WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Paige Offers Not Even a Little Apology To The Former Team Mates (September, 24th 2015)

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Hello All Wrestling Fans and welcome to this weeks Smackdown Report. The first show to air since the dramatic episode of RAW featuring the Heel Turn of PCBs Paige got a follow up “explanation” as the newly heel divas team mates called out the Anti Diva regarding her actions. Lets get right to it!

We View Becky and Charlotte heading to the ring without the presence of Paige, signifying their split even further. Charlotte starts off by first putting over her dream moment of finally capturing the divas title while thanking all the fans for believing in the self made Divas Revolution. Charlotte adds further that the future for the women has never been brighter, but her moment of praise and respect is interrupted by none other than Paige herself.

Paige reminds the Champ and Becky she has never been a team player, if her partnership with AJ back in the day was any indication. She has also never apologized for being herself, and shes going to explain herself upon walking to the ring. Paige steps in the ring and asks permission from a Just as Angry Becky as to whether she can continue her words, to which Becky accepts. Doing as insisted, Paige looks back at her actions towards Charlotte on Monday and throwing away her tag team partner as well as reflecting on the insults she aimed at Becky over being PCBs Least Relevant member. Paige says however that irrelevancy isn’t going to mean that Becky isn’t going to have the title, and that’s a title Paige should be holding. Paige expresses “worry” on whether Charlotte is woman enough to keep her divas title. Charlotte shuts down Paige, saying she sucks at apologies.

Paige bites back, saying that what shes looking for is some recognition for she kicked off the Divas Revolution, quoting herself to be a little honest. Becky states that Paige has been “honest” enough but Paige has her shut up within moments. Moments Later, the entrance music of Natalya hits and the Veteran Diva strides down to the ring, little to the happiness of the outspoken Paige.

Natalya starts off by saying she is indeed proud of the up and coming crop/generation of divas, referring to each in the ring by name. Natalya says she hasn’t been this excited to be back at work since watching Paige win her first championship on the main roster, and says she was proud of Paige back then because she earned the right to be champion. Natalya calls Paige one of her best friends in the division, and doesn’t see why PCB are fighting at all or even why there is some jealousy from Paige towards Charlotte. Paige hits back at Natties remark by saying she knows shes better than that, just like she knows shes better than Natalya. Paige continues by telling Natalya that she let the Revolution pass her by and now shes using the youthful crop to create some relevance for her, labeling it pathetic. Paige slaps Nattie on her way out of the ring, which both Becky and Charlotte are unimpressed by. Paige heads up the ramp and that’s the last we see of the Anti Diva and her once team mates.

Following up from that, we see Summer Rae do her usual job of managing the Ruthless Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, who would be teaming with The WWEs New Intercontinental Champ Kevin Owens against the twos long term foes, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback. In a repeat performance of some months ago, Owens walks out angrily on Rusev to cost both men the victory.

(Becky Lynch, Natalya, Paige and Charlotte Segment)

(Dolph Ziggler and Ryback vs Rusev and Kevin Owens w/ Summer Rae)

Thoughts on this segment:
Overall i did feel the segment was a step down from RAW even though im enjoying this heel Paige more than the last heel Paige we got last year, and from this, im starting to guess there is a slow build going on until Charlotte eventually gets her hands on Paige, maybe through Paige taking her disrespect to Natalya or the two PCB members a step further to unleash an eventual beat-down. I’m Hoping just through Paige riling up Becky that it is more a likely heel turn for Becky than Nattie due to Charlotte and Natalya working well together before in NXT etc, but only time will tell.

– Catherine


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