WWE NXT RESULTS: Asuka and Alexa Make Further Statements (October, 21st 2015)

asuka v billie


alexa bliss 154

Greetings and Welcome to this weeks NXT report, amid tonight’s tapings which should build the rather heated feud between Bayley and Alexa Bliss. Speaking of Bliss, the diva rising to top heel status was in action, as was the new favorite of NXT, Asuka.

Returning to NXT for her first match since Takeover, and bringing her addictive theme with her (now leaked on YouTube by the way) is Asuka, and the Japanese Athlete is facing a Diva hoping to progress in the women’s division, Billie Kay. The Aussie Diva, now back heel after teaming with Peyton not that long ago, even gets a side screen promo, cleverly bringing up the twos past bouts prior to their signings, with the additional claim that she has the “longest legs in NXT”.

Asuka starts off with a nice gesture, offering her once fellow SHIMMER wrestler a handshake. Billie seems to accept before roping Asuka into her own attack, scoring a knee to the midsection and blindsiding the respectful athlete. Billie also hits a big boot to Asuka, before attempting to pin early, getting a one count. Billie scores an elbow to the back of Asuka before leading her into the nearby corner. Billie chokes Asuka with her foot against the top turnbuckle, talking extra smack before hitting an elbow to Asuka’s back again. Billie, holding Asuka in the air for a few seconds, nails a vertical suplex for a near fall.

Billie applies a hold to Asuka, also thwarting her escape with a snapmare, trying to revert back to the hold, but instead taking a kick from Asuka. Asuka begins her comeback with high kicks, before being sent back with a forearm. Billie brings some more smack talk only for Asuka to raise her head as if she was enjoying the beating. Billie takes to the ropes but runs right into Asukas roll into the Disarmer. Billie rolls out, attempting to kick Asuka moments later, only to end up on the end of the German Suplex from Asuka. Asuka hits a running knee, rallying the crowd a little before applying the Asuka Lock. Billie taps and Asuka wins her Full Sail Return Match.

In Addition to Asukas Successful Return Bout, the ever so charismatic heel looking for a chance in the title picture, Alexa Bliss, faces Billies On and Off Fellow Aussie Partner, Peyton Royce, oddly having the same theme as Billie. Alexa also has Blake and Murphy in her corner.

Peyton starts off by taking over early, capturing Bliss in a side headlock. Peyton sends Bliss to the mat before she comes back with a head-scissor reversal. Peyton kicks out, engaging in a stare down with the heel diva before ducking away from a clothesline and rolling Alexa into a roll up, getting her a near fall. Peyton counters Alexa’s counter from a possible backslide into another pin attempt, scoring another near fall. Alexa escapes a secondary side headlock from Peyton, running the ropes but holding on to avoid Peyton’s oncoming offense. Alexa takes advantage of Peyton’s position, standing on her back while taunting. Alexa talks smack, turning her back from Peyton and being taken down by Peyton as she fires back. Peyton hits a flurry of elbows to Alexa against the mat before the two break loose from each other.

Alexa reverses Peyton’s whip, attempting an arm drag and blocking Peyton’s knee to the face. Alexa arm drags Peyton over her back, also applying her boot against Peyton’s face while working on the targeted arm. Alexa secures an elbow drop before returning to the same arm. Peyton throws elbows and whips Alexa into a Roundhouse kick. Peyton dropkicks Alexa, followed with a kick. Peyton hits one more kick to send Alexa toward the corner, and follows with one more Roundhouse kick, just enough to secure a near fall. Peyton whips Alexa to another corner, having her running elbow blocked. Alexa scores a knee to Peyton’s midsection, hitting a barrage of chops to her back after before tossing her to the mat. Alexa nails the Glitz Flip after standing on Peyton’s midsection, rolling her in adjacent position with the other corner where she executes the Sparkle Splash. Alexa pins Peyton and wins the match.

Alexa follows her victory with another promo, addressing her new rival in Bayley, the NXT Women’s Champ. She Sarcastically congratulates Bayley on her victory over Sasha again, saying shes accomplished so much but so little. Alexa brings up Bayley being a role model, but it will come to an end, because she is who people really strive to be, firing back at an angry crowd. Alexa further presents herself as someone made to be the champion before posing with Murphy and Blake.

In addition, we get a look back at Nia’s dominant debut from last week in another video package, and another promo from Eva far away in France as part of the Total Divas trip. Eva, having had her me time, assures the NXT Universe they miss her and she will be back soon.

(Billie Kay vs Asuka)

(Peyton Royce vs Alexa Bliss w/ Blake and Murphy)

Thoughts On:
Asuka/Billie: I Enjoyed this match and overall the choice of opponent in Asuka is well thought out considering Billie is one to know Asuka’s ring craft, something highlighted nicely in the additional promo. As much as Billies transition to heel means no feud with Eva (lets see if she and Peyton flip flop at tonight’s tapings) she works well as a heel and just watching this match makes me hope for a future huge match between the two. I Also Liked how Asuka had worked on Billies arm beforehand, therefore making the reasoning to tap out to the Asuka Lock more beneficial rather than it just being locked in and Billie tapping despite not having the particular part worked on.

Alexa/Peyton: The Secondary match with a predictable outcome, but nonetheless showing Alexa’s ring work and making her look strong without the need for Blake and Murphy’s intervention, even though, in a little biased way, i do want their involvement in the feud somehow, because the twos promo work didn’t get extensive improvement in their title run, and i feel they have much more to give than just be Alexa’s Lackeys. Alexa’s promo work was great again, giving me heel Trish vibes again, and im excited to see where this feud goes.

– Catherine


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