Fantasy Booking: Booking the Paige/Nikki/Charlotte Feud (September, 23rd 2015)

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Hey Guys. So I Haven’t done Fantasy Booking Posts on the Site for a Very VERY Long Time Even Though I Do Tend to Express Where Things Should Go Creative Wise in Divas Feuds and In The Light of the Rumored Paige/Nikki/Charlotte Triple Threat Approaching and Paige’s Dramatic Heel Turn this Past Monday on RAW I Thought Id Give my Own Views on How the Next Few Weeks of Booking Leading up to the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View Should Go. I Thought up some scenarios but this is the one i wanted to write up So Beginning from Next Weeks RAW…

RAW (Sept 28th)
Charlotte is shown heading to the ring when shes stopped by JoJo. JoJo remarks on Paige’s Heel Turn and actions towards Natalya. Charlotte says shes heading out there right now to talk about Paige. Charlotte says she has seen Nikki before in the ring so shes used to facing her in the ring, but Paige is her main priority at Hell in a Cell, but the focus on kicking Paige’s ass doesn’t mean she will be distracted during the match because she brings her all every time regardless of whatever happens beforehand, and speaking of distractions, she has advised that due to Paige’s recent mercilessness that Becky stays in the back for the title match. Charlotte then tells Jojo she has to go to the ring.

Charlotte comes out for a Promo to express her trust issues with Paige for a while. Becky comes down and Says She Has Something she needs to get off her chest and Charlotte, taking her tone the wrong way, asks if shes going to turn on her too because shes had enough heartache in the past week. Becky says No and Says Shes heard that Charlotte doesn’t want any accompaniment for her Match at HIAC and she can understand why because she wants to look like a fighting champion but pleads with her to let her be there for her. Becky Says She Knows that shes the one who always tells Charlotte not to be so serious but the current issue with Paige is serious and shes being serious right now. She Wants to Be There to Raise Her Hand and Put it Back Down when the match is over when Nikki and Paige lay there defeated because she wants to Hug Her and Show Her Shes Not Alone, Shes Always Got her “Protein Sister” and that’s because she isn’t Paige, Shes Becky Lynch and Becky Lynch is going to ensure her friends victory because the Divas Title is important to her because its important to her friend and shes going to fight till her last breath to ensure no one ends Charlotte’s title reign, not Team Bella, Not Team BAD and Not Paige.

Team Bella Come Out. Nikki says that’s all so sweet and adorable and mushy but the Match at Hell in a Cell is None of Her Business therefore she should stay out of it. Nikki says as the Fearless Diva that she is, shes even told Alicia and Brie not to accompany her at HIAC, but tonight isn’t Hell in a Cell, there’s other business that needs to be settled before then and if Charlotte isn’t going to tell Becky to back off, she will and Brie and Alicia circle Charlotte and Becky while Nikki stands outside. Becky and Charlotte fend off Brie and Alicia and Nikki attempts a forearm smash but Becky dodges and Charlotte hits a Big Boot to Nikki. Charlotte looks to apply the Figure 8 but Becky tells her this is her business also and German Suplexes Nikki. Nikki rolls out of the ring, with Brie and Alicia supporting her. Stephanie comes out and makes Alicia and Brie face Charlotte and Becky, ejecting Nikki from ringside because it would be “the kind hearted thing to do”. Nikki yells something and Stephanie says She should want Team Bella to prove their dominance and orders her away.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch def Alicia Fox and Brie Bella. Paige was shown watching the victory celebration backstage.

Smackdown (Oct 1st)
Becky Lynch is Backstage Readying for a Match with Tamina alone. Paige approaches Becky and Becky asks what she wants. Paige says she is surprised Becky didn’t walk out with her last week on RAW, reminding Becky that her friendship with her has been longer than Becky’s friendship with Charlotte, long before WWE. Becky says the word friendship no longer exists between them. Paige just laughs and says Charlotte’s the Divas Champion now and she hasn’t even bothered to give her so called best friend a title shot, but to a Wannabe Kardashian Bella. Paige asks how that feels, saying surely Charlotte should sympathize considering Becky never got a title reign at NXT but Charlotte cant even look out for her friend enough to even give her a title match now. Becky says Charlotte’s got to prep for Hell in a Cell when she defeats both Paige and Nikki, and the Mind Games aren’t going to work, but she will be working up a smile watching Paige get the “Lass Kicking” she deserves. Paige and Becky stare down before Becky walks off.

Tamina Snuka w/ Sasha Banks and Naomi def Becky Lynch via Count-Out when Tamina German Suplexed Becky into the Barricade. (It was Announced that Charlotte was doing interviews for Media about the Divas Revolution and therefore was away) Sasha cut a promo post match and told Becky, who was still down on the outside, that shes irrelevant, telling her to go back down to NXT.

RAW (Oct 5th)
Charlotte approaches Becky backstage as shes working out. Charlotte says shes been thinking about what Becky said last week and says she only had good intentions and she can totally understand that. Charlotte says at the time she was thinking about when she was in NXT and when she let Bayley fight alone she got hurt, so to ensure shes safe in case Paige tries to hurt her in the back because shes heartless and will surely gun for both, she will let her be at ringside for the HIAC match, but she has to be careful because if she touches Paige, she could get her disqualified and Charlotte says that wont make her look like a fighting champion. Becky says she understands and shes glad Charlotte has accepted to let her accompany her, then quickly changes the subject and says they have a match to go to. Natalya appears and says Hi to both then Team Bella appear. Brie says shes heard Paige has been saying some things about how Natalya doesn’t belong in the division, and Alicia says they will prove tonight that Team Bella is more dominant than what Natalya will ever be. Charlotte tells them Game On. Nikki Says it is Game On for them, but Charlotte is playing an even bigger game, trying to calculate her chances at beating her at Hell in a Cell. Charlotte says she doesn’t need to calculate, the results are official, she’ll win and that’s a, as said by Natalya, Fact.

The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox def Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Natalya when Brie Knocked Natalya off the apron and applied the Yes Lock to Becky for the Finish. Charlotte and Natalya helped a Disappointed Becky up after the match and Paige appeared on the Tron to Mock Becky. Paige says tonight only proved her point further, where was Charlotte? Paige, in a mocking tone, says Charlotte’s knee must still be hurting so bad that she couldn’t even save her own partner. Paige adds that the pain the Bella’s have put Charlotte’s body through is nothing compared to what shes going to do next. The Lights go out then come back on and Paige attacks Charlotte’s leg. Becky breaks down as she cant come to hit Paige at all while Natalya, who was thrown out of the ring by Paige, gets up and sees Becky and looks confused. Paige leaves as Charlotte is screaming in pain while Becky holds her head in her hands, feeling helpless.

Smackdown (Oct 8th)
Paige def Natalya. Paige Mocked Natalya by Applying the Sharpshooter to Her Afterward. She then took the mic and asked where Becky was in a mocking tone but Becky did not show up.

RAW (Oct 12th)
Team Bella confronted Stephanie McMahon backstage. Nikki asked Stephanie why Becky Lynch is allowed to accompany Charlotte for the title match when Nikki has been gracious enough to disallow her girls from ringside, being the “fearless diva” that she is. Stephanie says Brie actually came to her about that before and Nikki looks at Brie, looking confused but smiles at Brie who smiles back, and Steph adds that since then she has spoken to Becky who has promised not to get involved during the match whatsoever and Stephanie says she knows Becky very well, shes a respectful woman who carries herself with class and respect and she would never try to cause a misdemeanor. Nikki rolls her eyes and walks off, as do Brie and Alicia, who also look disappointed.

Becky is Interviewed Backstage by JoJo about Paige with Charlotte. JoJo says Natalya faces Paige tonight and says Becky has been hesitant around Paige as of late. Becky says when she confronts Paige, sometimes old memories of their pre WWE days flood in, but recently she has opened her eyes to realize that this isn’t the same Paige and now all she can care about (after fist-bumping Charlotte) is giving Paige a Good Modern Day Lass Kicking. Charlotte says she knows Becky is very stressed right now but she told her she doesn’t want her to get hurt by Paige, especially not before HIAC, so she tells her to leave Paige alone tonight. Becky looks confused and tries to utter a word and Charlotte stops her immediately and says shes only looking out for her.

Paige def Natalya. Charlotte came down and had a brawl with Paige in and out of the ring. Becky came down to try and separate the two and Paige got the upper hand until Becky begged her to stop. Paige continued until Becky got angry and lashed out. Becky pushed Paige into the commentary table. Paige soon got up, laughed and walked away. Team Bella were shown watching the aftermath backstage, interviewed by JoJo and Alicia says Becky’s actions proved right there that what Stephanie said wasn’t true, “Little Miss Fruit-loop” Becky isn’t all innocent as she seems. Nikki says its not a worry, they are just going to prove to Stephanie and to the world that they are Truly Fearless, and they will deal with Charlotte and Becky very soon.

Smackdown (Oct 15th)
Charlotte w/ Becky Lynch vs Tamina w/ Sasha Banks and Naomi ended in Double Count-out. Sasha and Naomi and Becky were ejected from ringside midway as Becky teased brawling with Sasha. Charlotte yelled at Becky not to then Sasha threw the first punch at Becky, which she no sold leading to a ringside brawl, leading to the latter being ejected. Team Bella came down and attacked Charlotte after the match. Alicia then passed the Divas Title to Nikki, who posed with it.

RAW (Oct 19th)
Charlotte w/ Becky Lynch def Alicia Fox w/ Brie Bella and Nikki Bella via Submission. Its Announced There Will be a Divas Contract Signing this Thursday Night on Smackdown. Its Also Announced that Nikki Bella will address the WWE Universe later tonight.

Natalya comes out for a promo. She Says Tonight isn’t about Charlotte or Becky. She says, with no disrespect, that tonight shes going to “get even” with Paige. Natalya says to forget her past matches with Paige, they were nothing, tonight is going to be a full on fight and calls out Paige for a “Divas street fight”.

Nikki comes out instead and Nikki states this was meant to be her screen time, and she doesn’t appreciate a “damsel in distress” trying to steal the spotlight from “a Queen”. Nikki continues by adding that Natalya needs to stop trying to make herself relevant, bringing in all these stipulations to make her seem like shes the only one “upping the ante” on the Divas Revolution, reflecting on Natalya’s losses, and says the only thing that’s going to be relevant is how everyone will be talking about how they thought “Nikki couldn’t get it done” when she becomes a 3x Divas Champion and orders Natalya to leave the ring. The Lights go out and back on again and Paige attacks both Nikki and Natalya. Paige cuts a promo after, looking down to Nikki and Natalya by telling them they are both irrelevant before looking back up and saying her jaw is still hurting after Becky sent her into the commentary table last week but she loved every second of it because it means Becky is slowly showing who she really is. She keeps saying Tick Tock in reference to Charlotte’s Title Reign.

Natalya is limping backstage later in the show and is approached by Stephanie who says she didn’t give her the order to go out there, saying she has a match booked later and not against Paige like she tried to. Stephanie adds that she knows Natalya is trying to look out for Charlotte, and Natalya adds it isn’t about Charlotte, but Steph cuts her off and tells her to let her finish talking. Stephanie says she can understand that there’s some hatred in the divas division, been there, done that, but she must never go behind her boss’s backs and try and make her own match again. Steph says she “hates” to do this to her but she has to make her learn her lesson by still booking her for tonight but regardless of her actions, shes one of the best and she will survive, so she makes her face Tamina tonight. Steph walks away and Naomi approaches Natalya, looks up and down at her, then sarcastically tells her Good Luck before walking off.

Tamina Snuka w/ Sasha Banks and Naomi def Natalya via Team BAD interference.

Smackdown (Oct 22nd)
There is a Contract Signing for the Divas Triple Threat at HIAC hosted by Stephanie who says she has been speaking to Nikki recently and Nikki has “agreed” to no physicality therefore to follow the tradition of “respectful women wrestlers” the others must sign the contract then proceed to the back as the divas are meant to be “uplifting role models to young girls”. They all Nod but Paige who turns her eyes away upon the remark. However Paige made a remark towards the end about Nikki using others to make her way to the top which lead to Nikki brawling with Paige and Charlotte and Becky getting in between. The Signing ends with Paige standing on the table holding the divas title, standing on Becky’s head while Nikki and Charlotte are out on the canvas.

HIAC (Oct 25th)
Charlotte w/ Becky Lynch def Nikki Bella and Paige in a Triple Threat Match to Retain the Divas Championship.
Paige argued on the outside with the referee after the match and Charlotte took a mic and asked Paige if she wanted to go, saying she will re-start the match right now if she wants to. Paige said No, saying shes leaving then slowly turns and says she forgot her leaving present. Charlotte turns and Becky, who was celebrating with her, attacked her and Laid Her Out with Paige’s Finishing Rampaige. Becky walked off with Paige, Smiling Evilly.

– Catherine


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