TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Brooke Looks to Make a Further IMPACT in the World Title Series (November, 18th 2015)

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Greetings all and welcome to my third report of the evening, this time focusing on last weeks episode of IMPACT where the (Tournament that takes forever and ever and EVER….and Ever) World Title Series continued for everyone including Team Knockouts, as Brooke and Kong clashed once more for a place in the final sixteen. This, if i recall correctly, is (sadly) Brookes last match with the company as she sounded off on social media last week, revealing she had departed from TNA.

Nonetheless a Smiling Brooke makes her way to the ring followed by the Imposing Awesome Kong, who was indeed Brookes tag team partner against the stable-yet-to-be-used-again the Dollhouse earlier this year. Following the entrance of Kong, with fists at the ready, the bell rings and Brooke cleverly dodges Kong’s offense from the get go. Brooke clearly indicates she knows Kong too well, not pleasing the Knockout, who dodges another clothesline attempt from Kong before throwing a few forearms. Kong counters within moments, clasping both sides of Brookes head with her enormous gloves. Kong tosses her to the other side of the ring with ease, standing as Brooke gets on her feet. Brooke charges over to Kong, throwing forearms again, but it doesn’t even move Kong. Kong exploits the hurt hand of Brooke, stretching it, further stretching it under her legs while Brooke tries to break free with kicks as the crowd gets behind her.

Kong clubs the back of Brooke, only making her writhe in pain further as she attacks her by the ropes. Brooke stumbles about on the outside, eventually making her way back to the ring as she sells her hurt hand further. Brooke doesn’t appear phased by Kong, giving her a middle finger, only making her rage further as Kong sends down Brooke. Kong halters Brookes offense and whips her to the turnbuckles, missing her as she darts out of the corner upon her splash attempt. Brooke begins to aim kicks to the legs of Kong to try and ground her and get her on her level, with the addition of a forearm before taking to the ropes. Brooke ends up running into Kong’s arms upon her cross-body attempt, and ends up slammed to the mat. Kong cockily stands on Brooke for the follow up pin attempt but Brooke escapes at two, getting Kong a near fall result on Brooke.

Kong may be setting up the finish early, but Brooke breaks loose. Brooke aims one forearm after the other, kicking her into the corner to follow before climbing the turnbuckles. Brooke looks for her finishing face-buster but Kong throws her off before she can do so. Kong charges but Brooke cleverly avoids Kong, instead planting her on the mat via a drop toe hold. Brooke applies a muta lock and floats over to possibly try another submission technique but Kong sends her away. Brooke springs back up and hits a face-buster, but it only gets her a near fall on Kong.

Brooke takes advantage of a down Awesome Kong by beginning to make her way up the turnbuckles. Kong charges over, having got to her feet, and clubs Brooke midway. Brooke gets hoisted onto the back of Kong for a slam, followed by Kong trying to body slam Brooke, but Brooke instead moves to safety. Kong takes some forearms from Brooke, who heads up the turnbuckles again. Brooke nails the face-buster from the turnbuckles to Kong, dubbed the Butter-face Maker but again its a near fall on Kong. Brooke waits for Kong to make it on her feet, kicking her and trying to hoist her up for her signature move, but Kong counters, falling on top of her. With Brooke close enough to dazed, Kong soon choke-slams Brooke to the mat. Kong pins Brooke to advance into the next round of the World Title Series.

(Awesome Kong vs Brooke; World Title Series Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
As Much as the Knockouts are known for showcasing great in ring ability, i first expected this match to be a certain squash for Kong as pre reported, but initially it came down to being a hard fought contest rather than Kong completely decimating and getting a one pin of victory. Also Kudos to Brooke for fighting not just an opponent like Kong with a broken hand, but fighting a number of matches despite a sustained injury. In addition i do feel the division wont be the same with Brooke gone, and that the possibility of her walking away was to be seen after her reign as champion was cut short, whether that would be through TNAs hesitance with the whole Destination America fiasco, wanting their Inaugural champion as Champ in case they were going to be cut from the air or some unconfirmed, just speculated politics. I Felt Brooke was really expanding her in ring ability to become one of the top knockouts in terms of in ring ability over time, especially towards the end of her reign and that losing the title did Brooke no good whatsoever when she had so much more to show, making me feel that TNA was at fault and maybe even bitter in their title change decision unless Brookes injury was a cause for worry, but there’s no doubt that during this year, we have seen how great Brooke and Kong work against and with each other, which is additionally something i will miss, and that there were missed opportunities for a number of Taryn/Brooke singles clashes. Nonetheless, i REALLY hope this confusing World Title series ends soon, because originally these aired Knockouts matches were just thrown out there as taped matches, not even for a tournament of such credibility, meaning they are in actuality just fighting to fight than fight for such gold. We need storylines back, we need the Dollhouse back, we need new Knockouts as soon as possible with Taryn possibly gone next and Kong maybe retiring (all unconfirmed) but i most definitely miss the Dollhouse right now.

– Catherine


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