TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Future Enemies Established for the Reigning Champ (September, 23rd 2015)

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Hello Everybody and Welcome to the Last Televised Wrestling Report of the week, this time coming from the other wrestling company, TNA. After waiting a numerous number of days just to screencap this particular episode, the match was finally uploaded in the needed quality, in fact a long awaited match between Jade and Gail Kim, with Gail’s Knockouts Title on the Line. Could Jade spoil Gail’s journey to Bound for Glory or would Gail go over the Dollhouse one last time?

This Match is set up by a very gleeful Taryn Terrell in the usual Dollhouse residency, who boasts over decimating One Half of the Beautiful People, Angelina Love. Afterwards she picks out Jade to hurt her longtime Rival Gail Kim and as Jade flees the scene to prepare for her match, she turns over to her disappointed Dollhouse friends, Marti and Rebel, and assigns them a task to make her as pleased as she is at Jade, but not indicating what.

Sometime later, upon the (again) absence of Taryn Terrell, Jade heads to her Knockouts Title Match alone. Gail makes her entrance with Title in hand, as we are reminded that Gail will have an upcoming title defense at TNAs biggest show, Bound for Glory, against the Imposing Awesome Kong. But that all depends on whether or not Jade can go over the Champ tonight. Speaking of Jade she isnt waiting to damage the Knockouts Champ per orders from Taryn and boots her in the face before the bell.

The Bell rings and Jade starts throwing forearms to the defenseless Gail against the mat. Jade continues to showcase her domination as she chokes Gail with her boot against the corner turnbuckle, and she attempts to splash Gail in the corner but Gail moves to safety. Gail looks to roll Jade up but Jade clings to the rope. Jade misses a lethal looking stomp to Gail, and Gail blocks a kick from Jade and attempts to damage the right leg of Jade per a counter. Gail manages a hurricanrana before Jade hits back with a German Suplex for a one count. Jade kicks at Gail and attempts to pin Gail again, getting a near fall in her effort.

Jade unloads with some more offense, elbowing and booting Gail against the corner. Jade attempts another pin with Gail narrowly surviving by kicking out just before a three count. Gail attempts to make her comeback with forearms but Jade hits back. Jade hits a series of chops to Gail in the corner, before executing a rolling senton, which Gail dodges. Gail fends Jade off with forearms and starts hurling some clotheslines. Gail splashes Jade in the corner then pulls her legs in adjacent position with the ring post for the outside figure four. Jade spills to the outside, also taking an inziguiri from behind. Gail rolls Jade back to the ring, and gets a near fall.

Gail sets up Eat Defeat, but Jade throws her off. Gail attempts her next load of offense, countered into a sit out power-bomb by Jade. The Unique counter, however, just gets Jade a near fall. Jade heads to the top rope, missing a missile dropkick. Gail hits eat defeat and gets a clean victory over Jade. Gail wins the match.

Post Match Gail is just moments into her victory celebration when the Dollhouse’s Marti and Rebel storm the ring. Gail fends off Marti before taking an insane spear from Rebel. Rebel and Marti continuously beat down on the champ until Madison and Velvet make the save. Madison and Velvet continue the attack on Rebel and Marti up the ramp while Kong comes down to stare down her respectful Bound for Glory Opposition.

(Gail Kim vs Jade; Knockouts Championship Match feat Rebel, Marti Bell, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Awesome Kong)

Thoughts On This Match:
For Me, Jade vs Gail is a dream match to ever witness and as good as it was, and as well as Gail and Jade mesh together, the match length was just not enough, but more to put together what happened afterward. I Also felt the BFG Match Announcement could have been left to next week so it didn’t make Jades Loss look so predictable, even though just based on whats going on storyline wise, Jade is possibly being booked as the Strongest Member of the Dollhouse, and maybe even the one to dethrone Gail if Kong doesn’t. If there’s any affirmative points to Taryn “leaving” then Jade winning the Knockouts Title or urge to chase Gail’s title maybe without help could begin the Dollhouse split, as sad as it would be because of how strong the faction came across on their alignment. Didn’t have much to think of the Post Match Brawl other than the fact Rebel and Madison could work so well together as enemies rather than Rebel and Velvet but why is there still no explanation for Rebels change in persona? Even if it was last minute to replace an injured Taryn, there should be a backup explanation as to why she is suddenly heel and why she seeks friendship with the Dollhouse and why she even hates Velvet. Just hope that if there is some upcoming tapings, that they delve into a storyline for Rebel regarding this still questionable alignment.

– Catherine


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