WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Summer Gets Sneaky While Team PCB Face Issues Again (October, 15th 2015)

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Greetings Wrestling Fans and welcome to this weeks report on a rather interesting Episode of Smackdown, one which agreeably had more build divas wise than this past Mondays RAW. Not Only did we see Divas action, but a backstage attack and Summer returning to her referee status for the second time in her career, as well as returning to her flirtatious ways. Get ready for SummerxDolph Fanfiction folks!

It is revealed through a backstage segment that Summer had been made the special guest referee for a match between past rivals Dolph and Rusev. Of course the insertion cannot mean a clean win for someone, and Summer, after looking back at RAW where she left Rusev permanently, avoids the question of remaining impartial and working as an actual referee, instead shading Lana and Rusev over keeping their personal life separate from their professional life. Summer then heads off to prepare to work the upcoming match.

In the meantime we see Natalya walking about backstage and is none too happy with the appearance of a more “saddened” Paige, who tries to apologize for her latest actions to Nattie and the others, reflecting on how she came up and instantly became champion, and how those expectations became pressure for her, continuing with how Charlotte got inserted into the picture with her title win, leading to her falling back, with the addition of Natalya working with them. Natalya doesn’t fall for her shtick, not wanting to hug Paige and make her feel better, but Paige doesn’t expect it. Paige wants to make things up to Natalya, since they were great friends since her start in NXT, and Natalya says its a start but that’s all, before excusing herself from the conversation.

Heading back to Summers issues, and the blonde diva heads out in referee gear to officiate Rusevs Match with Ziggler, removing her bun and letting her hair down to shy away from the Mimic Lana hairstyle she had for many weeks. Summer eventually costs Rusev his match by slapping him in the face and fast counting the pin from Dolph on Rusev to award Dolph the win. Summer even tries luring Dolph into a partnership afterward, not denying the chemistry, but gets turned down by the current babyface.

Next we see Paige’s Former Team mates head to the ring as Charlotte, the divas champ, faces Team Bella’s Alicia Fox. Before Charlotte can even throw her first offense, the opponent of the champ at Hell in a Cell, Nikki, hits the apron for a distraction, which allows Fox the first blow to Charlotte. Alicia throws forearms and whips Charlotte into a Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Alicia tries to cover Charlotte moments later, but the champ kicks out at two, leading to a near fall for Alicia on Charlotte.

Alicia knees Charlotte in the back before applying the following rear chokehold. Charlotte struggles for a while, attempting to throw Alicia over her back but Alicia maintains position. Charlotte attempts to loosen Alicia’s grip as she launches her into the turnbuckles twice, but instead Alicia takes a fistful of Charlotte’s hair and sends her to the same corner. Alicia hits a Northern Lights Suplex for another two count on Charlotte. Alicia kicks and snapmares Charlotte, reverting to the earlier chokehold. Charlotte counters a second backbreaker attempt but gets tossed to the ropes. Charlotte attempts a big boot, as does Alicia, and both tumble to the mat after taking the hits simultaneously.

Charlotte re-cooperates then starts unloading with chops to Alicia. Charlotte follows with a standing neckbreaker right into the spear. Charlotte locks the Figure 8 on Alicia for the sudden finish and Charlotte gets the victory over the Team Bella Member, one that her fellow team mates take not too kindly to as they storm the ring to attack Charlotte and Becky midway through a victory celebration. With Becky out of her way Nikki has Brie and Alicia hold Charlotte in place to take her vicious attack, but then, to somes surprise, Paige hits the ring to send Team Bella away.

Becky and Charlotte play up their confusion backstage after the bout, approached by Paige who voices pleasure at what she believed was a reunion for PCB. Becky reminds Paige of the bad things she did and Paige skips off, still acting all happy as Charlotte and Becky rush about to the nearby locker room per the appearance of various officials and doctors, tending to a knocked out Natalya, leaving them both in panic.

(Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev; Summer Rae as Special Guest Referee)

(Paige and Natalya Backstage Segment; Natalya, Becky Lynch and Charlotte post match segment)

(Alicia Fox w/ Brie Bella and Nikki Bella vs Charlotte w/ Becky Lynch featuring Paige)

Thoughts On:
Summer/Dolph: As i said before, this weeks Smackdown has had more developments for the divas than RAW, and i honestly enjoyed the developments here with Summer and Dolph to build to Summer being elevated to possibly the highest level ever, valeting Dolph in a feud with Cena, which doesn’t usually work out well for some but nonetheless we know how AJ managing Dolph worked out. Because of Lana still being sidelined, i see Rusev moving to the IC title picture alone for months, maybe not the best development for him but its better than worrying about a babyface run for now. I Just hope the Summer/Dolph heel alignment is happening because Summer is a great heel manager, not on the levels of Lana, but good nonetheless, and i have high hopes for her role with Ziggler.

Charlotte/Alicia: Overall another short match, expected of Smackdown, but we got additional Team Bella Momentum(ish) and extra build for the PCB/Nattie storyline. Additionally Charlotte and Fox work well against each other as well. Overall, Paige is obviously Natalya’s attacker hence why she made the save over Natalya, because she sidelined her out of the kayfabe jealousy of Nattie replacing her, but how big a swerve would it be if it had been Becky doing it pre match to set up a secret Paige/Becky alliance? I Can only wish.

– Catherine


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