WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Champion Quashes a Former Champions Heat Before Own Heated Battle (November, 19th 2015)

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Greetings to All and Happy Thanksgiving to all living in the USA. Hope you’re all having a blessed time. Its Time to get on with another wrestling report, the first of three today, from last weeks pre Survivor Series Smackdown. Not giving off as much heat as last weeks RAW, the follow up episode of Smackdown presented a divas match between Brie Bella, who returned to her original television persona as a heel after working babyface twice in the same week for Superstars and Main Event, and the Divas Champion Charlotte, who surely was to be under the watch of her contender, Paige.

This Match comes after a recap of Charlotte and Paige’s controversial contract signing that went down on the main event of last weeks RAW, where Charlotte’s heated enemy turned contender for the divas title, Paige, brought up a line in regards to the death of Charlotte’s Late Brother. After being reminded of the segment that stirred opinions from all wrestling fans and even personnel as to whether it was necessary, we head to the ring as Cameras View Brie Bella already waiting in the ring. Charlotte makes her entrance alone, Divas Title also on display, smiling in addition despite all that happened on RAW.

Brie Locks up with Charlotte and Charlotte quickly takes over. Charlotte rolls Brie over for an early pin attempt but Brie finds her way out at one as we also see Alicia Fox watching her partner Brie from ringside, Nikki not present due to rehabbing from various injuries. Brie gets back to her feet, caught in a waist-lock following a second lock up with the champ. Brie elbows Charlotte then reverses into a side headlock. Brie takes Charlotte down to the mat, caught in a reversal that leads to a pin attempt for Charlotte on Brie, another which Brie escapes at the count of one, headlock still applied.

Charlotte whips Brie to the ropes, pressing herself against the mat before taking down Brie via a dropkick. Charlotte tries pinning Brie again, leading to another one count. Charlotte hits with an elbow to Bries shoulder, catapulting the Team Bella member across the ring using her legs in addition. Charlotte tries to splash Brie in the corner but Brie swiftly moves out of the way but Charlotte cleverly floats over the turnbuckles. Charlotte nails a shoulder tackle from the apron then dives back to the ring, pulling Brie into another pin attempt along the way. Charlotte gets a near fall on Brie. Brie comes back with a back elbow before launching Charlotte into the second rope. Brie stomps on Charlotte, choking her against the bottom rope before hitting the running knee, finalizing with a low dropkick. Brie covers Charlotte and gets a near fall.

Brie shows off her Yes Kicks, nailing them to Charlotte’s chest before Charlotte eventually ducks out of the way to pull Brie into another pin attempt, which the heel breaks free of at one. Brie takes Charlotte down with a clothesline, leaving both out on the mat as Alicia looks to rally behind Brie from ringside. Brie gets the first strike upon getting to her feet, with Charlotte retaliating with a chop. The Two go back and forth on the repetitive offense with Charlotte eventually overwhelming with a number of chops, a last one sends Brie plummeting to the mat. Charlotte sends Brie head first to the corner before hitting the standing neck-breaker and the follow up big boot to get a near fall. Charlotte rolls after missing the patented knee drop, almost walking into Bries face-buster attempt before breaking free. Charlotte spears Brie, finishing the job by locking her in the Figure 8 and to the dismay of her fellow Team Bella Member, Brie submits. Charlotte wins the match.

Charlotte’s win brings little to no interest from Paige as she stands by backstage with Renee Young. Renee questions whether Paige’s cruel choice of words had pushed Charlotte too far, but Paige says it sounds more like an accusation without merit. She calls Charlotte’s attack on her on Monday Immature, because a true champion doesn’t let words get under her skin but Renee interrupts to inform her that what she said to Charlotte was extremely personal. Paige just answers back that there is no line to cross, because that’s what a true champion does.

In Addition Summer Rae and Tyler Breeze walked to the ring prior to Tyler’s Match with a Man doing actually much better in NXT, Zack Ryder. Tyler cut a promo with Summer by his side, before Tyler’s enemy Dolph showed up and trespassed into Tyler’s VIP Ringside Lounge, angering both Summer and Tyler. Tyler eventually defeated Ryder, attacked by Ziggler seconds later.

(Charlotte vs Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox; Paige Backstage Segment)

(Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae vs Zack Ryder feat Dolph Ziggler)

Thoughts on this match:
Personally i question how the match was booked. Charlotte originally should have gone in all guns blazing so to speak on Brie, all ratty and out of control like Kaitlyn was on Aksana after AJ verbally ripped her apart in the personal promo that is still memorable to this day, but regardless its more because they want Charlotte to look like a fearless, professional, humble Champion who isn’t moved by the opposition. But in typical Smackdown booking, its just another match, another filler and just a way to make Charlotte look strong before her title defense rather than WWE capitalize on the animosity shared between Charlotte and Paige, in which they could have set up an in ring confrontation or post match ringside brawl rather than let the feud simmer down days later, only showcasing it through recaps. Capitalizing on the two divas animosity was a clear missed opportunity for the pre Survivor Series Smackdown but i guess it differentiates with characters, because Kaitlyn let AJ get under her skin and hurt her mentally while they are presenting a sense of fearlessness and professionalism with Charlotte instead.

– Catherine


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