TNA BOUND FOR GLORY RESULTS: Long Time Rivals Clash Once More (October, 4th 2015)

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Hello Everybody and Welcome to the Bound for Glory Report, which is indeed long overdue. This Past Sunday TNA Presented its biggest and last Pay Per View of the Year, Bound for Glory, and in turn, presented the next round of Gail’s Potential Championship challengers, with Kim facing longtime rival Awesome Kong one on one with the title she won recently from a hoping to return Brooke on the line.

The Match doesn’t start without the welcoming video package from the Past IMPACT to highlight the past brutal clashes between Kong and Gail of course before Kong makes her arrival first per being the challenger. The Champion follows per tradition, entering after Kong ready for the critically acclaimed battle to be re-lit.

The Two lock up on the bell, and the power of Kong is on show early as she easily manages to shove the champ away and out of her grip. Gail shakes it off, locking up with the imposing challenger for a second time. Gail captures Kong in a side headlock then heads to the ropes, only to run into Kong’s elbow. Kong takes over in the third lock up, forcing Gail to the ropes. Kong loosens per referee intervention then sends the charging Gail down with a knee. Kong unleashes some large chops at Gail and whips her into an opposite corner. Kong charges but Gail swiftly moves out of the way. Gail attempts to repeat Kong’s earlier performance but her face ends up smacking the turnbuckles instead. Gail is sent down per the clothesline from Kong.

Kong slams Gail easily against the mat, demonstrating a second time. Kong attempts to send her to the mat for a third time but Gail reverses, slipping out of her hands and clubbing the back of her leg. Gail targets the same leg with numerous behind kicks, and leaps off the top turnbuckle with a diving cross-body, which gets her a near fall on Kong. Gail starts hitting Kong with forearms as Proud Hubby Robert Irvine looks on from the audience. Gail runs the ropes but ends up caught in Kong’s arms. Gail clasps both sides of Kong’s head to break loose before getting caught in a chin-lock. Kong then stops Gail’s attempt to break free by debuting her own cross arm-breaker. Gail tries forcing Kong’s shoulders to the mat and gets a near fall in the pin attempt but the cross arm-breaker remains locked in.

Gail rolls over and applies pressure to the left leg of Kong. Gail moves to the front of the body to keep Kong away from the ropes. Gail applies an octopus stretch hold but Kong counters into a slam. Kong covers and Gail kicks out just before a three count. Kong starts climbing the turnbuckles next, but Gail darts over and starts hurling forearms. A Top rope Hurricanrana from Gail to Kong falls flat and within moments Gail meets the mat after taking a blow to the head. Kong hits a frog splash off the ropes to get a near fall on the champ once again.

Kong flips over the pins result and chucks Gail from the ring. Kong then heads outside and scans the scenery, taking notice of a steel chair nearby, which she grabs, even when knowing it would cause a Disqualification if used. Kong then drags out a second steel chair from under the ring and continues looking about the outside, taking notice of a third steel chair and as she tries taking it, Robert surprisingly intervenes, forcing it out of Kong’s arms, which frustrates her. Gail tries to make a comeback but Kong sends her into the steel chair on the floor. Kong heads back to the ring as Gail starts getting counted out. However, Kong takes herself outside and grabs Gail, throwing her back in the ring before following suit. Kong covers Gail within moments and gets a near fall.

Kong has vicious intentions as she sets up for the Awesome Bomb, which surely isn’t going to hit, and doesn’t as Gail counters. Gail hooks both legs and gets a near fall on Kong. Kong blocks Eat Defeat and sends her down with her arm. Kong propels herself to the second rope, grabbing Gail simultaneously but Gail fights back and Kong ends up off the ropes. Gail nails some kicks from the side before Kong takes her throat. Gail counters with Eat Defeat off the ropes which doesn’t move Kong much but leaves her dazed enough to take a finishing roll up from Gail. Gail pins Kong and retains the title.

(Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim; Knockouts Championship Match)

Thoughts on this Match:
Overall i loved the match, even if it did feel predictable in some cases. I Liked the unique use of the Eat Defeat from Gail and was majorly surprised at seeing Kong use the Cross Arm-breaker (that or shes used it before and Ive completely forgotten) and also liked the use of Robert Irvine in the match, even though looking back 2 years ago, he could have easily made a great heel manager for Gail in her 3rd reign. The Question is where Gail’s reign goes from here because of no tapings until the upcoming month because Brooke is surely needing a rematch and Jade is also a top hyped contender for the future. Time will tell.

– Catherine


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