WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Team Bellas Strength As a Team Sees to Prevail Again (October, 30th 2015)

becky vs brie

becky vs brie 1

becky vs brie 2

The Last Television Report of the Final Week of October is Here, and highlighting this weeks Main Event episode, again containing some divas action as Brie Bella faces PCB’s Currently Losing Standout Becky Lynch. Becky, who had faced Brie in her main roster singles debut, looks to get back on a winning streak after succumbing to Brie’s Sister this past Monday on RAW, but can she do so?

Becky makes her arrival first to her theme song, which hasn’t been heard for a while on the main roster, and the former NXT Diva is joined by her comrade, Divas Champion Charlotte, for singles action. Brie makes her entrance second to her either infectious or irritating theme song (in the minds of fans) and is joined by her fellow heels in Alicia and Nikki. Brie gets caught in a lock up with Becky to begin the match when the bell rings, twisting Becky over in a reversal to poise her against the ropes. Becky breaks off and its back to square one before a second lock up, one that Brie breaks by stomping on Becky’s foot. Brie ties Becky up in a side headlock, also sending her to the mat with it firmly placed, or so thought as Becky manages to reverse into an armbar. Brie whips Becky to the corner, charging towards the former NXT Diva, who floats using the turnbuckles. Becky urges Brie into the next attack, dodging her clothesline and scoring arm drags.

Brie manages to push Becky round to the corner, but misses a running clothesline. Becky blocks a kick by Brie and sends her to the mat. Becky runs the ropes, hitting numerous single leg drops to Brie. She follows the offense with a hopeful pin, but Brie kicks out at a count of two, resulting in a near fall for Becky on Brie. Brie spends some time out of the ring to regroup, joining her Team Bella teammates, before heading back to the apron after her rest. Becky tries to go for Brie immediately, but gets a shoulder tackle. Brie begins to climb up the turnbuckles, as does Becky, who throws elbows to try slow Brie down. The Two battle on the top rope, ending when Brie pushes Becky from the turnbuckles to the mat, a fall which causes Becky to tumble jaw first into the ring ropes. Brie removes herself from her previous position, takes Becky into her arms and hits a running bulldog. Brie gets a near fall on Becky. Brie isn’t too pleased with the result, kicking Becky against the corner one kick after another before Becky can regroup.

We return from a break to see Brie still in control, working this time on the left arm of Becky. Becky retaliates with some forearms, breaking free of Bries grip. Becky runs the ropes but ends up sent down by Bries clothesline counter. Brie covers Becky once again, but its still enough to get a near fall and no more. Brie then shows shades of her former champion husband Daniel Bryan as she nails one Yes Kick after another to Becky, finalizing that with a dropkick. Brie tries to pin Becky following her running knee strike but again Becky escapes at two. Brie continues to inflict damage to Becky, also taunting the champion Charlotte, who gets agitated by leaping to the apron but she cant do much besides watch Becky in action. Brie looks to pin Becky again, but this time Becky powers out at one.

Brie elbows at the shoulders of Becky before applying a chin-lock. Becky breaks loose with a series of uppercuts to Brie, but before she can begin to fire back, both are floored by a double clothesline. Becky gets to her feet quick enough to block an oncoming clothesline by Brie, blocking a second with another elbow before clotheslining her. Becky hits another clothesline, following it with a dropkick. Becky kicks Brie against the corner, hitting one more dropkick to follow, but the multi offense only gets Becky a near fall on the Bella. Becky goes for a slam but Brie breaks free. Brie knees Becky then attempts to whip her, only for it to be reversed. Brie crashes into the corner, but manages to block Beckys oncoming charge. Brie heads to the second rope, nailing a missile dropkick to Becky which gets her a near fall.

Becky retaliates with a T Bone Suplex to Brie, and just like Bries earlier pin, its the same result for Becky as she gets a near fall again on Brie. Brie counters Becky’s next attack and looks for her finishing facebuster but Becky counters that into the Disarmer. Unfortunately for Becky, she is forced to break free as Brie musters enough strength to pull herself towards the ropes, placing her foot against the middle rope to force the break. Charlotte heads to the apron (for some reason) and the ref notices, but doesn’t notice Nikki bringing on a sneak attack from outside, attacking Becky. This allows Brie to strike back with the earlier attempted facebuster and pin Becky for the victory. Brie wins the match.

(Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox and Nikki Bella vs Becky Lynch w/ Charlotte)

Thoughts on this Match:
It was a refreshing match, showcasing probably the most under-appreciated divas from the represented teams (but dont forget Alicia) and the crowd seemed invested also, while Brie managing to break from the Disarmer was somewhat of a surprise, but it seemed all part of the finish, continuing to build Team Bella as the United Unit via Brie winning, while Becky’s losses may stem to something, whether it would be presenting further weaknesses and cracks in the now two piece PCB or Becky even turning heel to allow Charlotte to move forward by her lonesome. Regardless, a rather good match from the two, even though i would have preferred a reverse result, as understanding as it might be.

– Catherine


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