WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Score One of the Week for Team Bella (November, 19th 2015)

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Greetings All. So unfortunately late last week i had to put all site posts on hiatus due to my computer tower crashing, which i only received back earlier today so i have heaps of wrestling reports to do over the next 48 hours so i don’t fall behind recent airings so lets begin with what feels like, and probably is like, the first divas match on Superstars in a while.

On this fellow B Side Show, its Brie Bella battling against Team BADs Naomi. With the exception of Smackdown, it appears Brie and Alicia have switched to babyface roles during Nikki’s recovery as they smile on their way to the ring before Brie battles the turned heel diva Naomi, who has had a bumpy road more or less since being removed from the title picture after numerous attempts. Speaking of Naomi, the hopeful future champion has Tamina in her corner.

The Bell rings and a lock up soon turns in Bries favor as she gets working on the left arm of Naomi. Naomi cartwheels out and surprises Brie with a reversal arm wringer. Naomi throws a little attitude after knocking Bries shoulder, but Brie showcases poetry in motion, clenching the ropes and wheeling her way out of the situation to manage a reversal. Brie sends Naomi over her shoulder, applying pressure to her previously targeted arm while shes grounded against the mat. Naomi launches a kick to try break Brie off her, but Brie fires one back in retaliation. Naomi clasps Brie before she can even launch the Yes Kicks, before Brie blocks Naomi’s charge into the corner while trying to regroup. Brie makes her way up the turnbuckles but a feisty Tamina brings on a distraction from outside, allowing Naomi to throw Brie suddenly from the turnbuckles and to the mat. Naomi slightly drags Brie away from the ropes before attempting her first pin attempt of the match following Bries Landing, but gets a near fall rather than a finishing three count.

Naomi now takes over, stomping Brie over by the ropes. Naomi slingshots Brie into the ropes and pulls her away from the ropes for a second time for a pin, getting her second near fall. Brie punches her way out of Naomi’s follow up headlock, and Naomi tries to block a possible DDT but gets thrown back to the mat. Naomi sends Brie down and tries again to cover, managing to get a near fall once more. Naomi clasps Brie in a headlock again before proceeding to kick her from behind. Naomi lands a running bulldog which sends Brie head first into the second turnbuckle. Brie moves away from Naomi’s moonsault, positions herself in the corner then starts to throw forearms. Brie fires up with two clotheslines and a missile dropkick, looking also to do the running knee before getting into an altercation with Tamina who has leaped to the apron. Naomi tries to use this to bounce back but gets thrown over the ropes by Brie. Naomi responds with a kick from the outside, then rolling over Brie before her face meets Bries knee. Brie lets out the series of Yes Kick followed by a finishing running dropkick. Brie finally scores her running knee strike but only gets a near fall for it.

Naomi snaps the jaw of Brie before trying to hit with her rear view finish. Brie hangs to the ropes to avoid running into it, waiting for Naomi to turn. Naomi does so, and Brie hits with a kick before hitting the finishing face-buster to Naomi. With that done, Brie goes to cover Naomi and pins her. Brie wins the match.

(Naomi w/ Tamina Snuka vs Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox)

Thoughts On This Match:
This Match was shorter than expected but overall i was Okay with it and the result considering Brie rarely gets pins for Team Bella nowadays and can take advantage of momentum with Nikki away. Im Glad at this point that Brie and Alicia are playing baby-faces (again with the exception of Smackdown) and that if permanent, the two could find a way into a storyline with Nikki away, even helping Natalya out against Team BAD if the program is still existent between the enemies since WWE normally find ways to push the Bella Brand anyways. That reminds me, are we ever going to find out who attacked Natalya or why Team BAD attacked Natalya on Smackdown weeks ago? This can easily be done with a little smart writing and some easy back up written in for Natalya and the two are just the choices they should be looking for.

– Catherine


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