WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Team BAD Execute Revenge on a Bella on HIAC Week (October, 23rd 2015)

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Last Wrestling Related Report of the week before tonight’s anticipated Hell in a Cell Pay Per View, emanating from the pre taped Main Event episode. It was on this particular one that divas action was again presented, with the Bo$$ Sasha Banks facing off against Brie Bella.

Sasha makes her arrival first, with the accompaniment of Naomi and Tamina. Brie follows, expectedly joined by Alicia and the Contender to the Divas Title, Nikki Bella. Upon both entrances, the bell rings and the two lock up, and Brie takes over within moments by forcing Sasha over to the ropes. Brie gets cocky with Sasha for a moment before Sasha gets working on Bries arm. Brie elbows out, taking her down with a forearm after taking to the ropes. Brie mocks Sasha a little more before Sasha avoids a third lock up, catching Brie in a headlock instead. Brie pushes Sasha to the ropes but Sasha comes back with a forearm to knock her down to the mat. Sasha trips Brie before missing a kick.

Sasha gets under the skin of Brie by mocking the famous Yes Chants for her husband. Brie tries to clothesline Sasha but misses, ending up on the end of a head-scissor take-down from Sasha. Sasha elbows Brie in the face, then nails an arm drag from the ropes. Brie tries to block an oncoming corner splash from Sasha with her knees, but Sasha throws Bries legs out of her direction, setting her up on the ropes. Sasha tries to execute double knees until Nikki and Alicia cause an intervention, saving Brie by pulling her to the outside. Sasha doesn’t exactly wait, and instead she baseball slide dropkicks Brie under the bottom rope. Sasha heads to the outside to throw her back in while Team BAD place themselves nearby to throw off any other possible interventions. Sasha tries to pin Brie, but only gets a near fall.

Brie strikes back with a knee to Sasha’s midsection. Brie tries running Sasha into the corner but Sasha manages a reversal, sending Brie crashing into the turnbuckle. Sasha chokes Brie with her foot while mocking the signature Brie Mode remark. Brie comes back by throwing Sasha off the turnbuckles and to the mat. Brie taunts away at Sasha while she tries to recover on the mat.

When we return Brie is very much in control still with a series of Yes Kicks to Sasha. Brie runs the ropes, scoring a low dropkick to Sasha to follow up. Brie finalizes with the running knee before her next pin attempt, which results as a near fall. Brie wastes little time going back to work on Sasha, reverting to a chin-lock followed with a stretch hold. Sasha’s reversal doesn’t go far as shes thrown to the mat. Brie continues her assault with a Side Russian Leg Sweep, resulting in a near fall once more.

Brie hits some knees to the back of Sasha before locking her in a rear chokehold. Sasha tries to break free, hitting Brie with her knee but Brie comes back with a stronger one. Brie raises Sasha onto her shoulder but Sasha manages to pull herself over to the corner. Sasha stays positioned in the corner, escaping Bries grip by kicking her backwards. Sasha then uses her legs to throw Brie into the middle turnbuckle. Sasha avoids a clothesline attempt from Brie, hitting back with some of her own. Sasha strikes with running knees into the other corner to Brie, but a second attempt gets blocked as Brie defends with her elbow. Sasha positions Brie back on the ropes again and successfully hits with double knees. Sasha goes into a pin, but Brie kicks out at two.

Brie makes it to her feet, elbowing Sasha. Sasha recovers quick, ramming Brie into the near corner. Sasha scores two shoulder tackles before being kicked by Brie. Brie nails her missile dropkick from the top rope, enough to get another near fall. Sasha avoids a Yes Kick from Brie and rolls her up, leading to another near fall for Sasha on Brie. Sasha attempts a backslide as part of another pin attempt, to only get the same result. Brie utilizes the turnbuckles, breaking free of Sasha’s grip, and she rolls over Sasha for another near fall result. Brie attempts the Facebuster finish, but Sasha counters into the Bank Statement. Brie fades and submits and Sasha wins the match.

(Sasha Banks w/ Naomi and Tamina vs Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox)

Thoughts On This Match:
Like Some Past Main Event bouts, this one was certainly enjoyable, showcasing how well these two worked together. It wasn’t a short bout where someone is worked on for so much time then makes a quick comeback as both were equally as dominant, and one of those matches where Sasha’s Move-set was utilized to a higher degree, while Bries heel work was enjoyable. Even though not mentioned, this was easily a momentous follow up to last weeks Main Event Tag, with Team BAD regaining the momentum lost by Tamina being pinned last week.

– Catherine


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