WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Its NXT Takeover Unstoppable 2.0 (Somewhat) In Manchester (November, 13th 2015)

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Hello and Welcome to Surprisingly the Last WWE TV Report of the week since there was nothing divas related on Smackdown This Week. Ahead of a surprise win that lead to punishment at the hands of her once bestie Paige, Becky Lynch looks to continue her newly found winning streak this week on Main Event, against the very woman she competed against for the NXT Women’s Title some months ago, the Charismatic Sasha Banks.

Becky makes her way to the ring in the Same Arena she had discovered her new winning streak in in Manchester, riding solo for this bout, unlike the secondly arriving Sasha Banks, joined by her fellow Team BAD members sure to cause a little trouble, Tamina and Naomi. This would also be Sasha’s first match in Manchester taped for Television. The Two, who had competed against each other lastly at NXT Takeover Unstoppable for the NXT Women’s Championship, kick off their match with a lock up, but Sasha gains the upper hand as she forces Becky to the corner. Becky glares at Sasha then regroups before the secondary lock up. Sasha has the upper hand again, placing Becky in a side headlock. Becky rolls her to the mat to fight back, also targeting her left arm. Becky and Sasha counter each others pin attempts, with both ladies getting one counts. Sasha shakes it off before her offense is avoided by Becky, who rolls underneath. Becky takes Sasha’s Legs but gets kicked away. Becky hits back with arm drags before going back to work on Sasha’s Left arm.

Sasha Knocks Becky, trying to pin afterward but Becky raises herself from the mat. Sasha avoids Becky’s offense before Becky seems to use the legs of Sasha to take her down. Sasha has a moment before returning to action, getting her arm caught in the hands of Becky within moments. Becky ducks from Sasha’s Forearm, applying a waistlock. Sasha paces to the ropes to try force a break but Becky rolls her over instead. Becky gets double one counts on Sasha. Becky arm drags Sasha again and reverts back to targeting Sasha’s left arm. Sasha gets her own arm drag but it falls back as Becky counters into the same hold again. Becky Twists the left arm of Sasha but ends up taking a forearm. Sasha runs the ropes then nails an elbow to Becky. Sasha attempts a pin on Becky, but like the earlier ones, Becky is kicking out at one again.

Becky counters a whip by Sasha, heading to the corner where she uses the ropes to nail a kick to the side of Sasha. Sasha tumbles outward, taking a further tumble when Becky dropkicks her under the rope. Naomi and Tamina stay positioned as Becky rolls Sasha back to the ring. Becky begins to make her way back to the ring when Sasha swiftly snaps the arm of Becky against the ropes. Becky falls back in much pain from the offense as we get to a break.

When we return, we see that Sasha has turned the tables on the match, working over Becky in the nearby corner. Sasha kicks her in another corner, choking with the same foot. Sasha bends the left arm of Becky, stomping against the elbow. Sasha taunts as she painfully stretches the targeted arm of Becky before eventually releasing, hitting a painful stomp to finish completely. Sasha returns to the same left arm/elbow of Becky with another stretch, kneeing Becky in the midsection as she attempts to raise herself off her knees. Sasha sends Becky to the corner, but Becky manages to block her oncoming offense. Becky tries to kick Sasha while hanging against the corner, but Sasha swings both legs in another direction, setting up and hitting double knees. Sasha springs into a pin attempt, getting a near fall as Becky kicks out at two.

Sasha taunts away at Becky before taking forearms to the stomach and higher. Sasha reverses a whip from Becky into the Bankrupt but gets another near fall. A Frustrated Sasha whips Becky to the corner but gets kicked. Sasha pulls Becky back into the corner, with Becky hitting the middle turnbuckle head first. Becky snaps the arm of Sasha against the ropes, trying to kick her as she takes to the apron. Sasha blocks, hitting Becky’s arm against the apron in what was very much a duplicate of Takeover. Sasha rolls Becky into the ring, with her following behind. She tries to pin Becky again, but its another near fall for Sasha on the fellow NXT Alumni. Becky comes back by raising Sasha off the mat and sends her into the top rope. Becky gets up in time to fire a load of uppercuts to Sasha, also avoiding a clothesline while taking her down with her own. The Dropkicks with the addition of the previous offense, is only enough to get her another near fall on Sasha.

Becky begins to hit her signature leg drops though Sasha avoids her second. Sasha DDTs Becky then springs into a pin attempt but again its a near fall result. Becky stalls a suplex from Sasha upon getting to her feet, rolling her into the Disarmer finishing submission. However she is very close to the ropes and Sasha uses this to her advantage and grips it, forcing the referees notice as he demands Becky to release. Naomi then leaps to the apron, but doesn’t do much besides get Becky’s attention. Naomi returns to her post as Sasha gets caught in a roll up from Becky, leading to another near fall. Becky sets up to finish but Sasha reverses into the Backstabber into the Bank Statement. Despite fighting Sasha well through much of the match, Becky Submits and Sasha wins the match.

(Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks w/ Naomi and Tamina)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though the result was obvious due to how WWE are protecting Sasha from pinfalls due to building her up for a later big feud, this match between herself and an opponent she has chemistry with, Becky, was outstanding, especially in the last few moments and has helped showcase both in some of their glory, almost reminiscent of NXT Takeover Unstoppable in terms of some of the spots. This Match easily goes on the list of Greatest Divas Matches on Main Event 2015 alongside the Paige/Nikki opening splendor and i wouldn’t mind seeing this match again, even on RAW.

– Catherine


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