WWE NXT TAKEOVER RESPECT RESULTS: Delivering, Earning and Capitalizing on Respect (October, 7th 2015)


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Hello Everyone and Welcome to what is most certainly going to be one of my favorite PPVs to ever report on in wrestling history (which you can thank Triple H for) as this past Wednesday NXT brought us another positive NXT Takeover event, NXT Takeover Respect, and on this particular night Two Women who have made much of a mark on WWEs developmental system would Main Event as Bayley defended her newly won NXT Women’s Title against Main Roster Diva and former NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. But that wasn’t all that Full Sail presented ladies wise that night as the Great In Ring Worker that is Asuka faced Dana Brooke in Dana’s first singles PPV match.

Dana makes her arrival to kick off the also anticipated match up, bringing the equally villainous Emma along for the battle as expected for some possible shenanigans. Asuka makes her entrance secondly to a new version of her previously debuted theme, with an overall aura of intimidation but respect at the same time as she gets one heck of a greeting from the NXT Universe. As for Dana, minus Emma, there’s nothing much on her side as she is flooded with Loud “Asukas Gonna Kill You” chants.

Asuka, bringing her respectful side to the ring, offers Dana a handshake despite what happened before, but in typical heel fashion, Dana smacks it away. Dana avoids a kick by Asuka before they get into a lock up. Dana reverses an arm wringer by Asuka, but Asuka is super quick to reverse. Asuka continues to dominate with forward rolls while grasping Dana in a hammerlock, but Dana shoves her off with an elbow. Dana head pats and slaps Asuka, but makes an instant mistake as Asuka slowly turns before slapping and kicking at Dana. Dana counters Asukas whip but Asuka hits back with her own variation of the Rear View to send Dana onto the mat. Asuka mocks Dana’s poses which Dana takes not so kindly to. Dana fires elbows at Asuka, and runs the ropes, but Asuka trips Dana and locks in the Disarmer, made familiar by Becky Lynch. Dana manages to get both her feet on the ropes to force Asuka to break.

Asuka hits a load of knees to the back of Dana. Dana retreats to the outside but Asuka is quick to follow out, continuing the kicks to Dana there. Asuka throws Dana back to the ring and as Dana brings on a distraction by getting the attention of the ref, Emma traps Asukas feet in the ring apron. Dana uses the assistance of Emma to snap Asukas head against the rope. Dana then hits a single knee drop after rolling Asuka back to the ring and gets a near fall on the newcomer. Dana takes Asuka to the corner, unloading with shoulder tackles before choking her with her feet while performing a handstand. Dana pulls Asuka into her clothesline to follow, and wraps her legs around Asukas waist for a submission hold. Asuka counters into an ankle lock, to the shock of Dana. Asuka then sends Dana across the ring with a German Suplex.

Dana blocks Asuka as she charges to the corner. Asuka hits back quick by taking down Dana and locking in the Disarmer again. Dana rolls out but within moments she is caught in Asukas rear chokehold. Asuka super-kicks Dana in the face and gets the attention of Emma, who leaps to the apron for a attempt to distract the dominating competitor. Asuka nails an elbow to Emma, sending her to the floor. Asuka eventually locks in her finishing Asuka Lock and forces Dana to submit. Asuka wins the match, Dana even tries to attack after the match in anger from her loss, and takes a Roundhouse kick for her troubles. Asuka also stares down a disappointed Emma before leaving.

Moving onwards and the next women’s appearance is the long awaited and well deserved main event as Bayley defends the NXT Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks, but not just in some non stipulated match but in a 30 minute Iron Man/Woman Match. Following the well done video package seen from last week, Sasha and Bayley make their entrances to an elated NXT audience, which includes Becky, Lita, Stephanie and Charlotte who have the front row. After introductions, the bell is finally rung, and for those who need to follow, the rules of an Iron Man Match means the victor has the most pins per pinfall or submission or count-out in the 30 Minute Time Limit.

The Two stare down for a little time, time they don’t really have, but to rather signify the meaning of the Event, Respect. Bayley and Sasha aggressively lock up for the first maneuver of the match, but Sasha soon throws it off. Bayley maintains composure before they get back to square one with a second lock up. Sasha and Bayley get various reversals by the ropes, before Sasha captures the defending champ in a side headlock. Bayley sends Sasha to the ropes but she comes back as quick, sending Bayley down with an elbow. Sasha tries for the first pin, getting a one count on Bayley. Sasha rolls Bayley over for the second, getting the same result from before. A Third also leads to another one count.

Bayley throws Sasha to the ropes, ducking from her clothesline. Bayley elbows Sasha to the mat and like Sasha had before, tries a fast pin attempt. Sasha kicks out at one. Two more lead to the same result for Bayley. The two stare down once more before Bayley counters a clothesline attempt into a backslide. Bayley gets a one count once again on Sasha. Sasha rolls Bayley into a small package, getting her a near fall on the champ, the first of the match. Bayley with a takedown and a near fall, before Sasha attacks again, leading to another near fall. Bayley gets an arm wringer and rolls Sasha over for a one count. Bayley rolls her over again but the result remains the same.

Sasha levels Bayley with a dropkick, sending Bayley over to the corner. Bayley charges and gets caught in Sasha’s arm wringer attempt. Bayley hits back by arm dragging Sasha, and a second leads to Sasha taking a nasty bump, but regardless the Bo$$ kicks out at one in the pin attempt that follows. Sasha follows with a head-scissor take-down before being thrown to the apron by Bayley. Sasha grabs the arm of Bayley and manages the top rope arm drag, reminiscent of her early days. Sasha charges to the corner, missing Bayley, but is quick to counter, using the legs to throw Bayley to the corner post. Sasha attempts the behind Bank Statement but it falls flat as Bayley hangs on to the ropes. Sasha rushes to the corner after blocking a Belly to Belly suplex attempt from Bayley. Bayley, out of kindness, offers to help Sasha onto her feet. Sasha reels in for a hug then tricks the babyface diva, tossing her against the mat. Sasha covers Bayley moments later, getting a near fall on the champ.

Sasha whips Bayley to the nearby corner but takes an elbow as she charges towards her. Bayley arm drags Sasha from the second rope. Bayley follows up with a clothesline to Sasha in the corner. Bayley scores a load of front and behind elbows as well as a dropkick to the former champ, but doesnt get a pin attempt as Sasha rolls from the ring and to the outside floor. Bayley doesnt wait too long however, hitting a baseball slide dropkick between the ring post. Bayley does the same again on the other side, then throws Sasha back to the ring. Sasha tries to clothesline Bayley from the apron but misses. Bayley sweeps Sashas legs from outside, sending her head first into the mat. Bayley heads back to the ring, hitting a bulldog to get a near fall on Sasha. Sasha attempts to roll over Bayley, but moments into her pin, the referee takes note of Sasha’s foot being on the ropes, cancelling it. Both Bayley and Sasha dodge each others attacks, but Sasha plays smart, blocking the referees vision while poking at the eye of Bayley. Sasha rolls Bayley over within moments, and the referee, no longer obstructed, counts the pin. Sasha gets the first pin of this Iron Man Match on Bayley and is so far in the lead 1 – 0.

Sasha continues to attack moments later, attacking the back of Bayley. Sasha chokes Bayley against the nearby corner with her boot. Bayley takes Sasha down, hitting with punches. Sasha fires her own then tries throwing her to the corner, but Bayley places her foot against the turnbuckle to maintain position. Bayley then plants Sasha’s face multiple times against the turnbuckle. Sasha counters, sending Bayley into the corner hard. Sasha tries to set up double knees but Bayley avoids, sending Sasha chin first into the turnbuckle. Sasha forearm smashes Bayley after diverting Bayleys attempt to drop her body against the mat. Suddenly Bayley pulls her away from the corner and hits her finishing Belly to Belly Suplex. A Tiebreaker leads as Bayley gets her first pin on Sasha.

Sasha rolls outside and Bayley also heads out, looking for the baseball slide dropkick again, except this time Sasha sees it coming and blocks it. Sasha gets both feet and throws Bayley into the steel steps back first. Sasha rolls Bayley into the ring to ensure no count-out, trying to pin instead and getting a near fall. Sasha viciously sends Bayley back to the outside, and throws her back into the steel steps. She does so a second time and invokes a crowd reaction as she verbally spits at Bayleys ringside fan, Izzy. Sasha rolls Bayley back to the ring once again for a pin attempt, but Bayley continues the two count kick outs as the title remains on the line. Sasha repeats the earlier offense as she throws Bayley back outside for another go. This time Bayley takes a bad landing as Sasha drags her up the ramp. Sasha throws Bayley into the stage set then hurries back down to the ring, getting in the face of Izzy again on her way. Bayley is then counted out, meaning Sasha now has a secondary fall over Bayley, and she leads 2 – 1.

Bayley tries to gather pace and make her way back to the ring to not gain Sasha a 3rd. Bayley breaks up the count as she slides back in the ring. Sasha attempts to pin Bayley and gets a near fall. Sasha kicks at the back of Bayley, mocking the champ as she slowly tries to position herself in the corner. Sasha gets in the face of Bayley, blocking her attempted kick, and she drops the knee of Bayley against the mat for a one count, per Bayleys arm being under the rope. Sasha stomps the arm of Bayley mid way into locking in the Sharpshooter before locking it in officially. Bayley tries with all her might to get to the rope but Sasha swivels and kicks at the arm of Bayley before she can do so. All of a sudden, Bayley reverses a roll up from Sasha to get a three count, meaning both ladies now tie at two pinfalls.

Sasha is ready to hit double knees after soaking in the earlier pinfall, but Bayley moves and Sasha misses. Its Now Bayley firing back with several axe handles. Bayley DDTs Sasha for a near fall. Bayley hits a running shoulder tackle and back elbow, and gets a second before throwing Sasha from the corner. Bayley nails a spinning back elbow off the top turnbuckle, managing a near fall in her pin attempt despite succumbing to some pain. Bayley sets up Sasha in the corner before hitting a springboard elbow. Bayley pulls Sasha away from the ropes for her next pin attempt, but the earlier offense was enough only to get a near fall. Bayley sets up Sasha on the top turnbuckle, climbing to the top rope. Sasha moves away and pushes the ropes, causing Bayley to be planted between the ropes. Bayley then gets tangled on the ropes, and Sasha manages to hit double knees. Sasha goes to pin again, but Bayley shoves her off, kicking out at two once more.

Again Sasha places Bayley against the corner but misses her running shoulder tackle as Bayley raises herself upward. Bayley kicks Sasha between the ropes, then heads outside before giving Sasha a taste of her own medicine, smashing her arm against the steel steps. Bayley does so again before throwing her back to the ring. Bayley covers and gets another near fall. Bayley avoids Sashas oncoming attack and snaps the arm of Sasha against the ropes, and Sasha, thriving in pain, tumbles outside. Bayley and Sasha fight between the steps but Bayley gets one up again as she takes the same arm of Sasha as before and sends it into the top of the stairs. Bayley then hits a running clothesline off the top of the stairs which flattens Sasha. Both ladies are down, but Bayley is quicker to get up, grabbing Sasha, who counters by kicking her into the stairs. Sasha rolls back in as Bayley starts to get counted out. Rather than await, Sasha takes to the ropes and performs the suicide dive to Bayley. Bayley appears to have caught Sasha and sends her down with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Bayley rolls back into the ring following Sasha but even her finisher couldn’t make Sasha submit.

Bayley musters strength, even when the tiredness is showing for both, lifting Sasha up top. Sasha hits with elbows to knock Bayley away and create a little distance. Bayley then darts over to Sasha and hits the Belly to Belly from the ropes. Bayley rolls Sasha over for the hopeful pin of victory but even when reaching three, it is noticed that Sasha has her foot on the rope to immediately cancel. Bayley performs the top rope Hurricanrana she had done at Brooklyn but this time Sasha gains footing and is immediately standing, which Bayley does not appear to notice. Sasha waits for the defending champ to turn, hitting Bayleys own finisher. Bayley kicks out of the following pin attempt, to the utmost shock of possibly everyone. Sasha wastes no time and goes right into the Bank Statement in her attempt to take back the title. Bayley attempts a reversal after being pulled away from the ropes, but Sasha places her back in the submission. Bayley may have seemed close to fading, but gathers strength and sends Sashas arm to the mat, also breaking off from the Bank Statement. Sasha hits the Bank Statement in the third go but Bayley counters into an armbar. A Screaming Sasha taps in the few seconds remaining and Bayley retains the title. Both Divas receive an admirable celebration courtesy of Charlotte, Becky and the others as well as Triple H to close the major Takeover show.

(Dana Brooke w/ Emma vs Asuka)

(Nia Jax Comes to NXT Next Week)

(Sasha Banks vs Bayley; 30 Minute Iron Man NXT Womens Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Dana/Asuka: Okay So No Match reached the caliber of Bayley/Sasha as per predicted, but first of all congrats to Asuka on her in ring debut, an appearance in NXT i never thought would come true to this day. Asuka is legit a breath of fresh air to the division and the other divas could learn so much from her. Also Major Credit goes to Dana for managing to keep up with Asukas fast paced work and performing much better than the previous week which didn’t really showcase herself as a threat beforehand. On top the Asuka/Emma teases may keep on coming so im majorly excited if this match is being built.

Sasha/Bayley: Again, the women of NXT continue to outdo each other in the follow up matches, and it continued here with Sasha and Bayleys secondary singles PPV clash. There is so much to say about this match, whether it would be Bayley breaking the stereotype of divas only being pushed due to looks, in NXT it just isn’t about that and it makes the moment even greater, and to think we might not have got this if WWE hadn’t pulled the trigger on Bayley getting a long awaited title run. The Post Match celebration just brought the sense of importance more, the true respect to women’s performers in the WWE and i do feel Nikki and Sasha could go to this level if WWE EVER allowed them to do so on the main roster because they are still lacking in major matches and having their potential used to the right standard. The Fact that NXT are pushing the divas that can perform at such a caliber is a great thing, and it allows the others on the side, Dana etc to continue working their craft until they are ready. I Also had to sympathize with Becky when i saw her at ringside because i just don’t think the main roster will allow her to perform at such a level again. Lets hope she turns heel and comes back to NXT just so i can see the Dream Match of Becky/Asuka ey? Well in regards to the championship, Just wait till what happens next!

– Catherine


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