TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Madison Puts Newly Honed Skills To The Test for Mega Match (November, 11th 2015)

madison trying to be a ninja no joke

gail kim 1066

gail kim 1065

Greetings All and Welcome to this weeks IMPACT report. Apologies again with the lateness as life outside of this interfered over the weekends first half, but anyway TNA greeted us with a Match between Former Rivals Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, one which would see one advance in the World Title Series, Which Honestly feels like its already had 1010 matches..

Rather than Inject the Serious thoughts of being at such a height in TNA, holding the World Title as a Knockout, instead we get a super odd video package of Madison Rayne practicing Ninja Techniques because she believes this will one up the opposing Knockout and Current Knockouts Champ Gail Kim. The Actors at either side of Madison’s facial expressions say it all…

Madison and Gail get entrances as a recap views Gail’s latest victory over rivaling Knockout Awesome Kong in what was the main event of IMPACT some weeks ago. Upon that Win Gail ties with every single Knockout placed in the tourney in terms of points. Returning to the present, we see both Madison and Gail in the ring, beginning their match with a lock up. Madison manages to push Gail to the corner before instructively breaking her grip on Gail. Madison tries for a forearm but Gail ducks and escapes the corner in the process, but missing her own forearm to Madison, who is just as quick in countering. Gail takes down Madison following a waistlock, before Madison counters into her own. Madison reverts to a side headlock. Madison evades an Atomic Drop with a counter, sending Gail down to the mat. Gail rolls Madison onto her back for a one count but remains caught in Madison’s headlock.

Gail rolls Madison over before Madison avoids her offense and rolls Gail into a leg scissor pin for a near fall. Madison and Gail go back to back on reversals, each pin just gaining a near fall. After their numerous attempts to be victorious fell flat, Madison and Gail stare down each other. Madison rallies the crowd and returns to the action, pie faced against the mat courtesy of the drop toe hold from Gail. Madison soon shoves Gail against the corner, but misses her splash against the turnbuckles when Gail climbs to the top. Gail tries to roll up Madison, who clings on, managing not to be reeled into the pin attempt. Madison slides under the ropes, clotheslining Gail in Unison. Madison climbs the turnbuckles but heads back down, having thought another strategy. Madison dropkicks Gail on the apron as she hangs by the ropes. Madison climbs back into the ring in her attempt to pin the rival, but gets a near fall. Gail snaps Madison’s arm upon a counter, scoring some kicks also. Gail then runs the ropes, clobbering Madison with a running clothesline. Gail follows up with a cross-body off the turnbuckles for another near fall.

We Return to see Gail whipping Madison into the corner turnbuckles, taking a boot as she prepares to strike with her next offense. Gail rolls under numerous clothesline attempts from Madison, using her legs to force her to fall into the second turnbuckle. Gail tries her running splash against the corner but Madison swiftly moves away and the camera catches Gail taking a nasty tumble to the floor. Gail gets to her feet eventually, blocking a kick from Madison, who emerges on the apron. Gail then drags Madison to the floor. Gail rolls back to the ring while Madison is left to recover on the outside, hoping to climb back to the ring before a possible count-out. Madison rolls back to the ring and immediately Gail drags her further towards her, going to pin but getting a near fall.

Madison battles out of Gail’s headlock with the surprise Rayne Drop counter. Madison musters up energy to crawl over to Gail to try and pin her, but Gail kicks out at two, very much to her surprise. Madison elbows Gail against the corner, following with a load of forearms in the middle of the ring. Madison sends Gail down with one last Inziguiri, followed with a running cross-body that scores her another near fall. Madison, surprised once again, tries to set up the finishing Rayne Drop for a second time, but the crafty Gail counters into a roll up, and pins Madison. Gail wins the match.

(Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall another good match from Gail and Madison showcasing good spots and a great amount of chemistry that goes back many years between the two. However the pre match promo really killed any hope for fans, for example, if anyone hadn’t known this was pre taped as just a random series of matches and not for a tourney, they would think the Knockouts have a chance, but the humorous promo (even though we can have fun in wrestling) takes away the credibility somewhat of the character, that being Madison Rayne, as opposed to her other promo about the meaning of the Knockouts insertion into the technically non existent World Title Series. I’m Ready for whenever TNA tape again just to see the Knockouts have their storylines back and so we can go back to seeing challenges for the Knockouts Title.

– Catherine


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