WWE RAW RESULTS: Plenty of Drama And Plenty of Victories (October, 5th 2015)

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to this Weeks RAW Report. Apologies for the lateness with the reports still to come this week, including Bound for Glory, as i have been away for two days, but nonetheless, catching back up on RAW which i watched Monday Night, and there was indeed quite a lot of divas action, and not just in ring physicality wise.

But first, we get Natalya vs Paige, a match long awaited for some since Paige’s Heel Turn lead to Natalya getting involved in demanding the newly heel divas attitude be toned down towards her old team-mates. After verbal and physical spats, Paige and the Queen of Harts finally went one on one.

Paige and Natalya grapple back and forth in the corner to kick off the match. Natalya forearms at Paige multiple times before the heel pushes her away from the corner. Natalya and Paige get near falls on each other with Paige attempting a last pin attempt via a roll up for a one count. Natalya dropkicks Paige who rolls from the ring. Natalya dropkicks Paige then rolls her back to the ring. Paige rolls out again and Nattie is in hot pursuit, not lasting too long as Paige super-kicks her to the ground. Paige rolls the fallen Natalya back into the ring after some taunting. Natalya attempts to break out of Paige’s following hold but Paige counters. Natalya has Paige prized in her arms for her own attempt to counter but Paige tumbles onto her, leading to a pin attempt and another near fall on Natalya.

Natalya captures Paige in a reversal into the Abdominal Stretch, but Paige breaks out after hitting elbows and a snapmare. Paige tries to knee Natalya in the corner but Natalya moves to safety. Natalya fires a discus clothesline at her followed by a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Natalya whips Paige and ends up on the end of Paiges knee. Paige runs the ropes but is taken down by a secondary discus clothesline. Natalya gets a near fall. Natalya attempts more offense but Paige counters into the Paige Turner, and to the Surprise of the Diva of Tomorrow, Natalya kicks out of the pin attempt that follows it.

Paige takes a low dropkick from Natalya, gaining Natalya a near fall. Natalya tries to run Paige into the corner but Paige escapes her grip. Paige’s pin attempt falls flat as instead Natalya prizes her into the sharpshooter but Paige reaches the ropes in means of escape. Natalya grabs Paige, who is on the apron, and Paige sends Natties jaw into the ropes. Paige heads back to the ring to attempt another roll up, getting another near fall. Paige goes for a running boot but Natalya takes the target leg and takes her down to the mat. Taking both legs, Natalya locks in the finishing Sharpshooter submission once more, which Paige submits to. Natalya wins the match.

The Second divas match of the show comes through a probably pre taped segment outside the arena where Team Bellas arrival is outdone by the Arrival of Team BAD in a Limousine. Sasha made a mockery of Nikki’s merch, leading to Nikki getting infuriated by such mockery, leading to the match taking place. Speaking of Team BAD, they head to the ring to have a neat pre match promo, to which Sasha voices her proud thoughts of being back on home turf in Boston. As she looks to speak more, down come Alicia, Nikki and Brie. Nikki fires a verbal spat over Sasha being “overrated” while the crowd break out into Nikki Sucks Chants. Team BAD break out into laughter as Naomi berates Nikki over being a former champion, but Nikki spits back by reminding them who is WWEs longest reigning divas champion and who “will be” the next divas champion at Hell in a Cell. Sasha then reminds Team Bella that is doesn’t matter much to her who holds the title after the show, because they are just keeping it warm for her. Brie and Nikki mock Team BAD further and Naomi steps in to start a fight. With that being said, after the referee holds back all the girls from kicking off an altercation, the bell is officially rung.

Nikki throws merch at Naomi to start off before she takes her down to the mat. Nikki whips Naomi to the corner but Naomi floats on the turnbuckles, also shaking her rear in Nikki’s face for a little taunting before kicking her back. Naomi levels Nikki with a running dropkick, and she takes Nikki into her hands and brings her to Team BADs corner, tagging in Sasha, making much of the crowd happy per their response. Naomi hits Kicks before Sasha hits double knees after floating over the ropes. Sasha pulls Nikki away from the ropes for a pin attempt, but the former champ kicks out at one.

Sasha sends Nikki face first into an opposite corner turnbuckle, choking her with her boot after. Nikki breaks free of an arm wringer as We Want Sasha chants further. Nikki sends Sasha to Team Bellas Corner, tagging Brie in. Brie knees Sasha and sends her into the nearby turnbuckle. Brie hits a load of knees before having her whip reversed. Brie tries to block the charging Sasha with both knees, but it leads to Sasha setting up Brie between the ropes. Sasha nails double knees to Brie but moments later Team Bella are pulling Brie from the ring.

We Return to see Naomi and Alicia in action, and Alicia much in control as she nails the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Naomi, securing a near fall. Alicia sets up Naomi in the corner, tagging in Brie, who kicks at her before hitting a running bulldog into the near centre of the mat. Brie taunts Sasha then covers Naomi, who kicks out at one. Brie kicks the arm of Naomi then pulls her away from her team-mates. Brie hits the running knee for a near fall on Naomi. Brie tags Nikki, who hits the Natural Selection, shades of Hell in a Cell Opposition Charlotte, to Naomi. Nikki also gathers some heat hitting bostons favorite Sasha off the apron with a hard forearm. Nikki engages in a small verbal spat with Tamina, which Naomi takes advantage of, rolling up Nikki but just getting a near fall.

Naomi snaps Nikki’s jaw as the former champ attempts to isolate Naomi from the members of Team BAD. Nikki clotheslines Naomi to get another near fall. Nikki hits numerous shoulder tackles to Naomi in the corner, and Fox gets tagged in. Alicia hits a Northern Lights Suplex within moments of moving Naomi from the corner, getting a one count in her effort. Alicia pulls Naomi further from Sasha and Tamina before covering her, getting a near fall. Naomi runs Alicia to a nearby corner to escape a rear chokehold, also hitting Fox with a knee into the midsection. Again Fox grabs Naomi and moves her away from the corner of Team BAD, and Brie tags. Brie hits kick after kick to Naomi, who counters with a take-down. Brie moves Naomi back to Team Bella’s Corner, and Fox returns to the match.

Fox stomps at Naomi before applying another rear chokehold. Naomi avoids an attack from Alicia in the corner, finally giving her the moment needed to reach over to either Tamina or Sasha. Sasha gets tagged in, and she fires a clothesline at Alicia before knocking both Bella’s from the apron. Sasha dropkicks Alicia then nails running double knees to Alicia in the corner. Alicia takes a hit from running double knees for the second time, and Sasha goes for a hopeful victory pin until Brie intervenes. Brie gets super-kicked by Tamina, and Nikki comes to the aid of her sister with a forearm smash to Tamina. Naomi darts in and hits the rear view to Nikki, taking a big boot from Alicia right after. Moments later, Alicia is on the end of the Backstabber into the Bank Statement. Succumbing to the pain, Alicia taps out and Team BAD emerge victorious once again.

After witnessing another win on Sasha’s Part, Charlotte and her PCB Bestie Becky are interviewed backstage. Charlotte shoves off Paige’s issues as just her issues and that in the meantime she must wholly focus on herself and use the match at Hell in a Cell to prove her title win, her victory over Nikki, wasn’t even down to luck. Charlotte says she earned the title and its exactly where it belongs.

And Lastly, Rusev and Summer participate in an in ring segment on part of Summer expressing the helpfulness of Rusev during their time as a unit. Taken so much by Rusevs “kindness” she gets down on one knee as Lana had rumored to recently with Rusev, and proposes. Rusev says Yes, but not at this time, demanding that they both must seek out WWE Gold. Summer with the Divas Title? Yes Please!

(Paige vs Natalya)

(Tamina, Naomi and Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella, Alicia Fox and Nikki Bella)

(Becky Lynch and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

(Summer Rae and Rusev Segment)

(Becky Lynch Backstage Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Paige/Natalya: Overall my favorite of the two matches that took place just wholly based on how well both divas work against each other. Hopefully the recent WWE sit-down with Nattie means this feud is still full fledged to some capacity amongst the rumors Paige is being “punished” for something that is probably completely stupid to be punished for but when Paige’s character was just about to get fired up, the corporate politics isn’t needed, especially when these are two divas who can put on 5 star 16 minute matches if given the chance.

Team BAD/Team Bella: Another Good Match showcased while also protecting Sasha from pinfalls to build for her eventual title shot. Even if Nikki didn’t take the fall on this occasion, what does the constant falls on the side of Team Bella mean in terms of keeping Nikki strong for Hell in a Cell? Other than that, another good showing, one of which Sasha was incredibly over in.

– Catherine


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