WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Making Marks and Un-Justifying Disrespect (October, 1st 2015)

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Hello Everyone and welcome to this weeks Smackdown report, more diva-ful than i thought it would be. Guess Spoilers do conceal some things ey? Anyway to answer the never ending question of where are Team BAD? Well they are on this weeks Smackdown and possibly seeking out title contention should they pull a major upset against Team Bella, whose 1/2, the former Divas Champ Nikki Bella is also mending her path towards the Divas Championship held by Charlotte, who also has some words for the villainous Paige on this weeks blue brand show..

The Divas Match kicks off diva appearances for the night as Team Bella are shown getting in the ring for six diva tag team action. Out come Team BAD, and rather than just strut their stuff, they also have some thoughts to give on the continuing debate on who may have actually started the WWEs “Divas Revolution”. Sasha wonders who even cares about who started, expressed further with a blank expression upon the Boss passing the question to Tamina. Sasha takes the crowd noise as a point that no one wants to know who started it, stating Paige, Charlotte, Becky and Team Bella can all stop their yapping, also shutting down the Bella’s on being boastful about Nikki’s reign. Sasha ends by saying people will only care when they see Team BAD ending the Revolution and after dropping the mic, Sasha, with Naomi and Tamina in tow, hits the ring.

Brie and Sasha open for the respective teams, both displaying some cockiness towards each other. It all kicks off when Brie slaps Sasha across the face, and the former NXT Women’s Champion doesn’t take very kindly to it, taking Brie down to the mat and repeatedly forearming the also former champion Bella against the mat before getting a good measure of revenge by giving Brie a slap to the face also in return for earlier. Sasha’s aggressiveness doesn’t end there as she sends Brie head first into the corner turnbuckle. Brie blocks her next attempt, and retaliates by sending Sasha into the turnbuckle. Brie blocks a kick from Sasha then hits a load of knees. Sasha eventually ducks away from one to attempt a roll up on Brie, but doesn’t pin Brie, as she escapes the pin attempt at two.

Sasha launches Brie into the corner, tagging Naomi in as she continuously kicks at Brie. Sasha assists with Naomi’s double team corner attack and after executing, Naomi immediately tries to pin Brie, but as she did before with Sasha, she kicks out at two. Brie attempts a comeback with kicks from behind before dragging Naomi over to the corner of Team Bella. Naomi dodges two double clothesline attempts from Fox and Brie after Brie tags Fox in, taking herself outside to regroup. Naomi had also made a tag to Tamina, and the strong powerhouse clotheslines both divas.

Alicia escapes Taminas next attempted offense and makes it to her corner, tagging in former divas champ Nikki, who stares down Tamina. Nikki captures Tamina in a side headlock moments later and gets sent to the ropes. Nikki tries to knock Tamina down, but double efforts do little. Nikki knocks Tamina back with a forearm to the side of the face, before ducking away from a clothesline from the angry Tamina. Tamina comes back with another that sends the former champ to the mat. Tamina Samoan drops Nikki and looks for the Supafly Splash, a move surely not to be used considering the recent Snuka debacle but its easily avoided as Brie and Alicia pull their fellow team mate out of view. Naomi and Sasha hit baseball slide dropkicks to both Alicia and Brie as they care for Nikki on the outside.

We return to see Naomi working on Nikki with a side headlock applied. Naomi whips Nikki to the ropes, looking to finish things with the rear view but Nikki clutches the ropes and doesn’t move any further. Nikki throws Naomi to the outside, with Naomi landing on the apron. Naomi shoulder tackles Nikki from outside, also dealing with Brie and Alicia, and looks to fly over the top rope but Nikki hits a forearm smash to Naomi. Naomi takes kicks from Nikki and as the ref is distracted, Alicia and Brie yank at Naomi and send her to the outside floor. When Naomi eventually gets back in the ring, Nikki goes for the pin, but Naomi kicks out at two, resulting in a near fall.

Nikki throws Naomi to the corner with Naomi colliding with the corner turnbuckle. Nikki chokes Naomi against the corner while tagging in Alicia. Alicia hits a axe handle off the second rope to Naomi. Naomi gets caught in Alicia’s following submission, but manages to counter a backbreaker later and the two take one another out with a huge double clothesline. Naomi is almost about to reach Tamina and Sasha when Alicia makes the tag to Nikki, who knocks both members of Team BAD from the apron. Naomi, however, manages to tag Sasha, who starts her offense by throwing forearms at Nikki, before sending Alicia and Brie off the apron and to the floor. Sasha avoids a clothesline from Nikki and retaliates with an elbow. Sasha sends Nikki to the corner, hitting the running double knees after. Sasha charges, running into a boot from Nikki. Nikki takes Sasha down for a one count.

Sasha whips Nikki into another corner and takes an elbow. Nikki elevates herself to the top rope but Sasha manages to set her up between the ropes. Sasha hits double knees to Nikki and looks for the finish there but Alicia breaks up her pin. Alicia boots Naomi in her attempt to clear her off from the ring, but takes a big boot also from Tamina. Brie then chucks Tamina outside, with Brie soon following, courtesy of Sasha. Sasha takes an elbow and Nikki looks to end things with the Rack attack, prizing Sasha onto her shoulders, but she releases her grip when Tamina returns to the ring, blocking her kick. This allows Sasha to strike from behind and lock in the Bank Statement, which Nikki submits to. Team BAD get the big win.

Moving onwards we see the Team PCB problems get its continuation as JoJo interviews both Divas Champion Charlotte and Becky Lynch backstage. JoJo questions the falling apart unit of Team PCB as does Charlotte, stating how they were united until Paige’s entitled tirade. Becky doesn’t understand the situation with Paige either, saying its got to the point of being annoying then Paige butts in. Paige insults Becky as Becky suggests she needs to go out there and face the music, and Charlotte steps in for her friend. Charlotte says to put the point across that Paige is either with or against them, to which Paige asks if shes giving an ultimatum. Charlotte says Paige has given them no choice and they walk off to let Paige absorb the ultimatum given, before bumping into Nattie who has a threat to give to Paige also for her recent antics. Natalya cant take the disrespect from Paige, warning the Anti Diva that if she ever disrespects her again like she did on RAW, she will be sorry she ever met her. Paige doesn’t respond, only gives an angry look before walking away from the clearly worked up Queen of Harts.

(Alicia Fox, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella vs Naomi, Sasha Banks and Tamina)

(Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Paige and Natalya Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
6 Diva Tag: Overall this match was enjoyable for me and got the time deserved, along with some excellent teamwork, promo work, and Tamina also worked really well too, coming across more as a powerhouse on this occasion rather than someone easily being taken down to take the fall. It didn’t feel like a match just put together like seeing the spoilers gave the impression, and Sasha pinning the former champ now leaves many wonders, is it just to continue Team BAD further on while showcasing Sasha’s strengths, or is it one of those moments where a win over a champ/former champ doesn’t get capitalized on. Regardless, with this in mind, Sasha being added to HIAC is uncertain but a welcome change due to her performances in the ring.

Divas Backstage Segment: Not reported in the spoilers but also welcome is the backstage segment between PCB and Natalya to progress on the issues between PCB and Natalya, thankfully. I Liked the interactions between Paige and Becky, even though Charlottes last line could have came across more serious to me, maybe along the lines of “you bet i am” in response to Paige wondering if Charlotte was giving her an ultimatum. The segment also continued to tease Paige and Natalyas possible match against one another, with me still questioning whether Becky or Natalya are turning heel or not.

– Catherine


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