WWE RAW RESULTS: A Humble Divas Champion Collides With Multiple Enemies (September, 28th 2015)

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to My Report on this weeks (drama-ful) RAW. Even with the low rating spin, the Divas delivered more than just another verbal bashing this week, as a set up for MizTV opened up a maybe unfortunate reunion for PCB against their opposition in Team Bella.

Miz is in the ring to give his own take on the cat-fights going on in the division right now, and then introduces Becky and the Divas Champ Charlotte, who are all smiles despite the actions of their recent turned former team member Paige. As the Two Divas perch in their seats, Miz takes a shot at the two over their last appearance on MizTV, claiming they were decimated by Team Bella which was surely due to his assist, but Becky puts him in his place by calling him a sexist jackass. Charlotte even agrees with Becky’s impression of him. Miz then says the fans want to hear more on their split from Paige, but Charlotte knows Miz has no concern for it whatsoever. Charlotte then turns to the topic of Paige, saying there were things said last week that must be addressed. She hopes Paige can come talk this through like a Woman or if she wants they can have an all out fight.

Charlotte seems to be demanding to battle Paige, which Miz doesn’t take too kindly, calling MizTV his show therefore he doesn’t ask for guests outside his actual guest list. Becky, however, has had enough of Miz’s splurging and snatches the mic away before hilariously throwing it up the ramp before giving Charlotte another chance to talk. Charlotte demands Paige to the ring right this moment, but Brie, Nikki and Alicia emerge instead.

Nikki addresses to her rivals that they don’t wish to join a party surrounded by losers per Becky’s request, and they aren’t actually out here to pick a fight, but rather to give their thanks, because its due to their recent drama that Team Bella has just become more united. Nikki then states that by time Nikki evokes her rematch clause that Charlotte will be a “hot mess” of a woman having to deal with even more drama, but while Charlotte deals with that, Nikki will be back where she was, as a Divas Champion. Charlotte spits back by saying none of this is about her, but if she wants to make it about her, she can step into the ring. Charlotte reminds Nikki how she made her tap out at Night of Champions, but Nikki retorts with Paige’s quote from last week over how reigns come to an end. Despite acknowledging how she indeed lost her title, Nikki toots her own horn by reminding everyone how she beat AJ Lee’s Record.

Team Bella begin to head to the ring as Nikki carries on, this time moving to the subject of Paige, blasting her claims that she began the “Divas Revolution”, and Nikki takes full credit for being the one to start it. Charlotte then goes into full blown anger mode as she shouts out to Nikki that she had nothing to do with beginning the Divas Revolution, and none of the divas started it, it was the fans with their belief in accelerating women’s wrestling. Alicia then speaks, changing the subject entirely to remind the two remaining PCB members that they are outnumbered and Becky mocks her before teasing a fight, then Paige emerges from the back. Paige immediately brings up that she started the Revolution at NXT rather than Nikki, also stating that she took full responsibility for putting Becky and Charlotte on Television on the Main Roster. Paige takes a further shot at the former team mates before Nikki asks the two if they are going to take what Paige is saying anymore. Nikki asks how she can even have enemies when she can just have outspoken friends like Paige. Paige then quotes the fan line of the night by hitting back at the Bella’s, stating they don’t need ambition as long as they have their top superstar husbands. Nikki is instantly seething and a full on brawl breaks out, with Paige standing tall with Charlotte and Becky and this leads to the two teams duking it out.

When we return from the commercial break, the match has already been set up and is underway with Paige attacking Team Bella’s Alicia Fox in the corner. Paige super-kicks Alicia then allows Becky to tag in. Becky leg drops Alicia a few times and Charlotte tags in. Charlotte nails a single patented knee drop to Alicia to get the first near fall of the match. Alicia breaks free of Charlotte’s grip and tags in Brie. Brie takes over with a kick to the midsection, and she attacks the left arm of Charlotte multiple times before Charlotte manages to get a reversal, rolling up Brie, leading to a one count. Charlotte works on Bries arm, before allowing Becky to tag, and the two double team Brie.

Becky charges to Brie, but Brie throws her over the turnbuckle. Becky floats onto the ring apron, hitting a forearm to Brie before attempting to make it back to the ring, stalled due to an outside distraction from Alicia. Brie hits a load of knees to the back of Becky, and lures her into the heels corner as she also tags in Nikki. The Former Divas Champ kicks at Becky, following with a suplex. Nikki covers, but Becky kicks out at one. Nikki slams Becky before attempting a cocky pin, but like before Becky kicks out at one. Nikki nails shoulder tackles to Becky in the corner, tagging Alicia back into the match also. Alicia suplexes Becky and covers, but again, Becky escapes at one.

Paige and Charlotte start gathering momentum for Becky to escape Alicias hold, but it doesnt go far. Alicia sends her back to the corner then tags Brie. Brie suplexes Becky but a high spirited Becky continues the one count kick outs. Brie sends Becky face first into the corner turnbuckle, following with a load of hard knees to Becky in the corner. Brie hits a running bulldog by the centre of the ring to get a near fall. Brie applies a chinlock, which Becky attempts to escape, but Brie sends her to the mat within moments. Brie tags in Nikki with a firm grip on Becky and the two double team her. Nikki covers within seconds but Becky kicks out at one. Nikki applies a chinlock to Becky, who counters with a schoolgirl package for a one count on the former champ. Becky and Nikki take each other out with a double clothesline, opening the chance for both to reach out to their partners.

Becky makes the tag to Charlotte, much to the annoyance of Paige as Becky rolls out to the apron. Charlotte comes in hurling elbows and chops at Nikki, and she hits a standing neckbreaker and high kick to Nikki. Charlotte attempts to cover there but Alicia and Brie throw themselves into the pin attempt and break it at two. Paige throws off Alicia then Nikki sends Charlotte into Paige. Paige doesnt take kindly and she walks off. However, on the way up, Natalya emerges, trying to encourage Paige to return to Becky and Charlotte, but it goes nowhere so she tries to assist. Turning her back to the Anti Diva she heads to the apron to get a view of the match and hopefully assist, but Paige comes back and angrily throws Nattie from the apron and to the floor. Becky yells at Paige who walks off again, only this time for real, and Charlotte appears distracted by the outside events. This leads to Nikki hitting the Rack Attack and Pinning the Champ. Team Bella win the match.

Also Summer was on show as she accompanied Rusev for his match against the man who just doesnt seem to like him, Kevin Owens. Not much development for the Summer/Dolph story even though a DQ finish due to Rusev and Owens ganging up on Ryback lead to Dolph making the save, hinting the further continuation of Rusevs story with Ziggler.

(MizTV featuring Charlotte and Becky Lynch feat Team Bella and Paige)

(Charlotte, Paige and Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella, Alicia Fox and Nikki Bella feat Natalya)

(Kevin Owens vs Rusev w/ Summer Rae; Ryback on Commentary)

Thoughts On:
MizTV Segment: Overall i enjoyed the segment and Charlotte’s Mic Skills impressed here while i was also impressed with Becky getting more mic time, only on a less serious tone again. I Also enjoyed Nikki’s Mic Work here, with the record breaking reign used as a reference, though maybe that could be due to WWE further spiting AJ. Also, how Over was Paige when she appeared? From this segment and last week, im getting that impression that the fans love someone who can deliver Pipebomb-type promos with a hint of realness like AJ and Punk and that is transitioning onto Paige. I Had expected for Natalya to interrupt Miz if he had offended PCBs remaining members but of course we cant forget the Bella’s use in the storyline.

6 Diva Tag: Overall Paige being used for the tag was random at first, but the match was well done. Paige overall didn’t get a second tag, which further hinted pleasing teamwork between the other two while riling up Paige to play up the fact even more that they don’t co-exist. I Was Hoping Paige was going to walk out rather than PCB get the win then a random Paige/Char staredown, but WWE thankfully delivered on booking here with not only Paige walking out, but showcasing her true heel initiative upon Natalya’s appearance, capitalizing on her insertion into the storyline from last week. Natalya’s insertion is becoming unpredictable though more leaning to Natalya increasingly cutting ties with Paige to lead to an eventual (hopefully Pre PPV) match, which would make a Natalya Heel Turn a bigger swerve though im hoping (as said before) that Becky turns to capitalize on Paige’s claims of sinking into irrelevance by placing her in the top heel position with Paige, while Natalya sticks herself with a best friend and fellow veteran in Charlotte. Heres to hopeful Becky/Paige interactions in the future. Also didn’t mind the finish as the booking was thought out, meaning Nikki needed a pin to overall get her shot at the championship she lost, and it didn’t hurt Charlotte in any way because its only building up the triple threat feud further. The Question is now Paige has to pin Charlotte and how will that be the case, through someones accidental interference, but from who?

– Catherine


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