WWE RAW RESULTS: There Can Only Be One Contender and One Diva Ruling the House (November, 2nd 2015)

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Last Nights RAW saw the Divas put on one big spectacle before heading off to a Currently Very Cold Europe (thats if you live in the UK like me). So after spending my spare time today watching Old Damien Sandow moments to appreciate his Royal Underrated-ness, lets summarize what went down on last nights RAW divas wise, as we found out just sometime before it that Brie Bella, Sasha Banks, Paige and Becky Lynch had been inserted into a Fatal Four Way Match to determine the Challenger for Charlotte’s Divas Championship.

The first appearance of the night comes from Stephanie McMahon, appropriately joined by her husband and WWE COO Triple H, who cut in on a promo between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, who are set to collide at Survivor Series. Speaking of Survivor Series, it very much has the tradition of creating elimination matches, but Triple H and Stephanie, after trolling the WWE Universe by teasing handing their title match to them early, announces that they will have a Survivor Series style Team Elimination Match tonight, thus Rollins and Reigns set out to find partners for the main event bout.

Secondly, Summer Rae graces the Television with her presence, joined by the Gorgeous One, Tyler Breeze, who made one heck of a debut weeks ago by laying out Dolph Ziggler, who hasn’t had much of a chance to hit back at Breeze. The Newest Couple in the WWE sit around at ringside in their “VIP Lounge” to watch Ziggler in action against the reigning Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, who wins after Dolph’s chance to swing at Breeze at ringside goes wrong. Tyler and Summer then pose over the fallen Dolph once again.

After numerous mentions of the hyped Fatal Four Way that will see either Brie, Paige, Sasha or Becky walk out as the Number One Contender to Charlotte’s Divas Championship, we get to see Becky get a solo interview backstage with Renee, and the Fiery Diva makes it clear she isn’t crying over Paige’s antics from a week ago, even if that was an eye opener for her, before telling Renee she cant wait to get her hands on the “Arrogant Witch” in reference to Paige. Renee tells Becky that a win tonight means she will face her friend Charlotte at Survivor Series but before she can continue on, Brie arrives, prizing the mic from Renee’s hands gently before assuring herself that she will walk out the contender instead. Becky Mimics Bries earlier actions as she forces the mic from Bries hand, referencing her as “Nikki’s Pathetic Doormat of a Sister” before remembering to return the Mic to Renee.

Sasha is also ready to head to the ring, checking herself out beforehand by her lonesome before being approached by JoJo, also fulfilling interviewing duties. Sasha questions Sasha on whether there’s any anxiety felt before the match. Sasha takes her question as a Joke before asking what her question is for her, but JoJo retorts that that is what shes asking her. JoJo reflects on the crowds urge to see Sasha in recent weeks, and because of that she assumes Sasha has much pressure to deliver for the fans waiting, but Sasha shrugs off the assumptions that she has pressure to face. Sasha states that she always delivers, which is very much true, and says of course the fans would be wanting Sasha, because look at her. Sasha adds that Becky, Brie and Paige are going to learn exactly what Natalya learned this past Thursday on Smackdown, that she is the Boss, and Charlotte needs to keep her eyes open, because she insists she is coming for her and her title. She then breaks out into a Halloween Joke in regards to JoJo’s outfit before reminding her its Monday Night RAW and the Boss is taking over.

We now head to the ring to see Becky head to the ring, followed by Sasha, Brie and then lastly Paige, as we are reminded again of Paige’s attack on Becky and Charlotte from last week after luring them into a reunion that was more of a trap for Team PCBs babyface members. Speaking of Paige, the proclaimed Anti Diva just sits by in the corner when the bell rings as Brie and Sasha scuffle over a pin on Becky. Brie and Sasha shove at each other, furious over one anothers attempts to take the contendership, and both face a dropkick from Becky. Becky then kips up, arm dragging the charging Paige, who has broken out of her sitting duty in the corner. Becky instantly unloads on Paige before being pulled away by Sasha.

Sasha, grabbing Becky by her hair, gives her some verbal abuse. Becky doesn’t take it, rolling Sasha into a surprise pin attempt, but the Boss kicks out at one. Becky takes over with arm drags, soon working on the left arm of Sasha. Sasha sends Becky backwards to the mat, but before she can even pin Becky, Brie rushes in to break up any attempt she gets to pin. Sasha kicks at Brie and throws her to the nearby corner. Becky then tries to roll up Sasha but she breaks free at a count of one again. Becky with a second attempt but again Sasha breaks free at one. Another desperate situation for Becky as she tries rolling Sasha via a backslide but the one count pinfalls keep coming.

Sasha charges towards Becky, but gets her leg caught. Becky takes her down, getting a near fall on the fellow former NXT Diva. Becky nails a series of leg drops for the second near fall. Becky takes Sasha into her hands, but as both divas turn, they are floored to the mat by Brie, who hits with a missile dropkick. Both Sasha and Becky are laid against the ropes at adjacent sides, both in the firing line for Brie, who successfully hits a running knee to both ladies. She may just be looking for another on Becky when she turns and gets sent down by Paige’s super-kick as the Anti Diva suddenly emerges. Becky, having recovered, sees the chance to strike, taking Paige down immediately and hitting a number of forearms to the former team mate. Becky spears Paige through the ropes, leading to both spilling to the outside floor. Becky makes it back on her feet, launching Paige into the barricade as an angry brawl between the two is unleashed at ringside. Becky tries to run Paige into the steel steps but a counter by Paige leads to Becky colliding with the steps instead. Paige shouts at Becky then tries returning to the ring, before Brie knocks her off the apron with an elbow.

Meanwhile Sasha knocks Brie into the corner, setting her up on the ropes for double knees, which she hits successfully, but only enough to get a near fall. Sasha snapmares Brie before slapping her across the face in true heel fashion. Sasha attempts to pin Brie there, but gets another near fall. Sasha blurts out to the ref before quickly knocking Paige back off the apron. Sasha taunts at Paige, before Brie trips her into the second rope. Brie gets a near fall on Sasha. Brie hits with a running bulldog, only to get the same pinfall result. Sasha reverses Bries whip, sending her to the corner. Brie blocks a charging Sasha with her elbow before quickly heading up the turnbuckles, calling for the signature missile dropkick off the top rope, which misses. Paige breaks up a pin attempt from Sasha as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Brie is unloading with Yes Kicks, also lighting up the crowd as she continues the assault on Sasha. Brie also kicks Becky and brings the Yes Kicks to her. Paige runs in to try roll up Brie midway, but Brie kicks out. Brie hits a clothesline to Paige, and she becomes the target for her Yes Kicks next. Brie tries to pin Paige, but Becky breaks the pin within moments. Brie immediately retaliates with a kick and the finishing facebuster, but unlucky for Brie, Paige runs back in to break her hopeful victory pin. Paige throws Becky back outside before launching Brie into the corner. Paige scores a high knee, then begins to set Brie up on the turnbuckles. Brie punches at Paige to push her back a little, sending her back further with a kick before removing herself from the corner. However Sasha has just headed to the apron with Bries hair in hand, and the two go to battle on the turnbuckles. Paige joins the fight in the corner then Becky, ultimately carrying all divas in her hands and flooring them with the Tower of Doom.

Becky and Brie are the first of the latter to be on their feet first, going back and forth on forearms. Becky sends down Brie with a clothesline then Paige. Becky dropkicks Brie, then heads to the ropes, scoring a kick to Paige. Becky pulls Paige out of the corner, nailing a T Bone Suplex to the once bestie before pulling a repeat performance on Brie. Becky locks the Disarmer on Brie, hoping for her to submit, but Sasha darts in and breaks Becky’s grip. Sasha throws Brie out of the ring before switching her attention to Becky, but before she can do anything, Becky rolls her up, but to her dismay, gets a near fall. Becky scores uppercuts before being sent down via Sasha’s Neck-breaker, once her Bankrupt finisher. Becky kicks out of the pin that follows it. Sasha retaliates with the Backstabber and Bank Statement, but Paige breaks it up. Paige floors Becky as she scoops her into her arms and hits the Rampaige for the finish. Paige pins Becky to become the Number One Contender to Charlotte’s Divas Title.

Though Charlotte hadn’t come out to greet her newest opposition, she was caught up with backstage as Renee asked her to give her thoughts on Paige becoming the Contender to her title. Charlotte says shes actually glad with the result of the earlier match, because it gives away Paige will try anything to win, and so will herself. Charlotte states its important to know the weaknesses and strengths of the opponent, and last week isn’t a factor for her. Charlotte reminds herself of Paige’s constant slating of her in regards of her relation to Ric, and calls out anyone who continues to bring up the same point, because the constant topic only makes her want to work harder than she already is. Charlotte adds that Paige made this about her family, her reputation, her integrity and unfortunately for Paige shes about to learn the hard way that Charlotte earned her way to the title.

(Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and The Authority Opening Segment)

(Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler; Non Title Match feat Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae)

(Becky Lynch and Brie Bella Backstage Segment)

(Sasha Banks Backstage Segment)

(Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Paige vs Brie Bella; Number One Contenders Fatal Four Way Match)

(Charlotte Backstage Segment)

(Paige Backstage WWE Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Loved the match and the hype it got with the addition of some moments from 3/4 of the Challengers beforehand. Overall i saw Paige pinning Becky as the finish mainly because of WWE protecting Sasha until her big feud comes along, and it also appears that while Nikki is taking time out to deal with a load of injuries that Team Bella have fizzled out, that or Alicia are working outside of the title picture or even turning face and joining Nattie against Team BAD. Overall i was glad the crowd eventually got into the match considering it was high stakes and an expected bout of interest just from the hype itself, and the interactions between Becky and Paige have me wanting more face offs between them. Brie also works well against the NXT Lot, as seen at Battleground before, and she really got her chance to shine despite being initially thought of to some as the underdog, if Becky wasn’t characterized as so. I Wish Charlotte and Paige could have got an interaction afterward but it saves the whole ringside stare-down thing but usually does nothing for feuds as seen over the past 3+ years. But Congratulations to Paige on the victory i expected and im actually looking forward to this match, not only because these two never got a one on one match at NXT, especially over the Women’s Title, but also because i want to see what factor Becky plays in the match potentially.

– Catherine


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