TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Dollhouse Present a New Tactic To Present Victory (September, 30th 2015)

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madison rebel

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Hello Everyone and welcome to this weeks report on TNA IMPACT. So this will officially be the last televised episode before tonights (its Sunday here in the UK) Bound for Glory, and unless i missed something on the tapings schedule, then im not sure when IMPACT will broadcast again…other than November. Anyway as one feud takes less of the limelight, we step into another as 2 Thirds of the Beautiful People, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne, face a fearless 3 on 2 Challenge against Taryns Henchwomen of the Dollhouse, Marti, Rebel and Jade.

Speaking of the Fiesty and Incredibly Cruel Dollhouse, they are sat in their own dominion for a pre match video with their out of sight leader Taryn Terrell. Taryn brings to light how Angelina cant help Velvet and Madison due to the Injury inflicted by Jade, and smiling over that, she states that this will be the moment tonight where they remove Velvet once and for all.

But this doesn’t go without words from Madison, Angelina and Velvet Backstage as TNAs Famous Trio approach Jeremy Borash for a pre match interview. Madison jokes about the Dollhouse’s own name, before Angelina interprets the speech on a more serious note, declaring that the Beautiful People hate the Dollhouse, and even though its no secret there’s been differences in the past with all three members, they have to put those differences in the past and reform the Beautiful People, because its for the greater good of the Knockouts Division. Angelina says Velvet has already proved she isn’t scared to battle the Dollhouse, and nor is she herself scared of Jade, despite what she had done. Velvet then turns the matter to Taryn, saying she has recently given away that shes all bark and no bite. Velvet says Taryn hasn’t been seen since she and Gail executed an attack on her backstage, and isn’t fazed with Taryn’s intention to take her out. Velvet declares that tonight they will tear apart their Doll Parts one ugly limb at a time, and she wants Taryn to see this for herself.

Heading to the match now and Marti, Jade and Rebel make their entrance and again without Taryn. Velvet and Madison also head out with Angelina at their side, with Angelina showing further that shes willing to join her girls regardless of what the Dollhouse look to do. The Match already gets going from outside as Madison and Rebel claw at each other as Velvet fights with Marti. Jade attempts a beatdown on Madison then the action spills to the ring as the bell is finally rung with Velvet taking down Marti to the mat. Velvet hits a running clothesline to Marti against one corner before dragging her to another. Velvet continues using the corner turnbuckles to her advantage before sending Marti down with a clothesline. Velvet gets a near fall on Marti.

Madison tags in and the two double team Marti with kicks, one after the other. Madison goes right into the cover on Marti, but like she had with Velvet, Marti soon kicks out at two. Marti manages to knee Madison before darting over to her own corner, tagging Jade. The Much more experienced Dollhouse member hits kick after kick to Madison, then pie-faces her against the corner turnbuckle. Jade chops at Madison then misses a clothesline. Madison comes back with chops and elbows before sending Jade to the mat. Madison takes her offense to the outside, snapping Jades jaw against the second rope. Madison dives back into the ring for a pin attempt, and she gets a near fall.

Velvet tags in and hits her triple kicks to Jade. Velvet nails a neckbreaker to Jade and she gets a near fall in her effort. Velvet takes Jade over to the corner and nails a few shoulder tackles. Jade reverses a whip from Velvet, sending her crashing into the Dollhouses corner. Velvet manages to boot a charging Jade in the face, and attempts to attack Marti. Velvet turns and takes a dropkick from Jade. The Now More Vicious Rebel tags in and hits knees to Velvet before choking her with her foot against the turnbuckle. Rebel distracts the ref for a short space of time, allowing Marti and Jade to mess around with Velvet. Rebel hits knees again to Velvet before Jade returns to the match.

Jade hits a suplex to Velvet, also booting Madison off the apron. Jade covers Velvet and gets a near fall. Jade applies an armbar reverted into a side headlock then runs Velvet into the corner turnbuckle. Jade misses a roundhouse kick and both Knockouts are sent down with a double clothesline to one another. Marti then tags in on the heel side while Madison hits the ring for the babyface Beautiful People. Madison comes running in with elbows before sending Marti head first into her knee. Madison connects with an Inziguiri to Marti for a near fall. Marti attacks the midsection of Madison before whipping her to the other side, and Madison runs into Rebels knee. Madison tries to get her hands on Rebel as payback and Marti almost capitalizes on the distraction, but nearly ends up sending Rebel off the apron. Madison hits the Voodoo drop as Rebel tumbles and goes to pin Marti but Jade breaks it up.

Velvet angrily throws Jade from the ring as payback and they take their fight outside. Jade reverses a whip from Velvet and sends her into the steel steps, also attempting to hurt her arm with a steel chair but she misses. Meanwhile Madison readies her next offense in the ring to Marti but doesn’t take notice of whatever Rebel had been doing on the outside and turns to face the new Dollhouse member as she hits the apron. Rebel reveals some sort of powder substance to blind Madison, allowing Marti to roll the lone Madison up for the victory.

While the New Knockouts Champ Gail Kim wasn’t present for a match, nor Awesome Kong, we see a video package to hype the long time rivals clash for Bound for Glory, which includes some reflections from Gail on their past encounters, words on having the courage to face Kong again and so forth. If that wasnt enough, we also see Brooke talking her Knockouts Title Loss and a sure to be hopefully interesting journey back to the top. Who Wants #HeelBrooke?

(Marti Bell, Rebel and Jade vs Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky w/ Angelina Love; 3 on 2 Handicap Match)

(Awesome Kong and Gail Kim Bound for Glory Promo)

(Brooke Interview)

Thoughts on this Match:
It was a Good Match, creatively capitalizing on the presented fearlessness of the babyfaces to step into a battle with more odds on the heel side. Its also Fresh to see Jade and Madison connect in the ring and a match i wouldn’t mind in the future, and the new cheap heel distraction (the powder at the end) is something new from the Dollhouse but feels a little recycled and makes me miss the original Dollhouse more, not to mention Taryn saying she would stand over the Beautiful Peoples fallen bodies in the video promo wasn’t executed because….well….Where even is Taryn when she is technically the innovator of the stable? Well lets see if there’s even any continuation after Bound for Glory or whenever they might tape next..

– Catherine


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