WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Paiges Problems with Charlotte Continue with the Addition of Team Bella (October, 22nd 2015)

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Welcome All to the Last Smackdown Episode Before This Sundays Hell in a Cell Pay Per View, again capitalizing on additional storyline development with the addition of a Gorgeous new debut that is sure to turn around Summers recent storyline positively. All I Can Say Is…NXT! NXT!

But before we discuss Breeze (Whoops!) we first see Paige head to the ring because she has the task of encouraging the folk that she played no part in the backstage attack on Natalya. Positioned in the ring, Paige calls out both Becky and Charlotte, her former PCB Team Mates. Upon the arrivals of the two, Paige states she is thankful for their presence, seeing they haven’t ignored her and she wants to explain herself. Of course Becky, sure to be as angry as Charlotte, demands Paige finishes her “empty speech”. Paige does as said, reflecting on how she was proud for both girls when they got called up. Becky hears this out, before asking Paige if she truly meant what she said, when she stated Charlotte won the title because of her relations, and if she meant what she said when she labelled Becky as Irrelevant. Becky asks Paige if she expects them both to believe that she didn’t hurt Natalya, after everything said and after the amount of times she has actually attacked her.

Paige says she was jealous of Natalya making a partnership with Becky and Charlotte, but she would not go out there to hurt her and jeopardize what they have. Paige tries to make out PCB are a family but Charlotte demands she stops. Charlotte says shes trying to figure out where Paige is coming from, but she cant. Charlotte continues, telling Paige that she should know the feeling of winning her first divas title, because Charlotte sat at home and watched Paige’s. Paige had her moment, and she continues by adding that Paige knew how much her crowning moment meant at Night of Champions. Charlotte wanted to share that victory with them, but it comes down to the fact that Paige has no respect for her, adding that Paige doesn’t like anything not being about her. Charlotte reminds Paige that she is three days away from defending against Nikki, and again Paige is making it about her, right before her match.

Brie, Alicia and Nikki arrive and Nikki brings up a conversation she had with Team Bella, that when she was champion, she didn’t let anything come between her and others during that reign, which Brie reminds everyone was the longest reign in the championships history. Brie questions whether they are on Smackdown or another episode of Pretty Little Liars, which Nikki jokes about. Brie adds that this is what happens when Charlotte holds the achievement women pry for in this business. Nikki carries on the promo, saying that while Charlotte is dealing with Paige, or as she dubs her “Baby Beetlejuice” she has been focused on regaining the title. Charlotte cuts Nikki off and reminds her who the champion is, that being herself, and she doesn’t need to wait until Sunday at Hell in a Cell, summoning Nikki to the ring. Instead Paige throws herself into the moment, demanding Nikki to face her if she wants to get to Charlotte. Brie turns over to Nikki, asking sarcastically if Paige, the diva she has beaten many times, is asking to challenge her. Nikki states so, and accepts, heading to the ring.

When we come back, the bell has been rung and Paige and Nikki lock up. Nikki arm drags Paige, taunting before the two get back to square one, locking up again. Nikki slams Paige against the mat and taunts Charlotte, before avoiding another lock up with Paige, instead sending her head first into her knee. Nikki taunts Charlotte again before turning back to Paige, who arm drags her. Paige slams Nikki before headbutting her across the ring. Paige sets Nikki up on the ropes, hitting her many knees on the apron. Paige returns to the ring, having her whip reversed within moments by Nikki. Paige slips free from a possible Alabama Slam, rolling up Nikki but not into a pin. Paige regains her footing and quickly hits a knee to Nikki. Paige attempts to pin Nikki there, but gets a near fall. Paige rams Nikki over to the corner turnbuckles, but before she can attack in the corner, Nikki blocks with an elbow. Nikki Tornado DDTs Paige off the ropes, a move enough to secure a near fall.

We Return to see Nikki still very much in control, targeting the arm of Paige before tossing her to the corner. Nikki slips to the outside, stretching Paige’s arm against the rope. Nikki ruthlessly sends the same arm into the ring post. She does so for the second time before heading back into the ring, arm dragging Paige using the same targeted arm. Nikki chokes Paige with her foot against the mat, also resulting in a pin, but Nikki only gets a one count. Nikki hits single knees to the same arm before applying a hold. Nikki slams Paige and gets a near fall.

Nikki stretches the same targeted arm of Paige, also hitting it with her elbow while Paige still struggles. Paige manages to arm drag Nikki, and begins to make a steady comeback with a knee to the former champ in the corner. Paige hits many more knees, following it up with a super-kick. Paige goes for a pin attempt, and again its a near fall for Paige on Nikki. Paige takes the legs of Nikki, but before she can do much more, Nikki makes her way to the ropes, forcing a break. Nikki trips Paige onto the ropes, followed with a roll-up, which gets her a near fall. Nikki stalls the momentum for Paige further with a spine-buster, but Paige continues to kick out. Nikki prizes Paige onto her shoulders for the Rack Attack, but Paige breaks loose. Paige reverses into a roll up for another near fall.

Nikki takes to the ropes, but gets caught in the arms of Paige. Paige nails a Fallaway Slam, but even that can only secure a near fall for Paige on Nikki. Nikki rolls Paige into a small package, also getting a near fall. Nikki hits an Alabama Slam, getting a near fall once again. Paige gets to her feet as Nikki awaits, readying for the forearm smash. Paige ducks, avoiding it, but she has her super-kick blocked. Nikki hits the Forearm Smash, before raising Paige onto her shoulders and hitting the Rack Attack for the finish. Nikki pins Paige for the win.

Following it, we have the pre promoted MizTV Segment between Dolph and Summer Rae. Upon Summers Intro after interviewing Dolph for sometime, Miz brings up the treatment Summer has got from Rusev, blaming the split somewhat on Dolph. Summer shoves it off before turning her attention to Dolph, trying to make out about their chemistry. Summer says its due to this that shes figured shes proposed to the wrong man, but Dolph laughs it all off, also telling Summer hes not into her. Summer makes the intention clear that she isnt wanting to propose to him, in fact shes moved to someone else. Summer tells Dolph that she wants him to see what a real man looks like, and down to the ring comes NXT favourite Tyler Breeze.

Tyler, after posing with Summer, clearly knows he needs no introduction, welcomed to some NXT chants, telling Dolph that he has many names, but he can be called Tyler Breeze. Tyler says he flew over after hearing how Summer was treated at the hands of Dolph, the “Uggo”. Tyler proclaims that himself and Summer are about to give the WWE a much needed face lift before Dolph takes his turn to speak. Dolph states hes seen so many come and go, but before he can say much else, Tyler brings a relentless assault to Dolph, with he and Summer posing for a selfie over the fallen superstar.

(Paige, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, the Bella Twins and Alicia Fox Segment)

(Paige w/ Becky Lynch and Charlotte vs Nikki Bella w/ Alicia Fox and Brie Bella)

(Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler MizTV Segment; Tyler Breeze Debuts)

(Becky Lynch and Charlotte on Backstage Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Nikki/Paige: This was a really physical match, and much enjoyable, even if the ending was predictable due to Nikki needing more momentum before the Pay Per View. The Pre Match Segment was also a nice addition, and we even got more serious mic work from Becky, who even shut down a fan claim she attacked Natalya. Let it Be So! Overall it had to be the best segment for Team PCB since Paige’s Heel Turn, and since its apparently confirmed that Paige will be making some sort of appearance at the PPV, its time to question what she will bring to the table for the match, could there be a surprise stipulation? A Post Match attack? I Really hope something serious is emerging after the match because its time for Paige to go after Charlotte for real.

Summer/Dolph/Tyler: Look Guys ITS TYLER! First of all, congrats to Tyler on his debut, even though i now have to sniffle at the development that is him not getting the NXT Title but Joe instead. SMH. Back in NXT i didn’t think he needed a manager, but it could help him upon his main roster transition, with Triple H having some control on keeping him safe pin wise as well, unlike Rusev (Thanks Vince). I’m a bit skeptical on Tyler and Summers alignment at the moment but i hope big things for both, plus a feud between the two most underrated performers in WWE means hopeful big matches between the two.

– Catherine


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