WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: No Thanksgiving Victory Celebrations for Lynch (November, 26th 2015)

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Hello to All. Its Catherine here ready to report on everything divas wise regarding last nights Thanksgiving edition of Smackdown. In the follow up to this past Mondays RAW, Vengeful Former Contender to the Divas Title Paige takes on Former Friend and PCB Member Becky Lynch (once again without any support from Charlotte which remains questionable) and in addition the New Day and Team BAD, after a montage of ridiculously entertaining segments that can only be found on social media and YouTube, finally got their first segment together on WWE Television, to “honor” the Thanksgiving festivities.

Theres not exactly a reason behind Paige challenging Becky as she makes her way to the ring, though its most expectedly to gain Paige a revenge victory over Becky after being defeated by her weeks ago during WWEs Return to England. Paige comes out first for the match, as we look back on Paige’s vengeful attack to Charlotte after losing out on another chance to capture the divas title, followed by the entrance of Becky, who has the familiar smoke from her NXT entrance added. Its noted that on commentary that this would be Becky’s return to the ring, but we actually saw her beforehand on RAW when she competed against Sasha Banks.

The Bell rings and the former friends, Paige and Becky, lock up and Becky rolls Paige over into an attempted early pin, but Paige kicks out at one and fumes. Becky avoids a clothesline from Paige before arm dragging her. Becky dropkicks Paige and Kips Up while Paige is out on the apron, reminiscent of when she tried to avoid Charlotte on RAW. Paige teases getting back to the ring, but heads back out to nearby the ring post as Becky charges over to her. Paige eventually returns to the ring, missing her offense on Becky, who sends her face first to the mat via a drop toe hold. Becky executes some leg drops and tries to pin Paige, getting a near fall. Paige kicks Becky, sometime after scrambling away from her, and throws her to the corner turnbuckle. Paige nails a high knee to Becky before scooping her out of the corner, hitting with a fallaway slam.

We return to see Becky still getting dominated by Paige, who hits a load of knees to Becky on the apron. Paige taunts then heads back to the ring for another pin attempt, but Becky kicks out at one. Paige reverts to a stretch hold, which Becky tries fighting out of by hitting with some elbows but Paige clenches Becky by her hair and sends her to the mat. Paige brawls with Becky in the corner while we see Divas Champ Charlotte viewing the match from backstage. After two forearms, Paige stretches Becky against the ropes. Paige kicks at Becky against the opposite corner, dropping her back first against the mat before following with one more pin attempt, leading to her getting another near fall on Becky. Paige applies another hold to Becky before whipping her back to the same corner. Paige rolls Becky from the corner after hitting with another high knee, but misses her follow up knee strike when Becky manages to duck away before trying to roll up Paige. Becky gets a near fall.

Becky begins to fire back with some big clotheslines and a dropkick. Becky nails a running clothesline to Paige against the corner, followed up with a T Bone Suplex, but its just enough to get a near fall. Paige takes Becky down with both feet but Becky gets a reversal, rolling her up to get another near fall. Becky tries capturing Paige in the Disarmer but Paige forces her to break off by grabbing the ropes before it can even be applied. Paige blindsides Becky by tripping her into the middle rope, rolling her up into a pin attempt and pinning Becky. Paige wins the match, which is no shock to Charlotte, who is shown giving her reaction from the back.

Immediately following Becky and Paige’s Match, we see Team BAD backstage with Kofi and Big E in awe at the Thanksgiving Food laid out on the table, set up exclusively by the New Day, though its more about celebrating the New Days Title Reign than the actual traditional festivity. They end up being near crashed by Heath Slater, Adam Rose and The Ascension before Xavier arrives to actually kick off the celebrations.

In Addition, Dean Ambrose would also compete against Tyler Breeze (who has Summer Rae in his corner) and Tylers Rival Dolph Ziggler to determine who would be next to challenge Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Title. The Match was eventually won by Ambrose.

(Paige vs Becky Lynch and New Day and Team BAD Thanksgiving Dinner Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Again I Have to argue the booking of the match as to whether Becky is a Jobber/enhancement to fall to the current divas being pushed as there is barely any babyface divas to job that aren’t under the Bella Name since i cant see them using Brie as a babyface enhancement at this point, or whether its to actually capitalize on the story-line grudge between the two to use the losses to set up a heel turn for Becky since she is no longer (seemingly) getting ringside support from Charlotte, which is a question some fans want answering. Regardless, if WWE are creative enough Becky’s Loss to Paige wont just be thrown out as a one match that just happened, but rather that it sets up tension on her side as well while Paige returns to chasing the title.

– Catherine


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