TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Madison Looks To Join Her Longtime Rival Further Up in the Tournament (November, 4th 2015)

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Welcome to Another IMPACT report, one that is very much the continuation of the World Title Series that features Four Fan Favorite Knockouts even duking out for a place in a Tourney whose ending grants a potential Knockout the biggest Gold in TNA. As Hyped over the week, the next Knockouts Match to take place in this forever ongoing tournament sees a Confident Madison Rayne battle Former Knockouts Champion Brooke, who recently had a upset win over current champion Gail to earn herself a couple of points ahead, a couple of points Gail now ties per her victory over Awesome Kong.

Madison makes her entrance first, followed with an additional video package that shows Madison explaining the importance of her advancement in the World Title Series while putting over the Knockouts Division. Brooke makes her entrance and it seems they cut out a promo shown in the digitals as the bell rings upon Brookes arrival. Madison, having moved away from the heel demeanor as of late, offers a handshake to Brooke before their eventual lock up, which she accepts, showcasing a sign of sportsmanship between the fighting Knockouts.

The Opening lock up between the two is a battle of strength to begin with as Brooke manages to reel Madison into the nearby corner. Brooke doesn’t break free from Madison, arm dragging her away from the corner instead. Madison evens the score as she arm drags Brooke to retaliate, and Brooke appears to be stunned as the two pause for a moment. After clapping to her fellow Knockout, Brooke engages in her secondary lock up with Madison. Madison reverses into a side headlock, but Brooke slips free. Brooke seems to have a problem with her hand but gets into a third lock up with Madison regardless. Madison locks in a side headlock again, but Brooke throws forearms to the side of Madison before pushing her to the corner. Madison takes notice of Brookes athleticism, grasping Brooke in a headlock against the mat.

Brooke breaks free, shoving Madison over to the ropes before nailing a dropkick. Brooke bounds over to Madison within moments to try to pin her, but gets a near fall for her efforts. Brooke comes back with forearms to Madison but again there seems to be a problem with her wrist. Madison hits an axe handle to send Brooke down to the mat. Madison begins to fire up with chops to Brooke, and one last forearm hits with much force as to knock Brooke down to the mat again. Madison hits a running clothesline while pacing to the outside. Madison then hits a dropkick to the arm of Brooke after clambering to the apron. Madison then climbs back to the ring while Brooke regroups. Brooke gets to her feet and hits back at Madison with a kick. Brooke hits a second kick and elbow, and then sends down Madison with a running clothesline off the ropes.

Brooke scores a flying forearm off the turnbuckle, the assault just enough to get her a near fall on Madison. Brooke and Madison trade a forearm each, before Madison heads to the ropes, running into Brookes counter, sending Madison’s body crashing to the mat. Brooke scales the turnbuckles and scores an elbow drop to Madison but like last time, Madison kicks out at two. Brooke goes for her finisher but Madison escapes and Brooke loses her footing. Brooke makes it back up, trying to hit a clothesline to Madison but it does not connect. Madison hits the Rayne Drop out of nowhere for the finish, pinning Brooke and advancing further in the World Title Series, tying with her next opponent Gail in terms of points.

(Madison Rayne vs Brooke)

Thoughts on This Match:
Firstly upon first viewing, i did not expect this match to be so short, and the pre match promo being cut seemed a mistake in my view, as it could have showcased Brooke as the courageous underdog, willing to take risks to compete for such a valid spot despite injury, unless in TNAs View it was seen as a spot for Madison to take advantage of in a heelish portrayal as she exploited the injury at least twice in the match. Even though this tournament in reality has no meaning for the Knockouts, i think the video package from Madison was well done to highlight her importance and meaning to be in this “tournament” as to even go ahead of her rival Gail in what i hear will be a excellent one next week. Nonetheless i liked the match and the sportsmanship showcased between the two, though i hope TNA can make a meaningful story for Brooke in the future.

– Catherine


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