WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Team Bella Continue to Make a Mockery Out of An Opposing Team BAD (October, 16th 2015)

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Greetings and a nice welcome to this weeks WWE Main Event report on the weekend closing day of Sunday, Okay never-mind Monday because the Clock hit 12 but anyway…For another week, Main Event presented not only some divas action (in the Main Event ironically) but divas action featuring Team BAD, just without their sparkle in Sasha Banks in ring wise. The Athletic Naomi and the Strong Tamina took on the Bella Twins in Tag Team Action.

This is presented through a backstage segment as Renee greets Alicia and the Heel Bella’s for an interview. Brie speaks up first, stating that despite the number of divas coming up to overthrow them, Team Bella is stronger than ever. Brie is about to address the state of Team PCB before Alicia makes a mockery in regards to what their team name might be currently. After having a bit of “fun” thinking up a name, Alicia shrugs it off, saying it doesn’t matter because the Team is a Hot Mess anyway. Brie agrees with Alicia before moving the attention to Team BAD, bringing up the fans constant need to get Sasha in the ring, and how that wont be happening because once again Sasha is on the sidelines, managing Tamina and Naomi instead tonight. Nikki then has her turn on the mic, stating that Sasha may think that the situation means shes being held back but in her opinion the gathering of divas are a load of spoilt brats. Nikki finishes by referring to her soon to be opponent, Charlotte, saying her face says it all, upon watching her team fall apart, she has “realized” that Nikki is on the verge of taking back the title. This isn’t a revolution in her eyes but more the Bella’s Evolution.

And ironically on the show known as Main Event the Girls are Main Eventing, as Brie and Nikki head to the ring with the accompaniment of Alicia Fox for tag action. Naomi and Tamina follow, joined by former NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, probably sitting out a second time to recover from her grueling but also history making Iron Man Match. Opening up for the respective Teams are Brie and Tamina.

The Two Women Lock Up and the strength of Tamina is soon on showcase as she throws off Brie with ease, Brie recovers and returns to the previous position, engaging in a secondary lock up, with a repeat performance. Wanting no more of Team BADs powerhouse, Brie leaves, tagging Nikki. Nikki tries locking up with Tamina, but like her sister, is thrown to the ropes easy. Nikki soaks in the realization but stands ground, locking up with Tamina again. Tamina manages to throw Nikki easily to the opposite corner. Nikki takes over in a third lock up, swiveling round and applying a waistlock. Nikki forearms Tamina in the back and hits the ropes but Tamina clubs Nikki at the side of her face. Nikki attempts to scoop Tamina from the mat but Tamina lands on top of her instead, leading to a pin attempt. Nikki kicks out at one.

Tamina attacks Nikki in the midsection for a short time, before slamming her to the mat. Tamina then goes to tag Naomi, who lands a single leg drop on Nikki. Naomi attempts to pin, but like the other pin attempt from Tamina, Nikki escapes at one. Nikki sends Naomi to the ropes but Naomi dodges an oncoming clothesline and comes back with a head-scissor take-down. Nikki rolls away from the ring for a possible timeout but Naomi nails a baseball slide dropkick to Nikki, who tumbles to the ground.

We return to see Nikki back in the ring escaping a headlock courtesy of Naomi. Naomi locks it in again, taking Nikki to the mat moments later. Nikki escapes another pin attempt at one. Nikki reverses into a head-scissor before Naomi breaks loose, capturing Nikki in a side headlock once again. Nikki whips Naomi to a nearby corner but Naomi floats. Naomi cheekily shakes her rear in Nikki’s face, but Nikki fires back with a high kick to the midsection. Nikki snaps the arm of Naomi against the ropes. Nikki tries to take the arm again but the ref interferes. With eyes on Nikki, Brie cheapshots, stamping on the same arm of Naomi. Nikki sends Naomi back into the ring, following suit before attempting her pin attempt, which Naomi escapes at one.

Nikki, with Naomi in her hands, tags in Brie, who scales the turnbuckles. Brie nails a double axe handle from up top, hitting a knee to the targeted arm of Naomi to follow. Naomi tries to push Brie out of the corner but Brie continues her assault. Brie chokes Naomi against the corner before hitting a Side Russian Leg Sweep from the center of the ring. Naomi gets caught in Bries stretch hold, targeting the same arm. Brie tags Nikki back in and the two double team Naomi, grabbing her hair and throwing her back to the mat. Nikki goes to cover within moments but again Naomi is out at one. Nikki launches Naomi to the corner, choking her arm against the corner before taunting Sasha. Nikki turns back to Naomi, who kicks her out of the corner, proving her taunting time costly. Tamina seems desperate to get into the match but Brie runs in on the tag, clubbing Tamina off the apron. Tamina runs back to the ring, getting mad with the ref while Brie drags Naomi to the Bella’s corner. Brie kicks constantly at Naomi before placing her against the ropes where she executes her running knee. Brie then pulls her from the ropes to pin but gets a near fall in her effort.

Brie captures Naomi in a hold but Naomi uses her athleticism to reverse and escape. She misses an attack in the corner to Nikki, but is quick footed, crawling under the legs of Brie, and making her way to Tamina. Brie turns round, grabbing the leg of Naomi to isolate, but Naomi pushes her back and finally tags Tamina in. Tamina powers in, taking down Brie and also knocking the former divas champ Nikki off the apron. Tamina nails some strong clotheslines to Brie along with a running elbow into the corner. Tamina looks for the Samoan Drop as she prizes Brie onto her shoulders but Brie escapes her grip. Brie gets caught in the arms of Tamina midway through a running cross-body. Tamina hits a side slam and goes to cover but Nikki rushes in to break it up. Naomi tries to fend Nikki off but takes the forearm smash for it. Tamina avenges her down partner with a super-kick, but Brie takes advantage by kicking Taminas Midsection and hitting her facebuster finish for the victory. Nikki and Brie win the match.

(Tamina and Naomi w/ Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella and Nikki Bella w/ Alicia Fox)

Thoughts on this Match:
I Really enjoyed this match and began to feel a babyface-ish vibe from Team BAD but mostly Tamina and Sasha. I Also found myself getting behind Tamina on the Hot Tag, almost making me want babyface Tamina as much as i worry for an overall babyface Team BAD due to a heel turn inventing Sasha’s NXT career, so when Tamina got pinned despite the showing she got, i was gutted. But overall a good match with impressive heel teamwork again from Team Bella and as much as Brie doesn’t get much chance to get a victory these days, i couldn’t help but disagree with the end result.

– Catherine


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