cost Charlotte her run at Hell in a Cell should Charlotte defend against Sasha next but that would question the need to even give Charlotte the title. If Paige turns heel, Team BAD will be on the back-burner again, but if Sasha is next in line, PCB will remain stalemates so at the moment im just unsure about where Charlotte’s reign will take her to HIAC unless a multi match is set. But Charlotte’s win now presents other divas title shots, even Natalya if WWE are willing to duplicate their Takeover Spectacle. Regardless, congrats to Charlotte.

– Catherine


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